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sticky beak the Xmas kiwi

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Posted 13 September 2010 - 07:53 PM

We have a Xmas carol here in New Zealand which talks of stickybeak the kiwi and his offer to pull santas sleigh here in the southern hemisphere....based on that...

scenario.. santa has had his energy mysteriously drained by the morroc crater and has had to land in morroc.

you offer to help...

1. NPC 1 crashed santa. marroc.

santa explains his situation, and asks you to find his engineer elf in toy factory to ask for his suggestions to imrove the current situation. you agree and head to toy factory straight away.

2. NPC 2 engineer elf toy factory.
you explain the situaion to elf, who regrets he has no solution to the problem. he asks you to try the retired engineer elf who has retired to warmer climates. he was last seen catching a boat at alberta harbour. you seek the help of an 'old sailor'

3. NPC3 old sailor
you explain you are looking for an elderly Xmas elf, who was retiring to hotter climates. He remembers the elf and says he has gone to comodo to retire.

4. NPC4 old elf sunbathing. comodo.
you explain the trouble santa is having and he knows of some one who can help but cannot remember who it was. he suggests a memory tonic may be in order to bring back his memory.
he asks you for momento x 1 (mummy lvl 37)
milk x 1 (picky lvl13 orc baby lvl21)
level 3 heal scroll (cookie lvl 25 lude lvl 36)

5. you return to the old elf (NPC4) and offer him the items. he remembers the legend of sticky beak the kiwi and his offer to pull the sleigh in the southern hemisphere. he could remember his name but couldn't remember where to find him...
he says there may be some pirates who he came across recently who may be able to help guide you in the right direction. he recommends going to the old pirate ship and speaking to them about sticky beaks location.

6. NPC 5 pirates pirate ship island
pirates talk of sticky beak, but being pirates they don't give information for nothing. they are trying to fix the sinking pirate ship and in exchange for information they request materials to help repair thier ship.
they request 30 trunk (elder willow lvl 20, greatest general lvl 40)
30 iron (metalling lvl 26)
1 iron hammer (npc purchase)

7. you return to (NPC5) and the pirates explain that he had been travelling around midgard and taking in all the wonderful sights. he had been staying at the slotting dudes house in payon. sticky beak had commented on how well slotting dudes mother had been looking after him whilst staying there. the pirates tell you to speak to slotting dudes mother in payon.

8.NPC6 slotting dudes mother payon.
slotting dudes mother explains you have missed him only by days and he has continued his exploration of the world. she explains she has had a recent postcard from him, posted from einbroch. he especially mentions a 'really helpful man' outside the airship terminal in einbroch who gave him directions to his next port of call. slotting dudes mother suggests talking to the 'really helpful man' in einbroch.

9 NPC7 'really helpful man' einbroch
you find the really helpful man and he remembers sticky beak, as there were not many kiwis in that part of the world, he then explains he gave sticky beak directions to the local mines in einbroch and sticky beak mentioned he would be moving on to the capital of arunafeltz states, rachel, once he had finished his explorations here.

10. NPC8 sticky beak rachel.
you find sticky beak and explain the long trek you have had finding him, you explain the situation with santa.... but he seems .. unhappy..
stickybeak admits he is homesick and would really love a taste of home.. a kiwifruit (NEW ITEM)
you offer to get him one and know of only one place to get one.. fruit man in payon.

11. NPC 9 fruit man payon.
you speak to fruit man who explains he cannot sell you a kiwi fruit because of a bad harvest but offers you an exchange of 1 kiwi fruit for 10 oranges (baby desert wolf, condor, peco)

12 you return to NPC9 and do the exchange with fruit man

13. you return to sticky beak (NPC8)and give him the kiwi.
this cheers him up and he offers to help santa pull his sleigh.
sticky beak explains he needs to gather his suitcase and bagge together and check out of the hotel and asks if you would be kind enough to return to santa (NPC1) marroc and tell him the good news that sticky beak will help him.

14. you return to santa in marroc (NPC1)
you explain your recent adventure and the good news that sticky beak, unaffected by marrocs mysterious crater can pull the sleigh for him.
overjoyed at the news, santa offers to thank you with a choice of gifts..

1. a cute pet egg, either a baby hatii or christmas cookie (randomly selected) which when activated gives permanent +2 dex, +1 int and +1 luk plus 10% bonus exp over the duration of the christmas event.

2. telling you a secret.

on choosing this option santa goes into dialogue on the fact his beard is actually false! his original beard had itched him so much he shaved it off and wears a fake one these days when he is on 'official business'. he then offers you his spare 'official santa beard' as a way of thanking you for your hard work. being a very bushy beard the effects must be reflected in its stats... def +2 dex +3 hit +10. plus 10% exp bonus over the duration of the christmas event.

this event would be open to nearly all, costing very little only time and a few zeny in airship fees.
all items needed are easily available and have a reasonable drop rate so item hunting should be reasonably quick too.
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