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Muse - Mage Guide

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Posted 22 July 2010 - 08:31 AM

Please bare in mind some of the information in this guide is outdated and needs updating, I will update at some point once I have time but if you have any questions just create a new posts and someone will be able to help you.

Update List

Date: 22-7-10

*Things that are not complete will be in red writing.

*Now completed most sections, just one or two more things to do.

*I will post each section as it is completed.

*Working on it now so hopefully will get some of it updated on here today!


Muse - Mage Guide!

-0.1 Starter Info

Class Information
-1.0 Muse Class Info

-2.0 Muse stats

-3.0 Different Builds

Stat Ratio
-4.0 Mage Stat Ratio
-4.1 Making Your Own Build!

-5.0 Muse Skill Tree
-5.1 Mage Skill Tree

Skills to be Learnt
-6.0 Muse/ Mage Skills to be Learnt

-7.0 Gem Set Details
-7.1 How do I gem something?
-7.2 Muse/ Mage Leveling Set
-7.3 PvP Mage

-8.0 Armour Details

Leveling Guide
-9.0 Places to level from 1-215

-10.0 Shops that might be of use
-10.1 Zant
-10.2 Junon
-10.3 Luna
-10.4 Eldeon
-10.5 Orlo

-11.0 Info about Unique Weapons

-12.0 Q&A

-13.0 Credits!


-0.1 Starter Info

Rose Keyboard functions

Basic Ones you will need to know:

Alt + A - Stat Screen will Appear

Alt + S - Skill Tree will Appear

Alt + Q - Quest Box will Appear

Alt + N - Clan Box will Appear

Alt + I - Inventory will Appear

Alt + O - Options will Appear

Alt + X - Gives Option to Log out or End Game

Starting Place:
You will start of in Adventure Plains, If you talk to aruaâ??s fairy she will tell you everything you need to know about stat points, battling, leveling, vending and more. She will also give you a few little starter quests to get you started.

To Shout all you need to do is put an exclamation mark at the beginning of the thing you want to shout, for example: !Buying Limpid Skin 1k Each Whisper me

To whisper someone simply put â?? then there name and type what you want to say so for example:
â??stealthlybis im so great hehe

Clan Chat:
Once invited into a clan you can talk to clan mates by putting a @ first then typing what you want to say so for example:
@Hey guys

Alliance Chat:
At the moment alliance chat is disabled but what this chat does is allows you to speak to members of your faction in Union Wars without the enemy seeing what your saying. Simply just put ~ then type what you want to say so for example:
~Guys there heading east!

You can invite people to join into a party. You can find the partying skill in your common skills.
The benefits of partying are that you can kill monsters faster and you also get more EXP for been in a party. The longer you and your team mates kill in a party the bigger your party level grows(max50). The higher you Party level the more EXP you and your party will gain.
Requirements must be that everyone in your party must be with 10 levels of each other so for example if you are level 45 you can only party people level 35-55 to still gain EXP. However if someone in you party is level 35 and someone is level 55 then they wonâ??t gain EXP from each others kills because they are out of the level range.

After your long days of farming you need to get rid of your junk somehow :P In your common skills you have a skill called vending, this opens up a shop which you can place 30 items into sell. You also have a buy tab if you want to add things in there. If you already have the item you want to buy you can simply just drag it in there. If you donâ??t but you see it in someoneâ??s shop you can still put it into your buy list by pressing ctrl + left click.

Another skill you have in your common skills is a trading skill, if you are wanting to trade someone because you are buying something or they are simply giving you something then click the character and use the trade skill. Drag the items you want to trade or wait for the other people to do so if they are giving you something, press OK and then Confirm.

Skill Bars:
On your screens you will see 2 bars most likely at the bottom of your screen. You can turn these, move them around to where you want. One is used for f1-f8 and the other is used for either ctrl or alt + f1-f8.
You can put your skills onto the bars, HP/MP food and even equips if you want to.

From time to time you will notice that your hp and mp may become low, instead of sitting and waiting for them to heal you can use food to heal it faster. You can buy HP/MP food from certain NPC at a cost, or there maybe vends around selling discounted food.

Sitting is another skill you have in your common skills which helps restore mp and hp faster while sat down.

Thatâ??s all the basics!


1.0 Muse Class Info

Ok lets get started into building your new character, a Muse!

First of all you need to decide what type of Muse you want to be?

Are you wanting to be a Mage or a cleric? Here is a little explanation of the second job types:

Mage - The mage class is a powerful magic dealer that uses AoE to help fight in partyâ??s or can also solo just using there powerful magic spells. This class is good in PvP. Mages use staffs to battle with which are close range weapons unless using a skill.

*Good Damage Dealers especially in PvP at the moment.
*Good for Farming because of there AoEâ??s
*High Attack Power

*Doesnâ??t have great defense so can die easily
*Uses a lot of MP

Clerics - Clerics are the Supportive character type. The can cast buffs on allies, heals and summon Bonfires/ flames to heal MP and HP. The can also summon monsters to help aid them in battle since there not a good solo class. Clerics use Wands to cast buffs and fight with, Depending on your Build you also may use a muse off-hand shield or STR Shield for more defense.

*Lots of Self Buffs

*Not great defense
*Uses a lot of MP
*A weak class to fight with
*Not that good at PvP

Once you have decided lets move on to the next bit!

*NOTE if you need help with changing you job to the Muse class please go to this web page, It explains how to do the quest in great detail,


2.0 Muse stats

Posted Image

Ok, there are many different stats to choose from which will benefit your character.

-Intelligence or also known as INT gives Attack Power, Extra MP points and Magic Resistance.

-Strength or also known as STR gives Attack Power, Defense points, HP points and increases your weight so you are able to hold more.

-Sense or also known as SEN gives a bit of Attack Power and adds Critical points.

-Concentration or also known as CON Adds Attack Accuracy every 1 stat point and Critical every 5 stat points into con.

These are the four stats that you may use, That will benefit your character.


3.0 Different Builds

There are many different builds you can be.

DEX Mage
SEN Mage
INT Mage
STR Mage

All of them have there own benefits for example a DEX mage would be able to tank there enemies and AoE them without dying as fast. (Currently this build isnâ??t very good since dodge isnâ??t like it use to be before this update). SEN mageâ?¦ well I have never herd of a sense mage before but I guess if you like to hit with your staff instead of skill I guess you could go this build but I wouldnâ??t recommend it. INT and STR builds are the most commonly used ones.

At level 215 some possible builds are
400 INT, 200 STR, 67 SEN,76 CON
380 INT, 190 STR, 60 SEN, 162 CON
360 INT, 180 STR, 60 SEN, 212 CON

The one I would choose is the last one as accuracy seems to play a big part in both PvP and PvM. Skills can not miss anymore, instead if the â??missâ? they do half the damage they where suppose to do and this can be a pain if you team has a large amount of mobs waiting for you to kill and your only doing half the damage, so high accuracy is a good thing to have at the moment. If you just want highest attack power possible then go with the top one, but the low accuracy will make your skills weaker if you miss.


4.0 Mage Stat Ratio

Mage:- You will be using INT, STR, SEN and CON. The best ratio to stick with at first would be 2:1: INT, STR and Keep CON equal to your level till level 100.

-Right from your first stat points you get use this ratio ^

-Level up until level 10 then get cracking with your job change job to Muse!

  • At Level 10 your stats should be 37Int, 25Str. You can use your first Staff Baobab Rod, You can buy it from [NPC]Tryteh in Zant.
  • At level 20 your stats should be 55Int, 34Str, 20Con. You can use Lemmings Rod.
  • At level 29 your stats should be 69Int, 41Str, 29Con. You can use Animal Rod.
  • At level 38 your stats should be 83Int, 48Str, 38Con. You can use Mageâ??s Rod.
  • At level 47 your stats should be 97Int, 55Str, 47Con. You can use White Staff, You can buy it from [NPC]Chelsie in Junon.
  • At level 56 your stats should be 111Int, 62Str, 56Con. You can use Wisp Staff.
  • At level 64 your stats should be 125Int, 69Str, 64Con. You can use Shadow Staff.
  • At level 72 your stats should be 137Int, 75Str, 72Con. You can use Golden Staff
  • At level 80 your stats should be 149Int, 81Str, 80Con. You can use anima Staff.
  • At level 88 your stats should be 163Int, 87Str, 88Con. You can use Land Staff, You can buy it from [NPC]Pabel in Luna, Eucar city.
  • At level 95 your stats should be 173Int, 93Str, 95Con. You can use Holy Staff.
  • At level 100 Your stats should be 181Int, 97Str, 100Con
Posted Image

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now level 100! Go to Junon and talk to Daren The Mayor and get your second job change and become a new young Mage!


4.1 Making Your Own Build!

Ok so you may not agree with what I have said and it may be that you donâ??t like the way of levelling with the builds I have suggested so here is some information that Nanami Posted about the effects of stats (Thanks Nanami) See if you can work out a great little build for yourself by using this calculations below:

Attack Power gained when using a Staff (without passive skills):
100 INT = 60 AP
100 STR = 30 AP
100 SEN = 10 AP


-5.0 Muse Skill Tree

Posted Image


-5.1 Mage Skill Tree

Posted Image


-6.0 Muse/ Mage Skills to be Learnt


7.0 Gem Set Details

There are many different types of gem sets you can use, finding the right one depends on your use of your character.

7.1 How do I gem something?
There are only certain types of items that you can gem.
Once you have your item that you want to gem then next you need to make a slot.
To make a slot you need to get a drill to attempt to slot an item. You can get drills in a drop or you can buy them pretty cheap at the moment in vends. There are 6 types of drills that you can get in game/ Item Mall:

Mythril Drill 10% success rate
Orilhalcon Drill 20% success rate
Adamantium Drill 30% success rate
Aurum Drill 40% success rate
Demon Metal Drill(ItemMall) 80% success rate
Perfect Drill(ItemMall) 100% success rate

Each one has its own successes rate with Mythril drill been the lowest.
Once you finally have a slot into your item, you can put your gem into it. Just drag your gem into the slot.
To get gems you can either get them by crafting them or get grade 1-5 from drops. To get the higher grade gems you need to buy from vends or craft yourself.

7.2 Mage Leveling Set

For leveling up Muse/ Mage you want to use jewelery with diamonds in them, This gives you the highest attack power to be able to kill the monsterâ??s faster. Diamonds are the most expensive so if you canâ??t afford them try aim for Topazâ??s since they give the second highest attack power for you.

7.3 PvP Mage

Mage Do really good damage in PvP at this time and are a fun class to use for PvP so i would recommend trying it!

To be ok in PvP - I would suggest using a diamonds or Topaz. If you slot your jewelery set, weapon and armor you have 5 different gems that you can use. Mix and match and see what works best with you. When I first started of in PvP I used All topazâ??s to get good attack power as well as more MP and Magic Resistance.

To be great in PvP - you do need a lot of money to buy different gem sets as you will be using most of them to buff in. Here is a list of gem sets I use:

-Speed Set ~Typhoon Sagittarius Set (Typhoon jewelery is for level 140 and one piece adds attack speed and 50 movement speed, The sagi stone is like a gem and adds 50 movement speed). This is used to buff movement speed.

-Attack Power Set ~Lava Diamond[7] Set (Lava jewelery is for level 140 and one piece adds attack power and attack accuracy). This set is used to buff attack power.

-Accuracy Set ~Dead-shot Ring/ Lava Jewelery (Slot Moonstone 7â??s into the jewelery which will give attack accuracy) This set is used to buff attack accuracy.

-Amethyst Set ~Cliff Set Amethyst[7] (Cliff set is for level 140 and adds HP and Defense, the Amethyst gem adds HP) This set is used to buff HP.

-Dodge Set ~Sea/ Shadow set Jade[7] (For this set use Sea ring and earring which has MP and Dodge stats and the shadow necklace which has dodge stat, jade[7] is a dodge gem which will increase dodge). This set is used to buff you dodge.

-Cliff Pink-Opal[7] Set (Cliff Jewelery is for level 140 and one piece adds 24 defense and 300hp, The Pink-Opal adds 40 defense).

Combined with these set you should also use buff gear with added stats the combine with that set so for example using equips with extra accuracy like a mask to try get that stats as high as possible. Then for example switch your gear to attack power gear and do the same. Using which set to fight in is up to you. You use different sets in different situations. If we are talking about 1v1 in TG then use A7 set and switch gems when you HP starts getting lower.


8.0 Armour Details

There are many different armors you can use from level 1-180, Most of them come in different types.. For example, Legendary(Adds INT to Muse equips), Dark(Adds Attack Speed), Demon(Adds Critical), Reinforced(Adds more defense to the item and HP stats). You can use any of them that fits your build best. Personally I would prefer Reinforced with good stats for level 180 but anything lower I would use anything you can find and refine. Sometimes you can come across Saint Items, They will allow you to use 5 levels early the others.

Muse 1st Job:-

Posted Image


9.0 Places to level from 1-215

NOTE! This Section of the guide was used from an outdated guide by Yukidama, Some of the level spots still are good to level in at those levels but sometimes you may find yourself to weak to fight. If so fight something abit lower.
I will update this section at some point but this will do for now, thanks Yukidama!

lvl 1-10: Adventure Plain
at lvl 10, speak to Warren at City of Zant, to change your job to Muse
Muse Job Quest: (NPC: Warren and Tryteh)
1. Collect 20 Flanae seeds, at Adventure Plain
1. Kill 5 Big pumpkins at Luxem Tower

lvl 10-30: Kill any red/orange/yellow mobs you encounter around Zant and Elveroon Desert
lvl 30-35: Junon Polis, kill moldies/small moldies
lvl 35-50: Forest of Wisdom, kill smoullies and clowns
lvl 50-60: Kenji Beach, kill doongas
lvl 60-80: Kenji Beach, kill small crawfies
lvl 80-90: Gorge of Silence, kill jewel golems or go to Luna Freezing Plateau, kill mini mammoth, depends on your equipments, you also can try to get party at Lunaris bears ( at Mana Snowfield)
lvl 90-100: Mana Snowfield, kill Lunaris bears or penguins (required good accuracy), otherwise kill Ghosts at Freezing Plateau (at rubrum spawn)

at lvl 100, speak to Darren at Junon Polis, to change your job to Mage
Mage Job Quest: (NPC: Darren, Lisa, Mina)
1. Collect Old Priest remain from Supreme doonga at Kenji Beach
2. Collect Namielleâ??s wedding ring from Supreme goblin warrior at Goblin Cave B1
3. Collect 5 Hairpins from Supreme stone golems at Gorge of Silence
4. Donate 200k zullies to Darren

lvl 100-110: Mana Snowfield, Kill Lunaris bears, or go to Forgotten Temple B1
lvl 110-130: Forgotten Temple B1, Kill any mobs you encounter, or go to Desert of Dead People (DoD) at Junon
lvl 130-150: Forgotten Temple, Moonchild party or go to Eldeon, kill Hooks, Pincers, or Sikuku Spearmens
lvl 150-160: Shady Jungle, go to Turak spawn near Xita entrance, and start AoE there
lvl 160-180: Marsh of Ghost, Kill Ikaness workers, AoE with a cleric
lvl 180-190: Marsh of Ghost (solo or party), Sikuku Underground Prison (get a decent party with lurer and/or cleric)
lvl 190-210: Sikuku Underground Prison or Sikuku Ruins
lvl 210-215: Sikuku Underground Prison, Orlo or Sikuku Ruins


10.0 Shops that might be of use

These are shops that may be of some use to you on your travels =]

10.1 Zant - Canyon City of Zant


[NPC]Keenu - Sells Armor from 1-30 For Muse (You will need to keep your armor updated to your level so you will last longer in battle with monsters your level)

[NPC]Tryteh - Sells Low Staffs. Also Sells Muse Skill Books (you will need to get the skill book to learn the skill in your skill tree)

[NPC]Mina - Sell Jewelery (jewelery is basic but good for starting your new character)

[NPC]Crow - Storage (If your inventory becomes full you can store things in here)

[NPC]Raffle - Refining System (When you buy items or obtain them they won't be refined, refining your equipment for example your gun, the ap and accuracy will increase and for armor's, the defense and dodge will increase)

[NPC]Sharlin - Sells Food & Scrolls (Food helps in battle to heal your HP & MP, Scrolls are there to make transport easier to get back to towns)

10.2 Junon - Junon Polis


[NPC]Lisa - Sells Armors for Muse

[NPC]Crune - Refining System

[NPC]Chelsie - Sells Muse Weapons

[NPC]Arothel - Storage

[NPC]Bellia - Jewelery (Sells different jewelery than Zant)

[NPC]Harin - Food & Scrolls

[NPC]Itz - Travel Ship (It will take your to Adventure Plains, Dolphin Island, Kenji Beech)

[NPC]Alphonso - Travel Ship (It will take your to Luna and Eldeon, Need to complete quest to use this transport, you will get from him at level 45 i think but best not doing it till level 55+)

10.3 Luna - Eucar City


[NPC]Andre - Storage

[NPC]Pavrick - Refining System

[NPC]Pabel - Sells Muse Weapons

[NPC]Eliot - When you first go to luna talk to him and then your able to talk there language and talk to all npc's

[NPC]Olleck Basilasi - Sells 2nd Job Skill Books!

[NPC]Illiya - Transport Ship (Junon or eldeon)

[NPC]Anzhelika - Food & Scrolls

[NPC]Pabel - Sells Armour's for 2nd Job Muse

10.4 Eldeon - Xita Refuge


[NPC]Dustin Leta - Storage and Sells Amors

[NPC]ChaCha - Transport Ship (Junon or Luna)

[NPC]Nel Eldora - Refining System, Repair and Sells Muse Weapons.

[NPC]Peppie - Food & Scrolls

10.5 Orlo -

*Coming Soon!*


11.0 Info about Unique weapons

Unique Weapons are weapons that you can obtain by either hunting Bosses and doing the Oblivion Temple Raid or Just buying them from Vends.

These Weapons do not have a level requirement and also have great attack power and extra bonus stats.
I would recommend using these when you can. Each one has an amount of INT required so make sure you have enough to use the weapon.

I canâ??t tell you what bosses they drop from because personally I have not obtained but I have wrote down the ones that I have found a source for. I believe there is a guide somewhere that may tell you. All I can tell you is that the best of the uniqueâ??s come from the raid that you can do in Oblivion Temple, You need to be around 160ish to be able to do the raid. Best way to get them is by vends.

Unique Staffs:

Shining Staff
Required INT 91
Drops from Master Queen Bibi

Lunar Seal Staff
Required INT 138
Drops from Dreadnought King

Chronicle Staff
Required INT 175
Drops from Penguin General

Cursed Staff
Required Int 211
Drops from Raid Quest in OT.


12.0 Q&A


14.0 Credits go to:

Rose Wiki For most of the pictures and some information! Couldn't of done it without you!

Rescudo for his Stat Calculator!

The old outdated guides for some of the information like yukidama's! And also other people's feedback on other posts!

Nanami For the Information On the Stat calculations!


Other Useful Guides

Visitor Guide!

Dealer - Artison - Bourgeois Guide!

NPC Text Fix!

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Posted 25 September 2010 - 04:18 AM

Nice guide, step by step :unsure:
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Posted 15 October 2010 - 12:20 PM

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Posted 21 August 2011 - 02:20 PM

i have a question im totally new to this im almost level twenty and have not used a single skill point. uhm i plan on being a mage but for the time being i am amuse so, how to i add to my skill tree? like to i just want to put a point on all the ones you added into or do i want staff mastery at a certain level or another one at a certain level like, how should i do it? if someone could help id appreciate it a lot im kinda stuck not having any skills.
thank you ^.^
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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:04 PM

Is this still relavent and if it isn't is someone going to come out with an updated version?
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Posted 13 March 2012 - 03:09 PM

A majority of the stuff is already outdated since this guide was last updated.

However if you do have questions, you can always make a topic and ask.
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Posted 27 February 2013 - 09:20 PM

Is this guide still applicable up until the present? I'm trying to reset my stats and im planning to make a PvP mage.
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Posted 03 March 2013 - 03:58 AM

I basically have the same question as AkahRed. Are the stat settings correct for a Muse?
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Posted 20 August 2013 - 05:00 PM

Due to the skill update today, this thread is out dated.


You can make a new guide and win prizes, more here~ Making guides and winning prizes!

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