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I'd like to question the future of Rose Online & its current game development strategy

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#151 IAfjiBa


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Posted 09 October 2014 - 02:19 AM

Maybe the group function need a little change! So it only works for Game Arena :)


But at the same time I like that if you have max levled a Cleric (Or any other class) you will be allowed to use to help others/or your own new characters. 


But if this is the problem for botting. I am willing to let it go, for the game.

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#152 angeltje


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Posted 09 October 2014 - 03:43 AM

i like to help newbies if i cant do that anymore :sob:, so pls dont change how groups work.  :p_sad:

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#153 WH0MP


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Posted 09 October 2014 - 03:46 AM

no no no NO.

Do not disable basic features to fight botters - this means the fight on botters is affecting us negatively.

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#154 IAfjiBa


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Posted 09 October 2014 - 06:44 AM

no no no NO.

Do not disable basic features to fight botters - this means the fight on botters is affecting us negatively.


When I saw your post I attacly changed my mind. We should not change how the group work. The botters should change their gameplay!

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#155 ganjen


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Posted 11 October 2014 - 08:24 AM

Hello there!

I would like to give here my personnal views on what should be the future of ROSE, and how I would like to see this game working. Most here do not know me, forum account looks pretty new as I didn't post anything since the whole Gravity -> Warpportal transition, but well, i m kind of a true ROSE veteran. I have been playing IROSE during beta phases, then EURose... NARose and several PServers. Here on NARose, I was the 2nd Raider reaching lvl 210 (max after the start of Evolution) (first was Yondaime... this bastard made it 5hours before me, i ll never forget that, and trust me 5hours was nothing considering the amount of time needed to lvl) and last but not the least, I was the first player to defeat Executor Kera (helped by my fellow cleric friend Darkyan333) back when Prison wasn't so easy (most players couldn't even go around the first corner of the room 1 facing the stairs even with full parties).
I do know noone really gives a damn about all that but I had to present myself to make you see that maybe my ideas can have some value.

To many mistakes have been done in the last years, to many core design of the game have been changed for the worst, while real problems haven t been dealt with.
I do pray for devs to not start and try to mess with the drop system (as beeing suggested on another thread) as it s really fine the way it is, it has always been. The only realistic thing to do would be to drastically lower bosses HP once again, like it was years and years ago (for good reasons). Bosses were a fast kill and so your chance of being KSed were greatly lower, unless you had to compete with other farming team (hey there my beloved FamilyHonor chinese zully farmers).
I do understand that with great HP pool, Devs tried to make bosses be more of a challenge... but they are in noway "harder" to kill or do not even have "interesting" mechanics. It is only once again an uneeded time sink wich bring more problems than solutions. Complicated boss mechanics and huge HP pools should only be a part of the dungeon system and maybe some very few bosses spawning very rarely or having outstanding droptables, and should be made in a way that it would requiere a full party to be defeated.

That being said, the game as it is right now is a mess, droptables are horrible, and top gears only come from pvp games (honor), or mindless farming (valor), and this all just don't make sense.

The way i see it, normal gears and gems + their corresponding bindrunes and talismans should ONLY come from Boss drops (higher drop% on the bindrunes, to make dropping gears an achievement and to virtually slow down the gearing process and giving the oportunity to farmers to have enougth refine attempts available).

Dungeon bosses should be very challenging (requiering a full geared team) and dropping higher quality gears (and gems) wich would need also specific bindrune/talisman to be enhanced (exalted items were a good idea, if only they were better than normal gears and needing exalted bindrune+talisman to be enhanced). Valor point reward should definitly stay and be used to purchase those passive+active IM skill books, but nothing else.

Normal mobs should drop lisents/chemicals/crafting material (and no gears or bindrune+talisman).

When it comes to pvp games, it should only be there as a fun feature with a weekly player AND group ranking showing the number of kills/death/party won, wich could be displayed on the website and via ingame message boards. (trust me pvp lovers would work their ass off to see their name and clan on top)

Now I know, my view on how the game should be is pretty far from what it is right now, but it saddens me so much to see a game with so much potential, who "survived" for so long, going in the wrong direction. You may not be agree with me (as players and as game masters/developpers) but I can ssure you that if things were this way you would still have thousands of active players.

The real question would be : How to make all that happen? knowing where we are at now.
Well, it s fairly easy! Introduce a new set of equipment needing Grade 9s talisman and bindrune dropped by a set of new world bosses (lvl 230++) possibly on new maps. New equipment skins are already all around the net, new bosses design too, and as it comes to new maps (even new planet) it s here too.
Everyone will want to upgrade to the new fresh equipments, making the problems there is with the game design right now pretty much... a detail from the past!
Devs would have to make sure the def/atk ratio of those new bosses could be handled using our current equipment BUT not the new dungeon bosses! wich would definitly requiere one of those new sets in order to be tanked and killed. The jump in Atk/Def from this new set compared to what we have now would have to be quite a lot in order to make that possible... and also making it a must have for every pvpers too.

I do truely believe the game can only be fixed by the introduction of new item sets rendering the old ones as obsolete. Nowadays everyone and their mom use maxed out items, some ppl have hundreds of billions and every possible set available on every of their chars... and why is that? Because all they needed to have all that is time, not a single skill needed or competition between players all u gotta do is wait in the queue! and that HAS TO change. I'm aware that farming will always come down to be a time sink but it can be a challenging one!

Another problem you guy must think of is the insame amount of zulies present in the game, and how rich players will just try to buy their way to those new equipment. Well if you ask me, if those equipments would really be so powerfull that it would give me an edge on my oponents, I wouldn't sell those to them, but would prefere to work on it with my guild. Eventually some ppl would still sell, but for insane amount of zulies spreading the ressources among the whole community and making it more even for everyone.

Ah well, that just my 2 cents (2 cents for a wall of text.. kinda cheap hu?), after 15 years playing mmos i do have a clear idea how things could work, unfortunatly Im pretty sure what i wrote was unclear and barely understandable due to my amazing english skills! but hey! at least I tried and put some effort in it.

I do only hope my post will not be ignored.

finally , a worth topic to read. The real problem ls still the same, lack of new contents ( planets, maps, gears , quests etc) .. If only they would make the game less dependable on IM , it might just work .. I just hibernate about 3 months . And wow , things even messed up than before, I tried to refine my farming gears from 13 to 15 , I end it with back to (4) . Please leo, take out those refines stuff from IM ,, and come on be reall, those lisent U will not get you anywhere .your reroll hammers, your what ever call scroll to copy status or whats so ever, and for the record, farming those new gems sucks.. Takes too long and drops like sheety . Just try to make the game fun again.. Just sell cute costumes on IM , i will gladly buy them monthly .. As you can see I stop buying IM on my account ,,i think IM should be for something cool to show off like costumes, cars, castlegears etc, NOT affecting the game .. Guess i"ll start to hibernate again ...
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