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Opinions about my planned Skill-and-Shot 67-capped PVE Shaman?

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Posted 15 September 2016 - 04:26 PM



No Golgon, most skills at their most basic, and just barely trying to squeeze out all the SP I can get without additions, with the dash of being overly-dependent on Galaxia skill cards/skill accessories. I know that it isn't competitively viable, but I'm just really curious as how powerful the other non-Helix Shot skills the Summoner has. I know for one that Rolling Stone and Air Smash are the go-to skills for ranking in F1, but RS just doesn't reach that far vertically IMO. This is mostly a CC-type Shaman with Support DPS on the side. Still wondering if I should go for 1/3 Blesser to favor a 3/5 Nature Fury (nope no not calling it nation fury). I plan to make the most out of Energy Circulation, and I can only summon a Golgon, a Doonamik/Mist, and a Blesser with a Golgon-implied build, not to mention I have to give up on a few skill levels. I think I have only one skill reset, so I have no chance to re-do outside IM, thus, I need opinions.


As for the equipment builds, I'll go for a 3/3 Chaotic set for Critical Damage, with the usual Attack Speed IM set builds (Unity/[B] Unity/Devil's Agi). Since Summies have a lower CDMG cap compared with other non-x-spammer classes I can focus on giving it other cards, like Critical Rate or Attack Speed, whichever is missing from the build.



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Posted 15 September 2016 - 05:13 PM

I personally run a skill based shaman and the skills do as much damage as any other class, i'ts just that you can't x spam and cast skills at the same time thus x spamming being the popular alternative in pvp and pve.


However if you want to torture yourself and run f1 as a shaman and based on just pure skill to snag yourself an SSS, as long as it's fun, I won't judge. The clear speed is not as bad as you think.


For the equipment building, that's a different story and is up to you. I could recommend how to gear your shaman to the highest tier but it might be more expensive than a simple skill reset :( , but you are worried mostly about the skill build and want an opinion. I'll tell you what I think is a good build if you still want an opinion on that. Depends on how dedicated you are.




The priority you should take in the skill builds for that type of style should be


1. Energy circulation (neccessary for skill based shamans)

2. smart shot (Bossing and alternative when you don't have anything up)

4. Blesser at highest level (Make energy circulation work)

3. Mist+dyke at lowest level/Golgon+Doonmik optional (make energy circulation work)

4. All skill based at lowest level (your running a skill based shaman you should prioritize this after having the ability to cast faster)

5. Increasing your damage output (Matk passives to increase all damage output rather than single skill[more effective than upgrading single skills])

6. Increase the damage of your skills (upgrade the skills you already have for final touch)

7. http://irowiki.org/~...011313510000000 You don't have to follow this at all.




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