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Asgard Training Village Mk. II

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#26 darkabe


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Posted 15 January 2016 - 05:34 AM

Below is a simple example of a change with facilitates this idea. Compare and contrast this to the aforementioned existing quest progression, above:

- Quest options for up to Lv20 characters:
* Thief Bugs
* Willows
- Quest options for up to Lv30 characters:
* Boas
* Yoyos
* Peco Pecos (could directly warp to the existing quest giver, for example)
- Quest options for up to Lv40 characters:
* Wolves
* Andres
* Metalings
* Hydras
- Quest options for up to LvXX characters:
* ...


I like this idea of upgrade to Jumping Janeway.

Would it be possible to have a selection of different monsters available from level XX to XX then as long as the player is in the level range he would still be able to pick a different one from the same list without the previous one disapearing. Once a quest is completed, the npc would give the appropriate amount of experience and delete the rest of the uncompleted quests from the log.

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#27 jenkat


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 02:38 PM

Out of curiosity,

what is the chance of persuading the team to restore the building interiors in this map?

The ones that used to be there, where now there are just empty doorways.


Some people (like myself) rather fancy the idea of "camping" themselves in the zone, and acting as a friendly guide & tutorial service for newcomers.

The ability to use the insides of some of the buildings would be nice, for meetings and "classrooms".


Sure, it can be done outside, or anywhere really, but to be able to use the building interiors adds a new depth (and semi-privacy) to the endeavor.

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#28 darkabe


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Posted 04 February 2016 - 12:00 PM

I would like to extend my ideas of Asgard next part.
Previous post


7754.png  Namless Island :


7094.png  Kiel Hyre :



7019.png Niffleheim :



7510.png Odin Temple :




Jumping Janeway Update :


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#29 rojoky113


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Posted 04 February 2016 - 02:33 PM

Along the ideas I have posted a couple times, I like the idea of changing the turn ins to be more area-based and less specific monster based. Like the training grounds TI is 20 porings, 15 lunatics, 10 fabres, 10 drops instead of choosing one. Payon dungeon 1 would be 40 zombies, 20 skeletons, 10 familiars, etc.


Later turn ins can span multiple maps, like a GH turn in that has you go to a few different maps in the castle to kill a few different things.


Seems like a lot more fun to tackle different maps and have to fight a few different enemies, including a smaller number of harder ones, to complete your TI and get the big exp reward. Instead of always just picking out the 1 enemy and killing endless numbers of them while ignoring everything else.


My idea is randomized TIs to get people exploring and visiting different places instead of 1 map for forever out of fear/laziness/path of absolute least resistance, but meh.

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#30 Themes


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Posted 04 February 2016 - 08:09 PM

I'm all for toying with the Janeway stuff. Focusing it into "maps" or "towns" is far more interesting.


I think we discussed randomisation and I think that would be an important part, you could have it read party names and then offer everyone from a particular party the same set of quests. It would be a pretty large effort to compile multiple sets for each level bracket and then set up scripts to handle it all. But I think it could be worth it.


I'm still not really sold on the idea of having area specific hats, the harder they are to acquire the less interesting they are, although having them award bonus exp would make it interesting. There should be a catch all WPH-lite available to everyone from a quest chain starting in Asgard that will provide people with what they need to get started. You could also add another quest for a different hat that allows players to use Greed, I think making it a hat is important instead of an accessory, because WPH is such an important PvM tool right now people should be encouraged to choose (or swap it on).

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#31 Budeg


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Posted 30 January 2017 - 03:54 PM

An idea for janeway and exploration:
I propose janeway asking for monster kills that require some exploration, something akin to the solo hat quest. One for people to discover Prontera labyrinth, geffen dungeon, path from Prontera to Morroc, sunken ship, etc.
Have the level up happen only when they have gathered Janeway Certificates, which you obtain from TI in those places.

Say, level 10 to 20,
Janeway Certificate 20 A - 15 thief bugs
Janeway Certificate 20 B - 15 rockers
Janeway Certificate 20 C - 15 kukres
Janeway Certificate 20 D - 15 poison spores
And then turn in those certs for lv 20

Edit: darnit, this topic was last year.
Might as well, I would like to see the additional rep islands too!
Right now, we have China (Lou Yang), Japan (Amaterasu), Phillipines(Taiwan), Thailand(Ayothaya), and Moscovia(Russia).

Lets complete that list! There's Brasilis, Dewata, Port Malaya and Rock Ridge.

After level 70, I'd definitely love to explore my country(Indonesia/Dewata) with my lil' bro.

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