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Renewal FAQ Friday 2/22

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#26 Tsuum


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Posted 27 February 2019 - 05:37 AM

When we will be able to CRIT on double attacks ?or is it live already? 

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#27 Ahmed0Khamali


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Posted 28 February 2019 - 02:44 PM

True, we need the offline vending.


Family suffers from electricity bills, and laptop runs for days. It is making weird sounds now!!!

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#28 Trii


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Posted 28 February 2019 - 04:45 PM

When we will be able to CRIT on double attacks ?or is it live already? 

Crits on double attack has been live Tsuum



  • While it can activate off critical hits, it does not apply any critical hit damage bonuses. When you crit it increase damage by 40% but with double attack it doesn't give that bonus just the raw bonus from double attack if im correct.

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#29 CaptainSunbear


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Posted 28 February 2019 - 09:40 PM

Since I asked about QoL changes last time, I felt compelled to come by and ask a few things that fall under that category.

I have noticed that the Warlock Job Change Quest is really difficult, is there a possibility to tone down the difficulty for new incoming players? Magic classes are usually seen as cool and when people come in they struggle with certain difficulties that well, in reality are a bit of a somewhat significant obstacle. and maybe other 3rd class job changes that might be difficult.

Would it be possible to review the difficulty of the warlock job change quest for incoming players who might end up suffering through that? Possibly a review of other 3rd class job changes that may be a tad bit much for newbies?

For Campitor, 

I saw you mentioned you wanted to add some NPCs to the academy that would help people understand Ragnarok Online, given there's a learning curve, these NPCs would help people and guide them to popular leveling maps and the like. I like that idea; however, there's a few things I'd like to address.

Even if we help people understand Ragnarok Online as it is, the game isn't very forgiving in certain areas (see, certain 3rd class job change quest) and the steep learning curve goes even further because of how many years RO has been popular and a lot of equipment has become obsolete over time due to stronger equipment being released each episode (not to mention OCP for the most part overshadows a significant amount of items, particularly accessories and some armors, maybe some garments. Perhaps.). What's even more is the amount of information available for RO online which will guide people into seeing there's 1st and 2nd skill class updates, thus changing the way skills work for all characters. Oh and the economy. A variety of people have viewed my iRO streams and some people have asked how I can afford stuff that is worth over 1 billion zeny and attempting to explain how much zeny flows in the server and how the economy is driven by certain markets still makes it a hard sell for newbies/viewers who are curious about iRO and want to try it out.


Which finally brings me to the point of this paragraph.
Would we be able to see at the very least the 1st and 2nd job skill update coming to iRO prior to attempting to address the learning curve? It may not seem significant but that sole update really changes the game for certain classes (for better or worse) but the main idea is that the server will at least be ready to accept an influx of players and teach them from 0 with at least the first and second class skill updates kicking in.
I am aware you mentioned 3rd class job skill updates will all come in a single bundle by the end of the year, but is there at least a chance to get the 1st/2nd classes in? Or something additional we can do about the ingame economy's inflation? Perhaps a paramarket for a lot of supplies and such materials?


Sorry for the large post but these 2 ideas (warlock job change/job change in general and 1st/2nd class skill updates before trying to bring in new players since most people are aware of the skill changes in kRO from content online) have been on my mind all week and I wouldn't want to miss asking them and hearing back from you this week. 

If you have questions feel free to PM me I'd be glad to answer and help with anything.



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