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#26 bubblegum07


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Posted 12 August 2014 - 12:39 PM

All these posts with pre trans RO doesn't it make you want a Pre Trans server? Lots of people enjoyed it and the p servers out there that offer pre trans only are doing well. Something to consider.
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#27 DeltaRay


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Posted 12 August 2014 - 03:37 PM

I still remember grillozeth and soma from old iris

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#28 Chocola


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Posted 12 August 2014 - 09:37 PM

For me, the fond memories dated back into 2002. Haha, it's been sooooo long ago and I can't remember much.... I first played this game in the beta (when GOD-POING was THE gm) and only have a few screenshots (very bad quality) left.




This one is when Loki, second server (?), was first opened. Something went wrong (as usual) and all the new born novices got stuck in the first room. Maybe the npc couldn't take the load of a few hundred clicks at once? Anyway, it's so funny with all those people shouting in that small room. So I took my first screenshot in the server. :D




This screenshot was also taken in 2002, Chaos server (not sure why there's no date stamp though). Around that time there's a well known bug that got people stuck inside a wall when teleport .... They can't get out until the gm remove them, case by case maybe?


Anyway, in this screenshot you can see that swordman and little acolyte behind the row of people. These 2 were actually stuck inside the wall of payon cave 1, just next to the entrance. They could still use skills, just couldn't get out from the spot. So the acolyte, Ittadakimasu, spent her time healing & buffing the passing adventurers. The swordie (can't remember his name) stayed online to accompany and cheer her on. So they sat and chatted like hours and more and more people gathered around to have a rest & chat with them. I think no one could get any leveling done that day but it was fun! xD

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#29 Ramen


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Posted 13 August 2014 - 12:35 AM

I first started playing RO 2 days before my birthday back in 2005.  I don't really remember how I found out about Ragnarok Online, but I remember being absolutely in love with the visuals.  I had RO wallpapers for my computer for years after that, lol.  One of my earliest memories was making my very first character, a thief, who I was going to make into an assassin.  I didn't know much of anything about the game, so my stats were a mess, and I was using a bow of all things.  Some nice people gave me 50,000 zeny, which at the time I thought was a huge sum of money, as well as a couple silver arrow quivers, and someone was even kind enough to walk me from Morrow to Prontera.  He told me to kill some PecoPeco eggs on the way (which I don't think gave any exp at the time), and lo and behold, after about the 10th one, I got a card.  Of course, I had no idea what a card was or why it was important.  He told me I could put it in a slotted weapon, so I decided to put it in my +0 Bow [3].  xD  After that, I had a lot of neat experiences, including joining my first guild ever, Amplified Rage.  I sometimes wonder if any of those guys are still around.  I have such fond memories of when we got Lou Yang and everyone would hang out there to level or just to spam random stuff from atop the shout tower.


One of the coolest things that ever happened to me in RO occurred a few years later during Christmas of 2008, when iRO had that Ragnarok OST raffle.  I had bought one OST just for the heck of it because I wanted the music, and less because I was interested in the drawing.  Several weeks later, I was leveling, probably hunting for a Thara card, when this happened.



I eventually carded the Ghostring in a +4 Valk Armor.  Sadly, I was an idiot and loaned it out to someone in my guild at the time and I never got it back.  Very depressed that I've basically permanently lost such a special prize, since I doubt the GM Team would do anything about it.  Fun thing is, I still have Ramen Wizard on what is now an alt account.  It was shortly after this that I became the Rogue/Stalker/Shadow Chaser fanatic that I am now.

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#30 Nemissa


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Posted 13 August 2014 - 01:33 AM

Back then--I believe during the timeframe of the Empty Bottle/Milk/Overcharge bug--I saw a Matyr running around Prontera killing merchants near the milk lady. I heard one of the players scream out that it was a 'Dead Branch'. I didn't know what a Dead Branch was but soon realized that it could summon monsters when I found some in the nearby forest outside Prontera.


I was a Knight class at the time and my brother who I played with, was still a Swordsman. One day after acquiring some Dead Branches, I told my brother to follow me to the mid-lower left corner of Prontera. I spawned the Dead Branches[acting like a boss and thinking I was the coolest in the world] and me and my brother started killing the monsters that popped out. It was a blast until the unexpected happened. An Angeling along with its Poporing mob came out and made a mad dash to my brother. I sat back and laughed, as the Angeling along with its minions swarmed my brother's swordsman. I was certain the Angeling would devour my brother's poor little swordsman--as I grinned and chuckled in delight--until I realized that my brother was winning!


My brother's Swordsman 'Magnum Break' the Poporings, destroying the minions very quickly until finally he stood toe to toe against the Mini-Boss in the silent corner of Prontera; auto-attacking it successfully and enduring the onslaught of the Angeling's wrath. I wasn't having any of that. In my mind, the amusement of seeing my brother fall against this uncanny foe quickly faded and I sat up and started to 'Bowling Bash' that Angeling like a crazed beast.


The Angeling was pushed back by the Bowling Bash and burst into a blur of pinkness. It was defeated. What was lying on the floor where it was slain was a mysterious "Hairband".


Oh! How I remember both of us sprinting towards that hairband like it was a race for some sort of glorious prize. He got there first. But! He couldn't pick it up because I believe I dealt more damage than him and most likely I had priority over the item. So I was like, *Yoink!*. He muttered one word to me like he always does when something interesting drops,




I was like Nah-uh. I quickly magnified the hairband and it was the 'Angel Wing' headgear. That was certainly a 'feel good' moment because we never seen anything like it, as if it was some sort of godly gift bestowed upon us. I remember my reaction, I was so ecstatic! I let him try it on and we took screenshots(which I sadly do not have anymore, the old HD failed and with it all my beloved Alpha/OpenBeta/ClosedBeta screenshots were no more).


We eventually decided to sell the Angel Wings and bought a VeryVeryStrong Wind Claymore so that we could share it and level up both our characters in Byalan Dungeon.


Hahahaha, I'm sorry, I really love this story. It really makes me smile and laugh thinking about it. There were terrible things that I remember throughout the years playing this game but these special memories that I shared with my brother really make me feel happy. I started playing this game near the end of Alpha, played through Open Beta, Closed Beta  and bought the subscription service and continue to play to this very day. I first found out about RagnarokOnline while searching for MMORPGs that I could play with my brother. I do believe I found that old iro.ragnarokonline.com website in a MMO search and decided to try it out since it was ranked very high.


I remember starting out as a Novice and killing my first poring outside of Payon Town. Felt good. Felt Addicting. I needed more: the colorful backgrounds, the gameplay mechanics, the character sprites, the music, I enjoy it all and wanted more! I remember traveling all the way to the Culverts and seeing all the other 1st classers leveling there while I rocked out to the BGM and joined them and then the Golden Thief Bug popped out and everyone banded together and fought it. I remember the Thief class tanking MVPs because Flee was overpowered and there were no monsters skills. I remember mages leveling at Golems in the desert. And I remember that person winning the 'Bunny Band' from the contest and that Bunny Band being one-of-a-kind. I rock the Bunny Band Costume to this very day, hahaha! So many years of my life that I sunk into this game and it is really mind-blowing to me that I played for so long. Just, wow! And this right here is one of my favorite stories to think about,


A story about my brother and the Angeling.


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#31 belld1711


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Posted 13 August 2014 - 03:44 AM

Oda, you said "RO", not iRO. I'm going to try to recall what I can from my complete RO past, but I have a very fragmented photogenic memory about it. This will probably be a VERY long read, so I apologize. But here goes:


I first learned about RO through some friends on an old Squresoft fansite message board I used to frequent. I was idling in the site's chatroom (which was rare for me) and noticed a conversation about it. So after eavesdropping for a bit, I inquired about it, and was given a link to a page where I could download the game and instructions on how to create an account (this was for either mRO, bRO or one of the other servers, I can't remember. It wasn't iRO).


I don't remember much about it. It was very short-lived anyway. All I remember about it was that one of the people from the forums had a character that was decked out in green, and was either an archer or a thief. There was a lot of requests for bug reports, and I also remember there being warnings not to go through a certain portal in Payon. It would result in characters getting stuck. Me being the curious one, I went to Payon to check it out, and ultimately needed a GM to get me out. xD This was like a few weeks before the servers went live, and "P2P" I believe. I also remember talk of a new place called "Turtle Island" and "Comodo" but don't remember much about them either, except thinking I'd probably never seen Turtle Island. lol Hell, I don't even remember what my class was. I think Swordsman. I also remember talk of the 2-2 classes. Classes like Dancers, Crusaders, monks, and the class name I got a kick out of the most: Clowns. I remember asking "What? Are they going to juggle monsters to death?" The only other thing I recall was that there was a site called Ragnamart which was the place to go for RO info and drama. There was a lot of people complaining about the servers going P2P and qqing. After beta closed, I couldn't afford it, so I quit. Later, a few of us joined another server, I think. That was short lived as well. I remember nothing about it.


Although I only played the game a very short time, I was hooked. So I started playing on pservers. Some just plain and simply sucked. I finally found one where it had a decent member base, and had a blast, experiencing classes like Crusader and Priests, which the two became MY choice classes. This server didn't last but a few months itself. It was hacked several times per week, so finally, the person hosting it shut it down.


On to more RO server jumping and "breaks". Something always seemed to happen. Either servers I'd join would get shut down, or some sort of life experience would happen causing me to drop having internet. Finally, my friends from the message board set up their own pserver, and we had a blast! With a member base consistent with the present day Classic server, I joined my first guild. It was created by my friend and was called Heaven's Fury. I had a priest called Wrath of God and a Crusader called Killer. Later, we got the update to enable rebirthing. I didn't like the idea of starting over, but rebirthed both and leveled them a little while later thanks to the help of my guild. That server was by far the best I've been on, include iRO, no offense. There was no cash shops, no one could solo many MVPs (except the usual ME Priest Vs DL) and our guild was so fun and so helpful. It was nothing for one person to make a list of needed items, and for two or three people to chime in saying "I got that, meet me in Payon." on the message board I created. We also did random stuff like running into Prontera Church and spam flywings, getting stuck in the walls. We also hunted together. If someone needed stemworm cards, we would go together and hunt them. If I remember correctly, there used to be a place in GH that had stemworms. We also had to dodge the Mysts to get to them. WoE was awesome as well. I remember being on my crusader once, getting attacked by a Lord Knight AND a swordman. a single Grandcross took out the swordsman, and left me and the Lord knight fighting alone while I was begging for help. xD My guildies were back in town restocking thanks to getting killed while defending our castle. I eventually died, but some of my guild mates came just in time to finish him off and continue defending. The server would always host random events such as "tag" (having to take a cloaked GM who only had a cart visible.) and Save the Queen. We also had PvP events where potions and healing were disabled. And it was everyone on the server. If you died, you were out. I lasted until there were only about 5 people left. If I hadn't messed with that LK whoput his back to the wall, spammed an AoE poison spell around him, and was using Counter (I think it was) I would have done better, I'm sure. Ah well.


After a few months of having soooo much fun on that server, I had another life issue, and had to drop having internet access. This time, it lasted a year. During that time, the server got fried some how. They never reopened that server. I really miss that awesome guild. I'll always remember Kimitsu, Harujai, I lieks teh Shinies, and all the rest of the gang.


After a few years of playing other games like GW, and working on a tractor/trailer for a year, I found out that iRO was now F2P. I was so excited. I contacted a few people who were on the pserver and invited them all to join, but alas, the only response I received was "I play on RO2" -_- So I joined iRO around August or September of 2013 with my wife, and have been alone ever since. My first thought about the Chaos server was how different it was. The mysts were gone from GH, the martins were gone from Payon cave 2F, etc. I should have started on Classic. x.x


I'd share some of the screenshots I have, but all I have are ones from pservers or screenshots on iRO of bots or someone KSing... Am I allowed to share screenshots from a pserver?

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 07:08 AM

Oh, there are so many stories to tell. I'm pretty sure I've been around, on and off, since beta. Loki people: this one's for you.



This mage here is one of the earlier Nexie incarnations, with capitalized letters added to its name for coolness. The wizard kicking Hatii's butt is actually my dad. After I discovered Ragnarok Online, it didn't take long for him to follow. We both had a different way of playing the game, possibly due to our age difference. I was young, less patient and eager to join up with the 'cool kids'.

As you can tell, we were trying to set a new fashion trend with a ribbon, sunglasses and pierrot nose combination. It never really caught on.

I played on Loki and most of you will know me as Nexie. However, before the clumsy wizard came to be, I registered a female account and leveled a priestess. You might remember the Graveyard as the place to be for leveling acolytes, using mag parties. One day, I bumped into my twin:


Given the limited number of available hair styles and accessories, our matching looks weren't really that extraordinary, but we decided that it was reason enough for us to hang out as we ventured out into the Graveyard, punching ghouls along the way. It didn't take long for many more priestesses to join, and we traveled across the world for hours:



If you ask me why Ragnarok Online was so successful, I'm pretty sure this about sums it up. Also, my twin turned out to be an awesome person.


This is me MVPing Osiris with some great people. MVPing was different then, with only 2-1 second classes. At times, there was a lot of competition as well. I used to go to the Labyrinth Forest (Hidden Temple) and watch Luno solo the mighty Baphomet with safety walls and ME -- it was magical.

There were quite a number of people I looked up to at some point, people that were really dedicated or tried something unique with their characters. This might sound really stupid, but I always believed that there have to be some powerful and creative personalities behind these characters. I feel lucky to have been able to hang out with so many of them and I am confident that they have moved on to be really happy and successful in life.

In 2010, my dad passed away. At age 56, this was much too soon and unexpected. Ragnarok Online was one of our shared hobbies and it has given us a chance to share a lot of quality time together.

If anyone from the good old days ends up reading this: thank you for all the good times. Let's get in touch and catch up!



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