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Regarding the Eremes DNA 8/11/13

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#351 XionArcadia


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:57 AM

Am I the only one here thinking the biggest fix this game can have is to create a Public Test Server? Fix the bugs/glitches/testing BEFORE it hits the actual game. How is a game in 2013, an MMO infact, not capable of doing something a private server can do? I just do not see how a company such as WarpPortal can't push for something that should be there to start with. Sorry to say it, every major game has one. If you want to compete in this market, ADD IT.


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#352 Mae28Jhan


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 07:50 AM

First, I didn't read all the comments and post, I'm not saying it's not worth reading but I'm sure that you guys already said what I have to say.


Asiasoft was better.
Can't believe I'm saying this.

Dude, I agree and I also can't believe myself saying this.

Feeling awkward and sorry for the server I once loved and then hate, now I want to love it again. -.-

I don't know if anything can help, but I am sure that  they will have to do  this at least:
- Fire all the CMS and get new ones.
- Remove GM power (aka @item or whatever they have there) from CMs.
- Delete all the eremeses from the people they sent DNA to, and from the people they "were testing the bug" with.
- remove kimonos and any other "rewards for helping"

Actually, I just want the first option to happen.  :no1: 
What's done is done, let's accept it. As for me I can only accept it if the option 1 is going to happen.  :thumb2: 

Zanbee put down the bamboo its getting serious now.

 Just want to repeat it!  :p_angel: 

This is supposed to be RO2, not Njoror, Zanbee, Alpaca & Friends Online. 

 THIS!!!!  :heh:  :wall: 



I can't explain why I love this.  :p_err:

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#353 TifaValentine


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 07:55 AM

Whoa guys. Sorry to say this, but after reading and reading pages and pages of 90% rage/flame/accusations/offtopic/drama... I'm gonna assume a lot of you havent' really played many other MMOs or any other online game. Seriously... too many assumptions and going overboard over this.


I will admit I haven't been playing THIS server for so long (spent more on the SEA one before this came out, but it was more of a casual play than hardcore commitment, as I play another MMO simultaneosly in which I'm sub of a guild/clan). It doesn't mean I don't pay attention to past/present issues in this server, and I do read forums and public chat (except for when it's full of whiny kids or trolls or annoying people). 


Trust me, I can fully relate to how people feel in this game. Lemme tell you a little story.



TL;DR = I come from playing an MMO which has had never-fixed bugs/corruption/drama/no-devs-support/favoritism issues for more than 4-5years already. It's still alive but slowly dying. So yes, I can relate to what happens here. And adding more rage/fuel to what happened with the DNA issue, is NOT gonna solve anything.

If you're not being heard, then quit whining and insulting GMs/CMs like an immature kid, and grow up. Did you give lots of suggestions/report/complaints? Good. If nothing happened, then either quit the game and dont spend money, take a break, or keep playing and deal with it.

STOP taking this far TOO personal, guys. I dont care if you spent irl money (so did I and my boyfriend, both in the other mmo and this one) or hours farming something, etc. Insulting GMs on a personal ground doesn't make you any better than them displaying "favoritism" or lack of proffessionalism. All it does is give them MORE excuses to ignore you and likely ban you (with reasons). Remain cool-headed, do what you must, and carry on. Don't like it? Quit, if it's what you feel. They won't hear you any more just 'cause you start swearing like a mad sailor.

Did they make a quite huge mistake? Yes. And I'll admit the way they handled it, by ignoring the issue, pretending nothing happened, deleting threads, banning, etc was WRONG. Will it be very hard to "fix" this? Yes. 

But I HOPE they learn from this mistake. I honestly doubt the GMs/CMs go out doing stuff like this on purpose to do harm and make community rage or screw the game. My guess is Alpaca made a very dumb and not professional move, and probably didn't fully know the real value of Eremes DNA or didn't consider it would cause so much chaos. Njoror hitting raid bosses was probably him going in there randomly (to have fun? test? i dont know) and not to benefit "one certain guild" (weren't there players from other guilds too anyway?). As for the other "favoritism" issues, altho true, I hope Njoror and everyone else in the team LEARNS to not do such things.

Like I said before, damage is done now, trust on the team is lost as well. There's no need to keep bashing on them, it won't make them do any better nor worse.  It only shows how immature most people here is (and I said "most", as others have shown valid points and honest disappointment).

Before someone can say anything, no. I am NOT defending or "asslicking" GMs nor WP, nor am I someone who got some "benefit". I'm still quite new in this game and community, my guild is very small and unknown and consists of mainly few of my friends.  I never got any kind of gift or anything from a GM/CM. Instead, I got my fair share of awful bugs, dc's, errors (still dealing with some), and fail-patches.


Point is.. just quit raging. Be civile. Grow up. Let EVERYONE learn from what happend. Suck it up, and either quit or move on. You gain nothing with insulting or calling someone "cancer" and worse things.

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#354 Njoror


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 08:10 AM

This topic has run it's course.


It is being closed because it's devolved into conspiracy, which is not allowed according to the forum rules: http://forums.warppo...conduct-update/


If you wish to continue the conversation, feel free to PM the CMs about this.


Moderators will be closing new topics made regarding this issue.

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