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shaman build

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#1 MasonStorm


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 09:59 AM

ok, i was originally going to follow Zuru's build, than came across another build, but still not quite what i'm looking for.

as i have just returned to the game a few days ago, i'm not totally confident in myself on designing my own builds, thus i wanted to ask here

i'm looking for a pure destructive PvE build. this is what i look like at current at lvl 30... oh, i'm going mystic

fireball - 6
wound care - 1
vindictive mind - 1
flamethrower - 1
mana amulet - 1
flame arrow - 4
first aid - 1
dura amulet - 1


for now i only put 1 point into dura amulet

with what i'm looking for, i'm wondering about maxing fireball with its dna?
max vindictive mind and dna?
more than 1 point in first aid? with or no dna?
soul explosion? with dna or not?
flame wave? dna or no?
burning hell? dna or no?

mystic skills

i do see the benefits of bloodlust, but being i do a lot of soloing, should i still take it and if do, max it out?
from what i read on forums, i already know to avoid burning meteor
i plan on maxing fire rain, but dont know if should dna or not
since i primarally solo, i'm thinking omitting healing totem and just take healing fairy... thoughts?
plan on taking hellfire to 9, with extend 8
once again due to heavy solo, i know prot totem will be useful, just dont know if should max or not
unsure about fire fairy

thnx in advance, i eagerly await your responses
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#2 Alexito


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 10:08 AM

fire fairy is skill crit buff.. if so , max
totems you can max
aoes you can max with duration , fire rain instant is cool
rest is fine fire ball ok on lvl 1 and fire arrow max is good
hp buff + dna max blodlust max with 1 dna
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#3 MasonStorm


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 11:01 AM

bloodlust is a party buff, and i rarely am in a party

i'm looking at ways to be more of a nuker than a buffer, thus why the limited skills that most shamans use for party buffing

as for heals, i'm mainly using self heal

i forgot that fire fairy was crit... lol
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#4 Vulcano


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 11:29 AM

bloodlust is a party buff, and i rarely am in a party

i'm looking at ways to be more of a nuker than a buffer, thus why the limited skills that most shamans use for party buffing

as for heals, i'm mainly using self heal

i forgot that fire fairy was crit... lol

about bloodlust , that skill helps alot and wht matter is if a party buff our not .

its like saying "im warlord and got hp buff but i dont wana de party so i will not use it"
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#5 MasonStorm


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 12:09 PM

ok, i went and redid the build to what i was looking for, to be more of a nuker than support

fireball - 10
wound care - 1
vindictive mind - 7
flamethrower - 1
mana amulet -
flame arrow - 10
first aid - 3
dura amulet - 10
soul explosion - 10
fire rain - 10
healing totem - 10
hellfire - 9
fire fairy's blessing - 10
bloodlust - 10

not sure on the dna, but thoughts on this less support more firepower build?
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#6 bobtheninja


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 07:23 PM

vindictive mind is useless
where are your totems?
get rid of fireball lvl 10 and keep lvl 1
if you want to be a nuker, go saker.
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#7 Daniels1976


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 09:03 AM

Well mystic is a support healer with decent damage output, first aide don't need to be more then 1 as there ain't much different if you put 10 points into it, your still only gonna get 500 up to about a 1k crit out of it. Like everyone says certain buffs help everyone including you just need to look and see if your style well benefit from having the skill or not, and for solo playing the heals are for sure needed at least the mystic ones, but like the previous person said if you want to be a heavy nuker job change to Saker.
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Posted 19 April 2013 - 10:04 PM

yuo wht good build pm in game
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#9 Darkatila


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Posted 20 April 2013 - 12:23 AM

0 Vindictive Mind: not worth the bonuses.
1 Wound Care
1 First AId
1 Flame Thrower: you dont use it, its for unlocking the other skills.
5 Soul Explosions: I think you get the max range on this, instant aoe nuke, its good for pve.
1 Flame Wave + 1 Burning Meteor: This skills might stun a few mobs, giving you time to cast your other aoes or heals.
1 Fireball: for pulling mobs together
1 Flame Arrow
1 Burning Hell: You may want to increase the points here since you can hit more targets with them.

Things to max:
Fire Rain - I recomend at least 5 dna for faster casting.
Hellfire - DNa on this skill is nice, but sometimes it feels like over killing.
Bloodlust - Big boost on your magic attack, party buff, it is necesary. I believe it uses only 1 dna but if you spend mall on more dna, maxing it isnt a bad idea.
Protection Totem: self explanatory, 1 dna.
Healing Totem: if you dont want to, dont max it.
Fire Fairy Protection: the skill is too good.
SUmmon Healing Fairy: I would max it, dna makes it cast faster. If you spend mall on dna, I recomend spending a few points here.
Dura Amulet + 10 dna: Hp, you need it.
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#10 MacMad


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Posted 20 April 2013 - 02:37 AM

if u realy wanna go full pve id recommend this ( lv85 with 1 skillpoint left) :

1st job

Fireball - 1 not worth more points
Flame Arrow - 10 6 target instant aoe shot
Wound Care - 1 only 1 point to reach First Aid
First Aid - 10 some ppl only put 1 point in it, but hey, u have enough points so why not a bigger heal?
Mana Amulet - 1 same as for wound care, to reach Dura Amulet
Dura Amulet - 10 hp buff max ofc, self explaining

2nd Job

Fire Rain - 10 one of the two area aoes, so max it
Hell Fire - 9 second area aoe, max as well ( lv10 available at lv87 )
Healtotem - 10 totems max when u r solo grinding only, it helps alot
Protection Totem - 9 deftotem lv9 + 1 point in DNA gives arround 1.1k+ def , very helpful against strong mobs
Summon Healing Fairy - 10 with DNA 5 another instant heal
Fire Fairy - 10 crit crit crit
Bloodlust - 10 with DNA 10 218 more attack? ofc max it.

1 skillpoint left at lv85

DNA ( 25,50pts)

Strenghtened Dura Amulet - 10 1.2k hp more
Strenthened Bloodlust - 10 73+ dmg, in total 218 then
Swift Summon Healing Fairy - 5 makes the heal instant, can be very usefull

if u got 50 pts

Extend Healing Totem - 10 17secs more totem
Strenghtened Healing Totem - 10 +53 heal every tick
Extend Protection Totem - 4 12secs more deftotem
Strenghtened Prot. Totem - 1 +363 def more, not worth putting more into it, with totem lv9 arround 1.1k+ def in total

its good when u arent op equipped, the maxed totems / heals will help alot to survive a big group of mobs
later on when u got enough defense/hp from ur equip u can change this ofc
like put dna points in swift fire rain instead of protection totem

maxed survability, plant totems, aoes, job done :P
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#11 ArezKrazy


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Posted 23 April 2013 - 12:22 AM

:thumb: good one above xD
but for me it really fits better max (lvl+dna) all the healin stuff (first aid, healin totem, healin fairy) ...and leave def totem as socond option (mb some lvls and extend duration but no too high) and when u get max defense cap u can reset skills and u will no worry about def totem anymore "at all" (but remember, i just do this cuz am just a farmer lol) @foreveralone :P
peace out xD...

Edited by ArezKrazy, 23 April 2013 - 12:25 AM.

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