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Classic God Owners List

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#251 kisai


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Posted 26 May 2017 - 11:04 AM

Accounts are given away, traded, bought, and sold all the time whether it's illegal or not. Some of these god owners may not even know if their stuffs are duped. Say if your cousin gave you account with a legitimate god item because he went off to college, you probably don't know the whole story about how he got it. By exposing the list of all current god owners, you're potentially sending a lot of witch hunters to innocent players. And that alone is a bigger problem than having a couple of duped god items. 

If these god items are discouraging new people from playing the game (which it has), then they probably should never have existed in the first place. They are also a curse that stops many people from moving on to a different classic server that is still alive and well in the WoE department. 



When Campitor did this originally, the only thing he disclosed as far as ownership was concerned, was the name of the original creator. Many of the items were created by a small handful of guilds before being opened by the final owner. Your "witch hunt" would not affect innocent players, but rather people who took a risk in purchasing unverified RMT'd items. 


I don't think the staff go far enough in advising players (many from other servers where RMT was commonplace) of the consequences on this server. Given the amount of effort and coordination involved in creating a God item, even ONE duped item is unacceptable.


The player base, both current and potential, need to know that the GMs are pro-active and vigilant when it comes to protecting the integrity of their game. Nobody wants to invest time and money into a company when they see the game saturated with cheap, illicit items easily obtained through outside sources. 

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#252 needmorezleep


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Posted 26 May 2017 - 11:09 AM

he can release the numbers during a maint while working with ragial to monitor any creations to come since the bot can read chat

means no more extra work on the staff part if the ragial owners dont mind the effort

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