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Upcoming Skill Changes; Protector/Commander and More!

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#201 Avaloon


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Posted 12 January 2015 - 03:51 AM

When coming Changes :questionmark:


My Ideas :


Defender :


Dual 1hand Wield Mastery: Right Hand 100% Weapon Damage + Stats / Left Hand 20% Damage + Stats


Protector :


- Skill Critical Reduce Skill 1 - 10 %

- HP % Buff 1 - 10 %

- Lasso Range 10-25 M



Commander :


Dual Wield 1 Hand Mastery : +50 - +250 Damage




More comin soon =)


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#202 xCervantez


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Posted 08 April 2015 - 05:19 PM

Praying for commie's/protector's skill update to come.


For Commie:
Most caster nowadays are hitting like 2k - 3k with their AOEs and Elems are hitting so hard on cap resist, other physical class can do 3k - 4k on cap while commie/prot can only deal 1.5k - 2k damage on cap defense. Once you rush in a group of ppl in the battlefield most likely you'll die in 5-10secs and won't be able to escape. As of now Commie's are like a BIG JOKE in the battlefield, you barely see a Commie in union that has a 20 kills. Commie is the Physical PVP class of Turan Race, I believe it is better than as it is right now. What commie need is a bit increase in damage and HP, as it leads the team in the battlefield and breaks stronghold of the opponent team. In order to achieve that, you just don't die right away! It doesn't need a 2H Weapon which will just decrease its survivability or Pet to distract the enemy(As it will just die before harming the opponent and do nothing. In short, USELESS and WASTE of skill points).


For Protector:

PVE Tank Class of Turan, supposed to survive in any circumstances. Damage is not an issue with protector as your job is to protect your team/party from the opponent/mobs. I've encountered Prots in PVP too, Yes! They're good as being protector. Not easily beaten by other class as it can heal easily and decrease the capacity of opponent to kill by using broken morale. I think what protector needs are:

1. BIG increase in HP for tanking Bosses and enduring other classes damage(especially casters). I believe it is good exchange for Prot's little damage.

2. EFFECTIVE Taunt. Taunts are useless once the aggro shifts to your non-tank teammate with the highest damage. Most likely taunt works with normal mobs, but not in most bosses. As a PROTECTOR, you don't want the other class to do what you are suppose to do. Maybe increase the Taunts Hostility which is enough to get the aggro back. For PVP, Taunt are just to unhide sins and nothing more. I think it will be better once the Protector uses Taunt, the opponent affected by the taunt will shift their target to the Protector who cast the taunt. This will allow the protector to protect/save his teammate from opponents attack.


Skill Suggestions:


In Defender Tree:

#HP Boost - Gives certain percentage amount of HP.


In Commander Tree:

#Rush/Shield Rush - Decrease the minimum range of approaching (3m or 5m). Or maybe change to "Shield Rush" and Add 1 - 3secs stun once you approach the enemy.


#Crisscross Slash, Moonlight Slash, Boomerang Sword of Aura and Beamslash - Add dramatical damage to this skills. Even you max it out now, it doesn't give much damage. Only Moonlight Slash did a decent damage but still weak.

  - For Moonlight and Boomerang Sword of Aura, you can add damage to DoT(Damage over Time).

  - For Crisscross Slash - Make damage like Moonlight Slash. Or just add great amount of damage to become more effective.

  - For Beamslash - Add great amount of damage, but doesn't ignore defense/resistance ofc. 


In Protector Tree:

#DNA for HP Boost - Adds more percentage to HP Boost Skill(Only available in protector).


#Taunt/Taunting Cry - Add huge amount of Hostility per level. And would be able to get opponent's attention/target of affected area.


#Low Blow - Add huge amount of Hostility too.


My conclusion:

I believe that these two classes have the most balanced skills in game. It only lacks effectiveness, wrong skill distribution and needs proper skill application. Most commie/protector player uses CON sets/jewels/weapon, for what? For more SURVIVABILITY. Both class are nothing without huge amount of HP/Defense/Resistance(Factor for survivability), which I think the Requiem Team should consider and improve. HP Boost is only one skill that will make this two classes more effective. And some changes on the numbers of Old skills.





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