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the people make this game hate avenger ?

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#1 cucgack


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Posted 07 December 2014 - 06:20 AM

realy ridiculous and angry

all of class in game is very strong .. but why they make avenger with traps and make it delay ?


     i'm duel with Mystic lower than me 8 level .. i can't hurt him even 1 damage i'm has put 4 traps and he just run around me even run on my traps .. he told me is noob stupid and easy

yes i'm sure he's right .... but he don't know i has do everything i can ... stupid and noob is the people make this class is not me .. he want like that .. is not me
That's just one case


    an assasin stun me and i just got 1 sec for put 1 trap and die ... but the trap is delay and not explosion

many class in this game got AOE skill with high magic damage and sure it large AOE skill

i'm sacrifice to put 1-2 traps and die .. the traps is delay and not explosion


oh my god
i got stress and angry in pvp ... i'm so angry


    and in pve .. is bored i'm stronger than a monster but some time i'm die because my traps..

i don't know what to do when the trap not Explosion

i can't run because slow skill from monster ..i'm don't have heal skill ...i'm just have some traps but it not explosion .... i'm dead


    my friend Heart10 is avenger and change to Elementalist .. he has told me you can't enjoy this game with avenger.. he say so much i can't repeat all here .. but he mean avenger is bad class

and when i ask many players have ever play avenger they allway say avenger is poor class


    i'm love my char .. but so sad .... they make some class is too strong have every good skills .. and update to make some class is strong to stronger ... but why avenger only with traps and make it delay ?..


   and about enchant all of buffs and debuffs from enchant is not work with traps ...

realy is redundant class



you can read what they say about avenger in this forums












   and many players not use forums they just silence to change class or quit game

so you can try to calculator how many avenger still active in this game and compare with other class

and try to play avenger to know what happen


--- please don't spam here if you haven't ever play avenger --- thank you


so it you don't want everybody play and happy with avenger class ....please delete this class
please think about us ...


Edited by cucgack, 08 December 2014 - 03:05 AM.

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#2 Kazara


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Posted 07 December 2014 - 10:02 AM

Avenger isn't the weakest class really, the trap do very high damages with right build, and u can always capture mobs...

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#3 cucgack


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Posted 07 December 2014 - 11:44 AM

u mean right build is full items + 30 with full CON right ...?

build max stuff with your level ...?

that is the best way to give you more time waiting for the traps explosion ...?

that will help your traps explosion... ?

how about if the target is got + 30 with full resistance like you and run around u or stun you ...?  ( everybody got Light Resistance today )

and you will kill them if you have capture and right build or max build even the traps not explosion ...?


tell me you strong with capture and right build ...?                        (if they want play with pet  Dominator is better )

you are pro avenger ^^ ....are you capture boss right or only you have + 30 ?  (under level 80 how can u summon pet again if u die or your pet die ... ?)

( and under level 70 how can u capture night mare moster .. ? )

( u want to kill a players with normal moster in the battle .. ?)


remember everybody got good items like you , so stop dreaming my friend.

you need look to truth is happening here
don't look to skill damage and say avenger is high damage

and pls remember about problem what i'm say in this topic not about right build and capture .. and how to build

avenger is not a tanker , not a mage , not a ranger , not a support , not a warriors , not a summoner even don't have a skill for use buffs and debuffs from enchant if you use magic weapon ( everybody build with magic weapon today )

and just got 4 traps skill ... but it not explosion ( strong ) ...?


pls read other topic about avenger before spam here ( got an answer for you in other topic )

Edited by cucgack, 08 December 2014 - 03:32 AM.

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#4 Apollonia93


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Posted 08 December 2014 - 12:24 PM

ok, first avenger is an easy pve farmer.

high defense, aoe defense debuff, and pet capture. get an elephant or a scorp and your life is easy in pve.

next, pvp, true its hard to play venger these days in 1v1, but its not a 1v1 class. you set traps smartly to capture multuple people in stun, play it as a support. 

trap removal skill, OP. every 10 seconds remove totems and traps in a huge radius, making defilers HATE you, mystics, sakers, all will hate you for that.

next is an OP slow 70% slow. toss that on a player and then lay traps on them, they will blow up constantly since they will be walking on them for so long.

love playing venger. currently have a +8 85 con set with +9 con jewels, +30 ball, +30 knucks, get a positive ratio nearly every match.

OH and one of the best commie rapers possible. get hunter, and debuff that AM immediately, BOOM dead commie

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#5 cucgack


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Posted 09 December 2014 - 03:08 AM

whatever ... everything is not important now.. i'm quit game good bye nice game ^^

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