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Night Lipido Bosses

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#1 arapanasati


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 05:51 AM

After farming these for a few days there are a few problems, or at least room for improvements.

First of all the spawn is completely random. If we kill all 4 bosses 1 of them might spawn 20 minutes later but another might not spawn for an hour. This means to be efficient we have to essentially camp that area all day and check every 10 minutes or so. I would suggest normalizing spawn rates, but keeping them in line with a specific drop rate. For example, if the respawn time for every boss was exactly one hour the drop rate could be like 25%. That creates roughly 1 orange item per hour. Another example would be changing the respawn time to every 4 hours and making the drop rate 100%. This also creates roughly 1 orange item per hour but makes farming the bosses a lot less annoying. Obviously the oranges per hour figure is completely up to you, 1 per hour was just an example.

Another change would be to make them harder. Currently they are insanely easy. I think any level 59 could solo them and any level 53 cleric could probably also solo them. Bosses that drop gear that is significantly better than gear from expert dungeons should be at least as hard as expert dungeon bosses.

A problem I foresee in the future is going to be fighting over the bosses. Unfortunately I don't mean pvping, I mean whining. Currently TK is so much stronger than SG, TK will get every boss. This means TK players have to compete against other TK players to see who gets the orange item. From what I see there is no same-faction pvp. This means in the future it will come down to whoever attacks the boss first(or however drops are assigned) gets the item. Making the bosses much harder would somewhat fix this problem, because only the strongest and most organized parties will be able to defeat the boss.

Lastly, having all the drops be bind on pickup is very annoying. I have at least 12 oranges sitting in my storage that I can't do anything with. If I'm not on and my friend gets a cleric item and I get his mage item I would like to be able to trade them.

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#2 Nurs3


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 07:32 AM

I second this, we've sat our butts on the computer day and night for 2-3 days straight to hit max cap, doing that again just to get gear is a little too much for me. Normalizing the spawn rate to a reasonable time (1-4 hours on the dot as suggested) while increasing the drop rate of oranges to a reasonable percent (25%-100% depending on the spawn rate) would by far be the best idea to fix a lot of issues with hunting Night Time Lipido bosses. For reasons such as:

1) Fixing the spawn rate + adding drop rate to correlate with the spawn rate would fix the issue of us having to check back every 10-20 mins or so just to get efficient farming in.

2) This fix will allow players to know when the next time the boss will pop, ergo the people that killed the boss, if had not been contested, will be the only ones that know when it respawns giving them seniority for the next spawn of the boss, which it should be since it's first come first serve. Also, if they were contested, then the team that had lost the fight over the boss, now knows when it'll respawn, and can now bring more friends next time to contest/fight for the boss in hopes of winning. This fix alone improves the zone PvP by a huge margin then what it would currently be if there were Superion Guardians to contest us. People would know when/where to fight, what they should expect, if they need to bring more people, or just give up for now.

3) Increasing the difficulty of the bosses is a HUGE must. If the difficulty is not increased/or even atleast HP is increased, then a group 4-5+ geared damage dealers can just do a quick hit and quit on the boss and get out of there, without being contested for it at all. Which would totally render point #2 useless.

4) I also agree with oranges to be tradeable ONLY if these fixes have not be done. I mean, if the drop rate is this low and the spawns are randomly timed, then you can't expect the average player to sit around and farm this content, sometimes I can't believe i'm doing it. Having the oranges tradeable will relieve me of the notion that I MUST go to these boss runs, or else something for me might drop and I just totally missed out. Most of the time though we get nothing for hours upon hours of farming, which makes me kind of regret wasting that time. But if you do the fixes, then I can see myself coming back online for the hourly (or however much respawn time you feel right to put on the bosses) to get an EXTREMELY significant increase of chance of getting my gear, thus making oranges untradeable a good idea.

That was my 2 cents, hope you guys take all of this into consideration.


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#3 WorldBosh


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Posted 26 July 2012 - 03:37 PM

Show offs :P.
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#4 HatsuneMikuHime


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Posted 26 July 2012 - 03:42 PM

Well no point in me adding everything, Xell summed it up better than I could of.
I completely agree, and believe fixing is needed.
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#5 A5SA5S1N


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Posted 03 August 2012 - 10:37 AM

I can not believe the bosses that drop legendary's are not instanced. This has to be one of the worst things I have ever seen in an mmo. Just because TK was ahead a couple of days does not mean they should dominate for weeks to come. Instancing bosses that drop legends is the best thing to do right now.
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#6 Alteris


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Posted 03 August 2012 - 11:43 AM

Thank you for the discussion and I agree, things have to be changed with the Night Time Lipido rare monsters. We will continue to adjust the Night Lipido rare monsters and the rarity of Gold Type items.
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