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mage attack spam

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#26 manege


    I made it Off Topic

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Posted 08 October 2017 - 09:10 AM

I do PvP alot actually but on a smaller selected PvP community. (and with different player-made rules)


"nobody uses that skill", "its harder to hit/use" and whatever.


Some catches, CC or stuns whatever u want to call it.

They come with certain requirements of players habits, position and hitbox awareness (or even HOW EXACTLY they work)

The matter is not if anybody uses them (just because nobody uses them doesnt mean its useless to even try them out)

WHEN do u cast a skill

HOW u cast it

WHERE you cast it

Those questions determine a skills usage and how it can be utilized if u experiment with it.

And maybe Combos that u thought of were impossible before can be made if u experiment long enough :p_hi:

Ofc spamming them 360° no scope in every direction and wondering why it wont hit doesnt solve the problem.


My Comments were never meant to be offensive but on the other hand we live in 2k17

I will even apologize for the pride(s) that got hurt.


Because of the Vibe I felt from the community lately,

I have commented on this thread in a harsh manner regarding it.

Hence I will think twice from now on before I post my honest opinion.



I will leave it as that tho its going off topic.

Oh please, don't play the victim.


You should try to catch someone as a sorcerer with those skills you call "useless" and without the help of spamming fire emblem around aimlessly. 

You will realize for a beautiful combo, which lives up to you expectation (using your high and mighty tone of speech), you will appreciate the z chains. Otherwise we will see sorcerers fleeing and spamming around fire emblem and penguin, like most already do and people already complained about them doing that. Most other classes other than mage and summoner are not even willing to pvp them.

If you take away the z chains you would not even be able to blame them for spamming those few strong skills that they have.


Talking about positioning and aiming is good all in all, but you can not apply that to every class. Did you ever try to aim at someone with Fire ink, Backdraft or time freeze?

To hit a ninja with 400 ms and hopping around like a grasshopper, you will realize it is fairly difficult.

Those skills have fairly long animation time and thus make you easy prey.


I would argue that the z chains should be kept as it is.

Edited by manege, 08 October 2017 - 09:11 AM.

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#27 qweweqweqwq


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Posted 08 October 2017 - 11:01 PM

With a buggy hitbox nothing is impossible
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