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Can some one help DPS sorc

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 08:49 AM

You have extra points to play with this build.

Imo, level 4 Coldbolt is minimum if you want to do some decent dps. Like most people mentioned already, this is the skill you spam. That 11% loss for not maxing it does stack up over the fight, but if it works for you, go ahead.

Lv3 Deluge is enough to boost the hp of the range characters for boss aoe (when timed right), as well as heal them when it hits.
Same goes for LoR- theres usually 2 sorcs for raids, and you can just stack LoR. That should cover the healing for the range classes while the priests focus on tanks.

As for not getting Earth Seal, its viable- but I wouldnt recommend it. Since you'll be using Wind Seal most of the time in raids DPS (while stacking LoR), a maxed deluge should be enough for emergency healing. Only problem is if your priests died, you cant cover as healer(your healing will be way too weak).
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