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Some Quality of Life Improvements

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#1 Feuer


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Posted 13 September 2017 - 02:17 PM

Wanted to toss out some semi-simple updates that can be made quite quickly that would improve game play experience and options with very little development time. I don't for-see any of these, or at least very few, altering balance in any way. But conjecture is bound to happen so, I'll post a few things and see where it goes.


1: 240 Exalted

Really sad to see we haven't gotten 240 Exalted armor variants yet. Personally as a one-set player, and someone who doesn't have time to gear several characters with 2 sets of runes, in the past I utilized Exalted. With how the game is currently, you very heavily incentivized to purchase a Valor Set and an Honor set if you enjoy both content styles. 


A simple copy + paste of the bonus stats with a little increase here n there I think would suffice. Though, I did make a few requests some time back, and still feel those are adequately formulated. Those can be found here.


2: Dance Skill [IM]

This was something HoneyBunz said she'd like to see, and I personally agree. Some more 'fun' type things would be awesome to see, and an IM skill that randomly selects a dance to perform when clicked would be a fun little bonus. Could be priced anywhere from 100-200 IM and I think people would enjoy it.


3: More throwables!

Let's be honest, throwing rocks, snowballs, and rubber ducks is fun. So how about some new ones?


Baseball [uses same animation]

Soccer ball/Football [depending on your countries preferred term ;)] You could set this up to use the 'kick' animation, and a ball flies at your target. This would be awesome.

Rubber Shuriken: We have a lot of ninja on ROSE, some thematic harmless rubber shuriken would be a total blast. Seeing some ninja-star battles I feel would be great fun.

Water Balloons: We have one of the funnest summer themed events on ROSE, but I feel we need more water based fun, and that's why I think we should have water balloons. 


4: GA Seasonal Modes!

Personally, this one would actually take some time to implement, but here me out.

Think of Christmas, we have snowballs galore. 

Now think of Game Arena, you see where I'm going with this yes?

GA Snowball Fight mode. Where the only actions able to be used are Snowball throws, and maybe some other mechanics. 

To top it off, you could have 2 modes.

PvP: Tagging the enemy. perhaps knocking them down after they take 'x' amount of hits, which will yield a point for your team. Perhaps after 'x' amount of points, a 'large' snowball is summoned and can KO an enemy team member if hit [maybe this also slows you down like the dragon eggs in Draconis Peaks] meaning the enemy team can outmaneuver you, and potentially knock you down, causing you to drop the big ball, and they can claim it? First team to get say 10 KO's wins? Rewards standard GA rewards.

PvE: Snowman battle! Using snowballs, you have to take down a giant snowman [weird, adding more snow would seem counter productive but trust me it works]. You could space in some mechanics like certain objectives needing to be done that produce larger snowballs that do more damage, or perhaps a time-trial phase like how gloopy goes invulnerable, so could the snowman, and while he does that you need to run to certain near-by objectives to gather more snowballs, or retrieve the big-ball. Rewards standard Dungeon rewards.


There could be so much more to these but obviously the more complicated it's made, the longer and more time it'd require to develop, but I feel it would give ROSE a very unique appeal. 

Pirate Ship Battles, Snowball Wars, Fireworks Battles, Water Balloon fights, Pumpkin Toss~ The list goes on.


5: Some more color options for clan name colorizers
These were great, but I feel like more variety would also be even better.

6: Account Locking > Character locking:

I feel some of the Character Locked items are.... well, not necessary.

The common method for 'alts' in ROSE is on entirely separate accounts. Some do this to dual or + clients, others do it because they're 'up to something' and don't want to risk more than 1 character if they get caught. Whatever the reason, there's little reward for having all of your characters on 1 account, in fact currently it feels quite punishing to do so.


The following items I'd personally [and I suspect others would as well] like to see be make Account Locked, instead of character Locked.


~ Dungeon sourced Paradigm Runes [Face]:

These are impossibly hard to get already, and if you're running 1 character at a time through your daily's or grinding, it's even less frequent you're going to get the rune you need on the character you need it on. With there being no ability to trade these runes, sell them to other players, or even exchange them for some base materials or currency, I feel it's only appropriate that these be made Account Locked. 

I think it'd be twice as good if the bindings system was updated to include an 'Account Locked on Acquire, Character Locked on Equip' method. Meaning you can freely move it around inside your own account, until you equip it. 


~ Valor/Honor Shop Passives:

Under the same principle of it taking vastly longer periods of time to progress with all your characters on the same account, I fail to see why these aren't Account Locked, instead of Character locked. You should be rewarded for taking the time and effort to leveling multiple characters on your account, and be able to feed those rewards to your main, or whichever character it is you're trying to progress on

7: Quest Items:

There's SEVERAL quest based items that are absolutely annoying at minimum because they can't be sold to NPC's, dropped, vended, or even stored in your character storage [let alone premium, or account].

To list a few

-Vizier's Key / Pharaohs Key
- Chewed Bones

- Hirias Tear

Can you please enable these to at least be sold or stored in character storage? 


More to come~

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#2 HoneyBunz


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Posted 13 September 2017 - 02:28 PM

I love these ideas!  Thanks for making this topic.   I'm sure I'll be adding some more too. :P


Something that a lot of games have is a quest tracker.  We had it where I was before and it's very handy especially for someone that loves quests. The quests were on the right side of the game screen and you could see the game background behind them. I can crop a ss to show what I mean if I'm not doing a good job of explaining this.  What was especially handy about it is that it had a counter when a specific numvber of quest drops was needed (2/50 for example) so you could tell at a glance how many you had and still needed


That might take more to implement than some of the other ideas in this topic but I think would be a nice feature to have.

Edited by HoneyBunz, 13 September 2017 - 02:45 PM.

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#3 Cortiz


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Posted 21 September 2017 - 06:50 AM

Please add storage  PIN  :D

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#4 Nirvany


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Posted 26 September 2017 - 09:03 AM

Totes agree with this! Esp exalt 240
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#5 calder12


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Posted 28 September 2017 - 03:49 PM

Yup all very nice suggestions.


I'm going to chime in on Character lock. Just kill it entirely, it's useless as anything other than a cash grab in my opinion.

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