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Warlock job changing guide

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#1 DeltaRay


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Posted 14 September 2010 - 09:28 PM

-Wizard 99/50 or High Wizard 99/50
Recommended Items:
-Bgems, Pots, fly wings , and Bwings if you are lazy.

Go to morroc at the 8 o clock dirrection from the center of morroc.Keep walking those "walls" and pop up will appear.Cordinates Morroc(102,143)

Choose first option and you will get teleported to small room with a warlock and 3 assistants.

Talk to he female Warlock and tell her you want to be a Warlock.

Talk to the assistant with Blonde hair and blue dress.
Choose first option.
after you are done talking she will give you 2 accessories(make sure both accesories are on).

After you done talk to the assistant with white dress and ask her to leave.

Leave splendid town by going to the top right map.

You have to kill Nagas and Bradium golenms.They will drop crystals only if you have those accessories equipped, they seem to drop at a low drop rate.

Naga drops

Bradium goldem drops

After you are done getting the crystals come back to Splendid and go north west of the map, you will find a house.

Go inside the house and talk to the npc and choose first option.She will then ask you to come back to Warlock NPC.Either Bwing and go to morroc come back the way you came or Check screenshot for a pop up dialogue.

If you too lazy to Bwing go outside and go to that location.Cordinates (140,283)

Talk to the NPC with blue hair she is to the right.She will give you 4 types of rainbow rubies 5 each.(when you use one it mimics a warlock AOE spell)

I think the spells are in this order from left to right Frost Misty, Chain Lightning, Earth strain and Crimson Rock.

You are now in the waiting room with the final test.

Once you go in the "Magical room" there is going to be monsters 2 Nagas , 2 Bradium golems , 2 Pinguiculas , 2 Aqua elementals.The map looks exactly like the waiting room.

Kill them using the Rainbow Rubies or your own Magic.

Once you kill them a second round of 2 Nagas , 2 Bradium golems , 2 Pinguiculas , 2 Aqua elementals will respawn.

Once you kill them magical porings will spawn.

Once all the above monsters are dead a Hollow stone will spawn, this stone takes a lot of time to kill i would just JT it to death.

Talk to the assistant to the right.

Finally talk o the Warlock NPC to turn into a Warlock.

Congrats you are now a Warlock.

If you need guide with screenshots there is a thread on iRO wiki in renewal section that i made, cant put screenshots
here for some reason. x.x
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#2 HugPorings


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Posted 15 September 2010 - 02:20 AM

that is overkill near inposable to kill the mobs.
need like 4 mill in yegs and storm gust if lucky.
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#3 DeltaRay


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Posted 15 September 2010 - 02:57 AM

Ice wall

But i do agree 16 hard monsters with hardly any rainbow rubies.
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#4 Hrishi


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Posted 15 September 2010 - 04:00 AM

I cleared it without Ice wall, buff up on all possible AB buffs and try spamming mastelas and SG/JT. It works, but just about. Finished the last mob with 20 seconds to spare.
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#5 calaris


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Posted 19 October 2010 - 10:35 AM

i started with an SG to freeze everything but the water elementals. then just walked to the opposite corner and JT the elementals. after which i killed things as they wandered over to my side, took me quite a few pots but its doable. saved the candies for when things got dicey. if your in a corner second wave isnt so bad.

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