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FAQ: Please Read First

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 04:36 AM

Hello, this thread is designed to answer Frequently Asked Questions posted here by users from various different WarpPortal games. Please note that this section is used to report errors with WarpPortal website, and all questions or issues for a specific game must be posted in their respective Technical Support subforums.

This post will be updated with more FAQ as needed.

Q: My (Insert Game Name or WarpPortal) account have been suspended/hacked! Can I get some help?
A: Unfortunately, the staff members are not able to assist you directly for this kind of issue on the forums. What you can do is send in a ticket via support website. Be sure to add in as much information as possible! In the case of hacked accounts, changing passwords immediately may help prevent further account access by unwanted users and discontinue the use of your account until the staff members can investigate your account. Be sure to never give out your passwords or visit suspicious websites and update your security/service softwares up-to-date!

Q: How do I send a ticket through the support website?
A: Good news! One of our fabulous community member have taken his or her time to create a guide on how to navigate through the support website! Please use this guide. Please note that the staff members will NEVER ask you for your password for your game account and you should NOT provide your password to the account.

Q: Help!! I cannot view my ticket on the support website!
A: First things first, it is highly recommended that you create an account on the support website and send in the ticket after you have successfully created and logged into the support website account as it'll make tracking your tickets much easier. In order to view your ticket, you must log into the support website account. If you do not see the ticket on the list after clicking "View Tickets" option, you can enter the ticket number (please make sure there are no extra spaces when copy pasting) and the e-mail address that you have received the ticket response e-mail on.

Q: I've purchased Value Added Service for my (Insert Game Name) and I have not gotten this service yet, what next?
A: Value Added Service usually takes 1~3 business days, depending on the game. If you have placed an order on Friday, it will not be processed until Monday of the following week. If you have waited more than 1~3 business days and have not gotten the service, send in a ticket through the support website.

Q: I've purchased WarpPortal Energy using (Insert your Payment method here) but I did not get my points. Please Help!!
A: Please make sure your payment have not been declined first as declined payment will result in 0 WarpPortal Energy. If the payment did go through, but the points have not been added on the account, send in a ticket through the support website and follow the instructions or provide additional details as instructed by the staff members.

Q: I can't use (Insert your Payment method here) to purchase WarpPortal Energy or it's giving me an error. Why is this happening?
A: First, read this section of the forum to see if there are any updates on the payment issue. Chances are the billing/payment servers are having problems. If there is not an update on the payment issue, send in a ticket through the support website with detailed explanation of the issue.

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