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Help on launcher bourg skills

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#1 OtelDouDou


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Posted 25 July 2012 - 04:26 PM


Could you please give me some clues on what skills to develop for a PvM launcher bourg?

I have just reached 100, and got a couple of SP in stock. I already developed Dread Knight and Stockpile.

What else is interesting? Is it better to start with all passives or buff?

Thanks in advance :)
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#2 WonderWig


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Posted 27 July 2012 - 02:42 AM


I am creating a PvM Bourg and it is my first account, however I do know the skills to invest you SP in.

Let me name all the skills to get :)

Intensify Weapon (Farming Solo = More Profit = Purpose of Creating This)
Salesman Gait (Helps You Get Around)
Discount (Cheaper Food, Could Even Buy and Sell For Profit)
Backpack Mastery (To Carry Your Loots and Bullets)
Trigger Finger (All Passives Are Good)
Tough Gunner (All Passives Are Good)
Demolition Expertise (Needed For AoE Skills)
Mercenary Employment/Employ Warrior/Employ Hunter (For Dread Knight)
Weapon Expertise (Farming Solo = More Profit = Purpose of Creating This)
Light Step (Helps You Get Around)
Merchandising (To Sell Armours and Weapons)
Veteran Snipe (All Passives Are Good)
StockPile (Best Reason Why You Make Money)
Ace Gunner (All Passives Are Good)
Wind Step (Helps You Get Around)
Weapon Augment (Farming Solo = More Profit = Purpose of Creating This)
Jury Rigging (Farming Solo = More Profit = Purpose of Creating This)
Summon Dread Knight (Amazing Summon With AoE)
Shrapnel Burst (Needed To Unlock Cannon Splash Burst)
Cannon Splash Burst (AoE and Can Be Used To "Kite" Enemies)
Flame Stun Burst (AoE)

You Will Have 39 Free Skill Points at Level 220 If You Maxed All Of These, You Can Invest The Other Points Yourself. Remember You Don't Have To Follow This, Alter It To Your Liking.

With The Remaining Points I Got "Master Triple Shot" Leaving Me With 15 Free Skill Points And Then Weapon Research To Make It 6 Free Skill Points. I Then Got Sub Item Craft To 6 For Extra Movement Speed.

Remember As I Said I Am Fairly New To This So If You Think I Am Not Experienced Enough To Give You Advice Don't Follow This.

Also I Suggest Going To "Creative Contraptions" In The Forums And Downloading The Skill Calculator There. It May Help In Future Reference.

I Am In A Clan Called "BourgSquad" And It Is Full Of Bourgs That Can Give Good Advice. Maybe You Should Think About Joining.

My Name In Game Is "WonderfulBourg" And I Play On The Leonis Server, Message Me In Game If You Have Any Questions.
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