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Facts about cleric

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#1 AscarisL


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Posted 12 May 2012 - 07:28 AM

Since everyone have their own oppinion, I'll also post this on player story (just in case this got deleted) though I consider this as facts

1) Clerics are also real people, not some slaves that must give you buff every time you order them

--> Be nice when you're asking for buffs

--> Saying "F*** YOU CLERIC I'LL GET YOU BANNED!" (normally) wont get you buffs

2) Not every clerics have IM buffs

--> IM buffs are expensive, @cost 250 IM points and there are 8 of them

--> So it's 2000 IM pts, and neither money or zulies drop from the sky

--> Soooo saying "the clerics sucks" or "we got noob cleric" wont do anything to improve a cleric's ability

--> BUT giving donations to the said ceric so they could buy IM buffs would do something :D

3) At battles, a cleric is ussualy the main target

--> Cleric have little def compare to other classes, so when we got attacked, we could only focus to heal
ourself (normally)

--> So yelling "HEAL" when a cleric is attacked, and then "Sorry but we need better cleric" if you die is

--> It has more merits if you somehow manage to notice a cleric is being attacked, and go hit their
attacker (i'm saying 'somehow' cuz I know in a battle people are ussually too busy with themself)

--> Yelling "BUFFS" is as pointless as "HEAL"

hmm that's it and that's all that I could think of, and by the way I'm DewOfTheSun from Draconis so if you got any complains or wanting to give donations ( :D yey donations!) you'll know who I'm

*) why I made this? Well I hope this will shed some lights on those "I live in a perfect world where everything is as I want it to be" players

**) I didn't mean to offend anybody, but if you're offended that I quote your words, well I'm not sorry that's for sure.

***) I'll consider and suggestion on how to improve my self that does not sound along the lines of "buy im buffs"
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#2 IchigoXitachi


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Posted 12 May 2012 - 07:41 AM

How about this, noticed 1 cleric who usually gets a lot of abuse, however deserves is >:-)

Posted Image

Id just like to point out that:


ARE all the same person, yes that is quintuple clienting ( 5 clients ) using the "K" bot with auto aoe's.
I'm sure that aoe'ing on spawn with 4 characters then using the cleric to pt heal them isn't "fair play".

Hence this is 1 cleric who wont be getting any of the above niceness :)

It works both ways, If the cleric is nice to people, the people are nice back :-p
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#3 AscarisL


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Posted 12 May 2012 - 03:30 PM

It works both ways, If the cleric is nice to people, the people are nice back :-p

it would be wonderful if it's really like that :P

I work hard and try my best on each and every single game that I do, what do I got again? Oh right people saying that I'm a lazy and useless (lol, good for me I dont really care :P)
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#4 Naughty


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Posted 12 May 2012 - 04:42 PM

Closing Topic.
Please dont create duplicate Topics.

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