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Not just a cute quest

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Posted 15 March 2016 - 04:34 PM

A full on ROSE Mythology epic for those seeking both rare and uniquely memorizing visions from Aura and Hebarn themselves. The task will be no small feat but a challenge that will shake any visiting hero to the very core of their essence! What will you find hidden in yours?


The story begins in a book, that is only randomly obtained from the creatures of any of the planets... Some search their whole lives to obtain a copy of this knowledge...


( [1 / 250,000] drop off anything. This should be something fairly absurd to obtain but say in the life of getting to max level how many monsters do you kill?

[Using the online Compendium, i'm sure most know of, to take xp from monsters to approx. kills. I think it is fairly close and will show my initially absurd ratio above be put in perspective.]



The Ancient Visitor

You finally get a tip from Historian Jones, he says he vaguely remembers hearing about those who no longer roam in flesh and blood but mind and spirit have been said to know of a long forgotten island from where the ancient visitor's had come from.
Upon entering Nejeuve Village, you proceed to ask the ghosts about Birth Island. None except Lithia know anything about what you are asking them. Lithia on the other hand not only knows but is surprised to hear the name Birth Island, even she cannot remember when she heard it last but it is unmistakable. 
"You must have been talking with some ancients to come upon that name! I only have a minuscule recollection of an ancient priest that was around Oblivion Temple in my time. I understand that times have changes and you get to Orlo much differently then how the ancients did. There use to be powerful hieroglyphs suspended above the ancient temple. Their true power was never understood by those that used them. I wasn't sure if the priest was crazy or telling me the truth but I know if you are looking for Birth Island, then the great temple is the only clue I have."  
You proceed to the ancient temple. ( 7 minutes within a proximity of the temple and... ) An ancient visage of a priest appears.
Mobs are all lvl 230 on the island. After running all around the island you finally uncover a piece of (Aura/Hebarn)'s vision. Once all 5 are collected (one from each area of the island) you are enveloped in light/dark and lifted from the ground. Your appearance changes to a bright light, a true vision of Aura or a dark seeping evil, the true vision of Hebarn.
Yup a costume, one done on a skill with a cooldown of say an hour, lasts 7 minutes. I am thinking it can be expanded to more quests where you acquire more items and become a more true vision of the respective gods. Like a warship mount but decked out for Aura or Hebarn. I think it would be really cool if there were 7 items, one from each of the planets and once you have all 7 the cooldown of the skill is removed and you can be in the true vision or not as you feel fit. An Aura and Hebarn summon would be so cool, and if two from opposing fates are beside one another having the summons wrestle with one another would be amazing :)
Upon receiving this skill you also get an ancient page...


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Posted 31 March 2016 - 01:02 PM

I am moving this to the Quest Submission section. So sorry for the delay in doing this- it just slipped past me somehow 

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