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Vyvern News!

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#1 Precrush


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Posted 27 May 2016 - 05:53 AM


Dragon Saga's week in video form! Made this today, what do you think? Here's the text version if someone'd prefere that:



Vyvern News 27/5/2016


Welcome to Vyvern News, a weekly show covering the going ons of Dragon Saga. Coming up: Patch notes bring multiple changes and a new event, May's question and answer stream information, Era takes the top of emporia and the weekly market watch!





The patch notes for the 25th of may marked the end of the skill point quest and brought back exp food items. Kill monsters for a chance to receive a Have-A-Picnic box and munch away at your consumables and exp items!


Here's a summary of the rest of the changes:


Quality of life improvements allow players to divide stacks as big as they want instead of the old 100 limit and make the Repair all option the default one at the blacksmith.


In pve, star fragment drop rate from the star thief was slightly improved, and Dragon Valley together with Edge of the World have been improved to allow for easier ranking in high levels.


Other changes include fixes for puff towers in a few locations and a bug in drakos, as well as concistancy changes for the display of soulcraft and the stats of the Best Villain's Set.


This week was also a change week for BigWheel and MixBoard, you can see all of the additions on the screen right now. This and all of the other changes can also be found in the official patch notes here: https://forums.warpp...52016-complete/





Possibly the most said thing in the Q&A was to stay tuned for the DragonTalk streams, which we of course should do. We did get some information though, most important of which was revealing that attack and defence will use a 1:1 calculation in the future. How this will work out in the end, we'll see, but at least such a system seems simple.


We were also once again assured regular maintenances would continue while the team worked on Arcadia and told that elements will remain useful in pvp, untangling the games code is going well, and arcadia's story will be based on the game's story so far.





Era took home this weeks emporia after suffering what some would call a suprising loss in the hands of Finale last week. In the Final they won RevenGER, who's vice, JoeFrazier, I was able to grab a hold off and ask for his view on how things went this week.


”Empo is every week like rolling dice for us, in germany it starts 11pm on saturday, that's a time u shouldn't play. You should go party and have fun. That's why we miss a lot of people every week. But last week we got a nice and well balanced team. Sadly we got no enemy at round 1, so it was a free win. ”


Their semi-final enemy was devotion, which RevenGER didn't struggle too much with according to JoeFrazier:

”to beat them wasnt a real problem, we met on 1 platform and checked quests, killed some of them. Then we started in groups to get our quests done, reached 100 points and won.”


On the final round their opponent was Era, a guild which he respects highly, saying:

”One of the best guilds in my opinion. I know some of them aswell, nice guys.”


Era's superior gear combined with the confusion their fast players caused proved too be too much for RevenGER in the end. ”While this confusion they got some quets, and if you get an early lead in empo that's it.” JoeFrazier said.





Remember, these are my personal views on the market, based on nothing more than experience and beliefs


Market prices seem to have stopped their climbing and IM to gold ratios have stabled around 1:10-1:12 range. This will most likely mark the new standard.


Star fragments have not seemed to lower as a result to them being added to drop from star thieves, but perhaps the lastest drop rate increase will keep the prices from rising.

Exp food ingredient prices are excpected to fall to around their typical level around events, which is around 6-7g each for flour for example.


And I leave you with these weekends exp rates, notice the exp on monday as well, which is there to honour the memorial day in they United States.


Friday 5/27/2016: 2.11x
Saturday 5/28/2016: 2.22x
Sunday 5/29/2016: 2.44x

Monday 5/30/2016: 2.33x


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#2 Turpi


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Posted 27 May 2016 - 06:20 AM


 if you get an early lead in empo that's it.” JoeFrazier said.


lel, that interview. First at all, thats a nice summary of the drago week xD


Well I dont like that red text at black ground in the video but the idea itself is cool.


To the statement that the EW match is decided if someone gets an early lead.. well thats not true. EW alot based on questluck and only a small part of EW is skill. It can happen that they get 60points in the beginning but none at the rest of the match while the other team is suddenly lucky with quests.


There may be one good tactic which makes it almost impossible for the opponent team to get points, but its extreme hard to perform and requires alot of skill and timing.


I hope that there will be a rework of EW in future. The current mode "works" but its kinda boring.

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#3 Popcorn



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Posted 31 May 2016 - 10:34 PM

Hey Precrush,


finally I had the time to watch your Vyvern News and ... I am impressed. It's great. And hey! Great accent :D

I hope you keep that weekly vlog up. 


Thanks for all your effort and love you put into Dragon Saga.

I like to see such dedicated players like you.






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#4 Precrush


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 12:31 AM

@Turpi, Thanks. Well I kind of do like red on black, dunno why, so I'm gonna keep it like that :P


@Popcorn, Thanks for all the kind words. I've now completely given in to the fact that I just like this game a lot. No sense in fighting that :P

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