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Better Clan Information

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#1 Keshini


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Posted 22 January 2016 - 01:48 PM

I have been googling and browsing the forums for hours and I cannot find a good, concise guide on taking care of a clan. I found the patch notes that discusses clan skills and the new changes (which really should be re-posted to this forum), but nothing for a newbie who had a handful of friends to get a clan up and going. For instance, how do I purchase/earn clan skills? At what level do I gain access each ones? Please someone of knowledge help a poor soul out.


Thank you!


~ RagingBunnies

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#2 VModCupcake


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Posted 22 January 2016 - 02:49 PM

Hi. I'm assuming that when you said you saw the patch notes regarding the new clan system, you meant this topic https://forums.warpp...update-details/  right? Actually the answers you are looking for are all there but I can see how it might be confusing for a newer player so maybe this will help.


You purchase clan skills with clan points.  There are two categories/types of clan skills - permanent passives and 30 day temporary skills. If you are in a clan, you will be able to see all of the clan skills on the clan tab of your skill window (alt + s).  You and your clan mates will earn clan points as you train and level in the game. There is no need to farm for clan points in the clanfields anymore, although you certainly can do that if you want. Just regular playing will earn cp as long as you are fighting monsters of the right level for you. I believe the clan points start when you are around level 30. I'll double check that and correct this post if that is incorrect.


As for which clan skills to get, that's up to you and your clan. When a clan is created, you will only have 5 spaces including the clan master. Many clans will work on the Clan Expansion skill first so they cam add more people to help get more cp. Once you have enough clan points for the skill you want, just click on the skill and the points will be deducted. The permanent skills benefit everyone in the clan as long as they remain in that clan. The 30 day skills must be repurchased when they expire. 


There are no more clan levels. You must be at least level 30 to create a clan, but once created, the master position can be transferred to any character.  If you still have questions, feel free to post them or send me a pm and I'll be glad to help.


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#3 Keshini


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Posted 23 January 2016 - 11:56 AM

Thank you so much for your help!  I actually looked with my eyes and not my mouth and saw the CLAN button in my skills late last night.  Kind of obvious but...  >.<


I am sure that another newbie like me will find your details above helpful, that the skills and member number increase are in the skills tab, not the clan tab, from the right side of the game screen.


Thanks so much!!!


~ RagingBunnies

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