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Help with my Specialist skills

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Posted 08 November 2012 - 07:53 PM

Allright, I got some questions about my level 47 specialis skills, so I'm gonna start with my current the Archer job skills...

Rising Arrow 1/5
Antiair shot 5/5
Shootdown 3/3
Archer's Quickness 1/1

I'm pretty comfortable with Rising Arrow at 1. AAS seems a little bit excessive at level 5 for me, but they say it's the best damage source for archers, so it's a keep? Shootdown I love at 3, so it stays. Is Archer's Quickness a keeper nowadays? Is it worth it? I don't see much use for Multishot as I don't PVP much, is it worth any points? Also, after seeing other archers, I definitely want to get Rapid Step from 0/5 to 5/5, is it a good idea?

I think my Marksman skills are pretty okay, no problems here. I got the prereqs...
Crux Shot 1/5
Random Shot 1/5
Two Action Shot 1/5
Homing Missile 1/5

And the real skills...
Gatling Rush 5/5
H.E Grenade 5/5
Composite 1/5 (for a small boost)
RPG-7 5/5
Autoshot System 5/5

I majorly screwed up with the RPG-7 distribution. I think it already gets the best launching qualities at 3, is that correct? Or is even level 1 fine? Help me with this.

Finally, I'll mostly need help with my specialist skills...
I'm leveling them according to a guide, and after testing out a few, I have some questions...

Focus... Is the passive critical worth 5 points in it? Is critical that important in this game?

Vulcan 300... I haven't put any points into it yet, 120 seconds of cooldown doesn't seem to be worth it for me, though some people say to max it. Is it worth even a point in it?

Carpet Bombing... What's the big fuzz about this skill? I have it at 1/5, with 1/1 Additional Bombing, and yeah it covers a good area and many enemies, but it takes too long to cast and leaves me open, and the damage doesn't seem that great. What's the purpose of this skill? Is it a good skill to invest in? Seems to be that by the time I've casted Carpet Bombing, I could have already killed the mobs using a Gatling + Shootdown combo.

Other than that, Specialist build is pretty straightforward. Max Snipe and Adrenaline, get a point in Camo and Atropine, etc. But these other 3 skills, are they worth it?

Thanks for your help. =)
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Posted 11 November 2012 - 05:56 PM

I'm no expert at this class by any means but I can offer a little input. AAS only needs to be at 3/5 it works fine at that level. Carpet Bombing is mainly a pvp skill in my opinion. It can be helpful in pvp at limiting your opponent's movement and helping teammates. RPG-7 Only needs to be leveled up so that it will hit ground and actually launch. Which is level 3 (or maybe even level2). Vulcan is good for bossing. Hope I helped some. Sorry I couldn't answer all your questions.
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