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DB RK coming back

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#26 Demun


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Posted 10 September 2019 - 05:49 PM

I just switched to DB the other day from BB/IB RK. my knowledge of the game is definitely outdated like the past 6 years or so . I expected Dragon breath to do an element ignore damage  what you call " Static " Damage as a base line with normal gear and scale up to  top damage with fafnir scale and such.

I did not expect for it to be done in so bad by elemental resistance of the monster where the normal gear , no  longer makes it feasible to level .


I did manage to acquire a +8 baby dragon hat and the game play is worlds smoother  , not sure how it was  nearly double the damage up from before it.


I am a normal  / casual player and i view the game by its ability to level evenly/smoothly  with other characters and ease of doing content .

it does not have to be insane 1 shot tao/keil  mvp card damage -  just decent enough to level smoothly

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#27 YongkySH


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Posted 11 September 2019 - 12:46 AM

DB RK max potential hasn't really changed, but its been playable for casuals only in past 2-3years (Basically since OCP). 


It is true that it's damage can be still great back then (fafnir scale is probably only a small improvement if you had 1/2 kiels and a tao on a VIT6 or Dex6 robe). However, this damage was not accessible to anyone not willing to chap out like 200B for those items. There was practically no other options in between. Look, kiel gave you 30% delay reduction, and then if you don't have that, what else can you get? The most you could go was heart wing hair band and some sarah earrings, which caps you at 50+% delay reduction. And for damage, without tao, what else can you get? Peco card is 10% of what tao gives.


So it's either you're goddamn OP or you're basically nothing unless your lizard ass is permanently glued to strings.


It just became a more accessible choice now since you no longer need to pay a kidney's price to play DB RK at its "great damage". Only problem is that all of these new equipment are straight up cash shop. Would've been great if some of it were content items.


grace set  :sob: 

temporal circlet :sob:

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