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May 22nd Ragnarok RE:START Maintenance

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#26 Zobaa


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Posted 27 May 2019 - 04:44 AM

@Campitor Please try to put the new classes in the next month.When it was announced the arrival of att 13.3 / 14.1 until the amount of players increased on the server went to 110-120.With the news that will only come in the next few months today from 65-75 players.Not to mention that a good part are bots.If you enter today I assure you that you will see only a small group getting up in bio2 and some other player going solo on some other map. The rest is bot.Please review with your team because I am absolutely sure that with the arrival of the new classes, this server has a chance to grow a lot, since it has a great potential of class balance. I'm only wanting the good for the server not to end up like the classic. Thank you! If possible answer me!

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#27 de1ls0n


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Posted 27 May 2019 - 05:26 AM

could put more items to get 100% perfect dodge on the server restart, taking into account the low number of player playing has no way to find groups, is missing just 30 perfect dodge to pick up 100, need for 2 accessories [1], upper hat[1], middle / lower hat, shoes[1] and armor [1], has many options to add these 30 perfect dodge, I only ask for this because I want to continue to play even though I'm alone, it's been two weeks since I have not found anyone to playing with me and I'm getting bored ...

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