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Newbie starting guide! (~lv 1-10) (wannebex)

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Posted 25 July 2010 - 04:12 AM

Here's a VERY helpful list of things to do within the first 10 levels. I do this with every character I make, and it makes a differene.

  • When you start , talk to the Aura Fairy. If you go through, and pick every option in her little chat, you can get enough experience for level 2, a bunch of fruit, some sandals, and some random items.
  • Whenever you level, from levels 1-10, put EVERYTHING into strength. Don't worry if you want to be a muse, or a dealer, or a hawker, you won't be in any sort of bind!! I'll explain later in the guide.
  • Aura Fairy will give you three different quests. The first is to kill 3 Mini-Jellie Beans. The second is to kill 4 Mini-Choropie. The third is to kill 8 Mini-Choropie or Choropie. Do them!! You can get decent experience and fruit for it!
  • After finishing these, you'll be about halfway through level 3. Leave Birth Island and go to Adventure Plains. First thing you should do when you get to Adventure plains is go and talk to Myad. Pick the "Old geezer" option, and he'll give you some fruit.
  • Next, talk to Gray and tell him you'll get supplies for him from the jelly beans and the choropies. You'll get money for turning them into him.
  • Now go and kill mini-choropie and mini-jelly beans. When you level, return to Myad and choose the same option as before to get even more free fruit!! Go to Myad EVERY level from 3-8 in order to get fruit from him. At level 9 and higher he will just tell you that you're strong enough to help yourself now.
  • When you get about 25-28 of the items for Gary of each kind, go back to Gary and turn them into him for money and tell him you'll do it again. Do that until you reach level 9, at level 9 you'll want to go to the Valley of Luxem Tower and then into Zant once you've reached level 10.
  • Before you leave Adventure Plains, stop by Seyon and get the quest from him. You'll get decent experience and since you're going up to Zant anyways, it's not trouble for you.
  • I usually leave Adventure Plains for Zant about halfway through level 9.
  • When you go to Zant, IMMEDIATELY stop by Leonard and set your Respawn point in Zant incase you die.
  • Then head up to Ulysses and turn in your quest for Seyon and tell Ulysses you'll do something for him too. He'll want you to take a Daily Price List back to Seyon. Don't worry, you aren't going back to Adventure Plains right now, it's good for later on though when the main quest sends you between Zant and Adventure plains 3 or 4 times.
  • Usually, if you were about halfway through level 9 you'll be able to level up to 10 by giving the Price List to Ulysses. Now you can go to Warren and get your job quest!!

Now, after you've done your job quest and you're a fresh muse, hawker, dealer, or soldier, you're ready to venture off! But, before you do I've got a few more little helpful tips!!

  • Earlier I told you to put everything into strength from levels 1-10, if you did this, you shouldn't have had much trouble fighting and leveling and things should have gone pretty quickly. Now, if you're a muse, hawker, or dealer... strength isn't probably something you need or want. Go to Cornell, besides Warren, and you can reset your stats as long as you're under level 15!! You can only do this once though so be sure you do it right the first time. Take off all your equipment before talking to Cornell, or he won't reset your stats for you.
  • Every time you go between Zant and Adventure Plains for the quests, take the Daily Price Lists between Seyon and Ulysses, it's free experience and you're going that way anyways!

Hopefully you found this helpful, if you have any comments or think I should add something or take something out, let me know!! Happy hunting. Peace.
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Posted 29 July 2010 - 11:51 AM

Your third tip is exceptionally outdated, Birth Island has been gone for a while now... and you should probably update that. Even the little cove in AP is gone and the entire place has changed to an outrageously tiny mountainous region with a pier for the city. This can effect early playing, and even aftering running through it a few times, i still have difficulty finding specific monsters or places. For new players, this could get especially confusing, you should probably include a clearer guide on where places are in the new Adven Plains.
Overall, it's still exceptionally useful. Great guide.
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