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class suggestions!

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 09:57 PM

alright men. ive been thinking of a class this game could use. i came up with two. if you guys like how they sound, ill do a proper suggestion for them with artwork and all.
Arcane Engineer


Reaper is a melee class that uses two weapons; daggers or a new weapon called scythes.
scythes have the melee range of a two handed sword, half the damage of a short sword, and the attack speed of a dagger. scythes also attack 360 degrees around the user.
Reaper skills apply various debuffs to the target, and many of the scythe skills have 10 meter range.

reaper skill paths include; angel of death (DPS class) and brothren and betrayer (class based on stealth)

Arcane engineer;

"AE"s are a ranged class that uses one weapon; a new weapon called an Arc repeater.
Arc repeaters are weapons that have a defualt 10 meter range that can be enhanced via a passive that doubles the range of arc repeaters. arc repeaters have the same damage as a bow, and the attack speed of a dagger. every ten shots however there is a "reload" where the arc repeater is on a cool down.

AE skill paths include; Magic ranger (skills are based entirely on the repeater) and Magic egineer (class creations magically powered, mechanical "machines" that have several purposes from inflicting debuffs to burst damage)
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