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Is Seal Explosion really that good?

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#1 DuskRunner


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 09:07 PM

Right so, I've been looking at a lot of wizard builds recently, and it seems everybody is maxing seal explosion. I left it at level 1 and as a result I could max Pyromaniac, Fire explosion *and* MS, I also got lvl 1 Ice Wall and Maxed TP.Here's my build: http://www.ro2skills...dBrdqBdBdFrFjQ1 . And it seems to me that the benefits of doing so severely outweigh the loss. Lets look at the bonuses seal explosion gives you from a pvm perspective:


- Water Emblem: sure 50% hp and sp is good *before* you reach lvl 50, but after? When you raid you'll have pots and priests to keep you alive, and chances are you won't use this during bosses because it does not take effect immediatly, and by the time it does heal those 50% you would probably have already been healed  by priest/sorc. Sure you may argue that you don't need to use pots between battles but is the money you save worth 4 skill points?


-Wind Emblem: wow, 15% haste! except that it only last 20 seconds... every 2 min.. instead you could max pyromaniac and have 10% haste for 30 secs much more often.


-Fire Emblem: same as Wind Emblem, its 20% matk increase!... but only every 2 mins... too long a cooldown for it to be worth it. Instead you could max Fire Explosion and wow, is that a good dps skill to have! maybe if it was a 1 min cd or a 30 sec cd this would be a great skill! but its not.


Now lets look at it from a pvp perspective(I'll use collo as that IS the main pvp for now):


- Water Emblem: you'll probably die before this has its full effect XD


-Wind Emblem:yes, 15% haste is GREAT in collo but it has such a long cooldown -.- , So you'll only get to use this once maybe twice per collo round, I prefer having the chance that I'll live long enough to use Fire Explosion which is a great kil stealer.


-Fire Emblem: same as wind emblem, it is a good boost but with such a long cooldown it useless.


I don't understand why everybody is maxing this skill to me it seems like a waste of skill points, perhaps somebody could enlighten me?

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#2 Trixdee


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 11:01 PM

To me Seal Explosion would be way better with at least 20 seconds less cooldown.

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#3 Finraziel


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Posted 07 July 2013 - 11:34 PM

I'm wondering about this as well, also because that 20% matk from fire emblem explosion which seems to be what most people use it for is hampered by the fact that you actually have to cast the spells, taking up time where you're not doing any damage at all.

If I understand seal explosion correctly, then it uses up the current seal and you have to reapply this, correct? If I understand this correctly, then that means that in order to get that 20 second boost, you have to cast 2 spells where you're not doing any damage at all. That probably takes about 2 seconds, 10% of the time you have your matk boost for. So, roughly estimating, you probably only have a 10% DPS boost left? For 1/6th of the time if you're on a perfect rotation? Or a 1.7% overall damage increase? Sounds terrible...

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#4 elvenne


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Posted 08 July 2013 - 12:49 AM

No, it does not consume your seal.

Need maths on maxed seal vs. pyro but it has already been proved that pyro is not really worth it (

You can apply fireflower before the seal explosion is about to expire and it will tick with 20% boost for the next 30 seconds.


In pvp:  water explosion is not ideal, but it's good if you know how and when to use it.

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#5 Funen1


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Posted 08 July 2013 - 06:35 AM

Pyromaniac takes a while to build up to 100 stacks. It's not like Fear Breeze with Rangers where, if you get a Main Ranger proc, you can get it back up to max in like 5 seconds. From my experience Pyromaniac takes around three trash-enemies to max out, and I usually kill field mini-bosses before I can even max it twice (using Flame Explosion ASAP, of course). Now, if your style of play focuses on getting faster casts, holding out on Flame Explosion until the 30 seconds are almost up would be your approach. However, in my opinion (and yours too, apparently) Flame Explosion is too much of a benefit to your DPS to just leave sitting around, so you want to use it as soon as you can. This means you won't be getting Pyromaniac's 10% Haste bonus for very long. The thread elvenne linked above talks about how the average Haste bonus you get with this approach is really along the lines of 5-6%.


I'm also surprised no one else has mentioned this situation where Seal Explosion's MATK boost would be useful: DPS checks during bosses. Granted, most of the early- to mid-game ones aren't very difficult to overcome (Gedenhard being the only exception I can think of), but for raids I would argue you want as much power as possible. If the DPS check is only one stage in a boss fight (i.e. the end of Bapho H), just save Seal Explosion for that point so you don't have to worry about the cooldown. Even if the check is simply an enrage timer (i.e. Ratmaster), any extra power you can get is crucial, no matter the cooldown time (you'll be using it at least several times in the battle anyway).

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#6 Ratoncito


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Posted 08 July 2013 - 12:21 PM

I usually use Seal Explosion when i'm about 50~60 pyromaniac stacks, and 20 seconds is enough to charge all the stacks plus 2 firestarter and still having some time left to use a super-powered Flame Explosion (it crits with Seal Explosion Fire).


If you are going to use Flame Explosion, you have to get Seal Explosion too, it boosts it's damage even further.

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#7 DuskRunner


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Posted 09 July 2013 - 05:18 PM

So I decided to do the math, I used as a reference to casting + animation time and stats (3000 matk and 35% crit) I calculated the dmg done over 10 mins with my buiild, max pyro no flame explosion build and max flame explosion lvl 1 pyro build(although my method for calculating the dmg may not be 100% acurate, because I used the same method for all build the dmg difference ratio is acurate) . Here's what I found:


Max pyro no flame explosion


tot dmg: 791,488 dmg


My Build


tot dmg: 801,636


Max Fire explosion and lvl 1 pyro


tot dmg: 803706



We can see Fire Explosion build came out ahead, but because pyro build gains power against Fire Explosion, I imagine that my build would be better for fights longer than 10 mins...Fire Explosion build for everything else.

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