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70 Radiant Build

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Posted 25 July 2010 - 04:36 PM

What I did run on Maluilani when she was 70, is as follows:

Templar Skills:

Elec Bolt -------------- 5
Charged Bolt --------- 5 (sorry... I know how much its a pisser to get a DoT on ya in pvp, thus I <3 this skill... plus, the DoT is the only thing LW seems to take dmg with when he has his anti-magics buff on)
Holy Bolt -------------- 5
Rejuvenation --------- 1
Lesser Heal ----------- 10
Concentration -------- 1
Blessed Revelation --- 10
Sleep ------------------ 5

Radiant Skills:

Salvation -------------- 1 (I could rez you... but why bother when you can aed your ass?)
Restoration ------------ 1 (yes, in theory I can remove a DoT)
Lesser Party Heal ----- 7 (ummm, still upping this)
Moderate Party Heal -- 4 (ditto)
Moderate Heal --------- 7 (yep, you guessed it, upping it)
Hush ------------------- 4
Divine Protection ------ 7 (you better believe I'll max this!)
Mana Shield ----------- 1
Survival Instinct ------ 1

DNA (Note: this is before the DNA change):

Strengthened Lesser Heal - 5
Swift Lesser Heal - 5
Strengthened Lesser Party Heal -5
Strengthend Survival Instinct - 5
Swift Hush - 5


Keep in mind that I dabble in PvP (SvS is the shizit!) on this char and hardcore PvE, thus I needed a hybrid kind of build that leaned more towards being supportive. So every chance I can get, I max out heals and party buffs, but keep some attack skills more for solo-ability and PvP.

WTF is with 5 in Elec Bolt and having 5 in Charged Bolt? PvP >.> Ever heard how a sin cusses at being killed by a DoT? It's music to my ears... too bad I haven't seriously PvPed since S1 Hammerine. (Old habits die hard and I used to run around with a pt in Elec Twister with max extended DNA just to unstealth and http://forums.warppo...tyle_emoticons/default/happy.gif with sins XD)

Why Blessed Revelation instead on Concentration? I do this both on my Radiant and my Tempest, I like having max BR to passout/buff others in my party. Sure, Concentration can be DNAed to get more MP, but I haven't encountered any MP issues using BR on self tbh.

No Single-target Divine Protection? Yup, only saves you 20 HP tbh, which is useless at high levels. (Just eats up 11 skill points?!)

Sleep at 5? You betcha... it's a waste after getting max affected mobs imo. Extra second for each Skill Point... pointless.

Restoration, tbh, I only use in JS... the duel trick works fine and dandy for most ppl, but when I get the DoT on me, it's the first thing I cast after a heal. (If you fall down due to poison in JS, in my opinion, you're retarded... don't worry, I won't hold it against ya :mellow:)

In my experience, Hush is a bull-_- skill as it fails most of the time you need it (damn JS dogs, I wanna kick 'em in the nuts I tell ya!) and only lasts for such a short period of time. However, it works fine enough in duels and I get some lulz when it works in SvS/PvP.

Mana Shield has use in PvP and high level raids only. (having the knowledge of knowing when to kick it is invaluable however... seen a lot of radiants http://forums.warppo...tyle_emoticons/default/happy.gif up and never kick it) Sometimes screaming "Go thru my MP first,-_-!" makes me feel good (especially when facing Doom Cheras :P)... plus this gives me a reason to finally use those MP pots that gather in my bags, .

Survival Instinct... who wouldn't like a little more HP? This and reinforced armor saves me from Ruinhorn's 2k AoE as I don't Mana Shield there.

....when I feel motivated, I'll do something more constructive.

Edited by Lakota, 25 July 2010 - 04:36 PM.

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#2 Salubri


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Posted 27 July 2010 - 05:41 AM

kota <3 Posted Image
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#3 Lakota


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Posted 27 July 2010 - 12:59 PM

SALU! :lol:

I be lurking :o
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