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Night Lipido Boss Suggestion

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#1 Devareaux


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Posted 01 September 2012 - 09:02 PM

Okay, so first of all the Nigh Bosses in Lipido need to be regulated. Their spawn times need to be set times from time of death and not a random time between 30 minutes - 2 hours. Secondly the armor drop bosses Tree and Frog need to drop an armor 75% or 100% and keep the weapons bosses at 25%. At the current rates, I'm getting more weapons than I am getting armor pieces from Night Lipido and that's just ridiculous. If the boss spawns were regulated there wouldn't be such an imbalance in the game between factions. Even with a more dominate faction, the other side could still farm during non-peak hours and would be able to attain at least the full armor set.

There is no way that an entire faction, let alone two factions, can gear up with the current spawn times and indifferences. This game has a lot of potential but the company is just not paying attention to it's player base. This is going to cause a complete failure of this MMO Project and will just end up leading to more and more hoards of people quitting the game. Third of all, the time it is taking to have reset scrolls appear on the cash shop is just getting ridiculous. When you get to Night Lipido you cannot even compete for gear because alot of people's builds are not correct and there is currently no way to correct this issue and it makes it even harder to compete with opposing factions when your character's build is not suited for PvP. People have destroyed their Stat and Skill builds and are waiting over a month now to fix these issues. Many people have already quit to move on to greener pastures.

These are very simple fixes and it could be implemented during a Tuesday Maintenance and there is no reason these fixes should not be applied. This company has already created a huge imbalance in this game, allowing a certain faction to gear when the bosses were easily soloable and then making it harder so the faction that was behind can no longer even compete against the faction that is ahead. It is easy for a Faction to snowball and win every event and cap every boss because Last Hit takes the Loot Drops. When an entire faction out gears another faction, you have such an inbalance, there is almost no way for the other faction to keep up.

Also there should be daily quests that allow people maybe one to two insurance scrolls so they can slowly farm their weapons to a +10 standard or maybe events every week or so. I understand this is a business and I myself am a Capitalist, but when you give you consumer no route and they feel like they are having their money extracted and they are being forced into a money scheme, they will up and leave and go to the competitor where they are treated more fairly with their monies. This game has so much potential but the little things that need attention in this game , just isn't getting the attention it deserves.
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Posted 02 September 2012 - 03:31 AM

Giving night lipido bosses a set spawn time has been suggested before. In fact, it was first suggested not even a week after obt started. I completely agree, having a set spawn time is beneficial to both factions. I also agree on armor having an increased drop rate over weapons (not 75% however), the reason for this is just the sheer amount of armor you require. Weapons for example, you have a 1 in 7 chance of dropping for your class, assuming the boss drops naturally. With armor it's quite a bit different though, you have a 33% chance of dropping a piece for your class however, as you drop gear the odds of getting a piece you need drastically drops, 27%, 22%, 16%, 12% and 6%. Those rates are bad enough, but as you pointed out when we look at how often bosses spawn and their drop rate in's just too much in regards to armor. That being said I don't think raising the drop rate more than 50% is warranted and that imo may even be too high, I would say start by doubling the current drop rate for a week and seeing if more might be needed.

As far as TK getting orange when bosses were easier. Old news and is not an issue. Out of all the players active on TK during the time period bosses were easier, only one is currently still active and even during the period where they were easier, the connection can't be made. SG simply did not reach the cap in enough numbers during open beta. In reality there were less than 5 SG who capped in the first week, by the time everyone caught up it was already too late. Be that as it may, I will agree that having orange gear is a huge advantage over your opponent and if this is not rectified it is something that will just repeat each cap, whether it be SG or TK....the time to break this cycle is now.

Completely agree on the stat reset....2 months now....far too long. I like the insurance idea as well. The daily identification scroll dungeon quest is pretty weak, giving an insurance scroll or two would make it worth doing. Also, putting them in the gold spin is an option that should be considered.
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