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Guide to Full Support Priest

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Posted 03 May 2011 - 07:23 PM

Guide to Full Support Priest


1 - Preface



Useful Links

What Is a Full Support Priest?

2 - The Main Build?

Stats and What They Mean to an FS

General Stat Build

Get to the Point [Suggested Stat Build]

What to Level Up When

Acolyte Skills

Priest Skills

3 - Skill Build Modifications


B.S. Sacramenti

Safety Wall

Slow Poison

Decrease AGI

Mace Mastery

Magnus Exorcismus

Turn Undead

4 - Leveling

Novice Leveling

Acolyte Leveling

Priest Leveling

5 - Equipment

Basic Equipment Suggestions

Priest Card Set

6 - Additional Notes

Where to find Blue Gemstones


Heal Bombing

Skill Reset Below Level 40

Quest Skill: Holy Light

Quest Skill: Redemptio

Transcending: High Priest and Arch Bishop


Welcome to my Full Support Priest guide! I decided to make this guide to give you best source of advice regarding Full Support Acolytes and Priests. As more questions are asked, and as I find more information that I feel can help you out regarding this class, I will keep this guide updated accordingly.

I can't say I'm the master of knowledge on FS Priests, I really love being a Priest, and support. I have played one for 6 years now (out of the 8 years I've played RO).

As of the moment I don't want to post stat/skill guides on High Priest or Arch Bishop, because I feel that if you get to the point of being a High Priest and Arch Bishop you should have the feel and understand your character enough to not need a guide and know what YOU want out of your character. But if you need help, do not be afraid to ask.


I want to thank Bluedreams/Resplendent for iRO Wiki, Doddler for taking the time to make his renewal database, Artimus for their website Heal Plz, everyone that posts helpful information on the Wiki, Gravity - iRO, etc etc. Don't take it as mean that I am not crediting you, everyone has provided such great information for this game! I'd spend all day if I sat here and wrote everyones name down. D:

Useful Links

iRO Wiki
- iRO's Wiki page. You can find helpful information here, ranging from classes, quests, new events, mechanics, etc. A very helpful link to always have handy!
iRO Wiki Database
- iRO Wiki's database. You can find information about Monsters, Maps, and Items here.
RODE Database
- Another helpful database to find information on monsters. You also have the ability to sort by level and type of monster.
Heal Plz Exp Scaler
- This is another page to find what kind of monster is good for your level range. Red monsters = hard, Blue monsters = just right, green monsters = easy.
Himeyasha's Skill Simulator
- A very helpful skill calculator for all classes! Use this to help determine the skill build you want for your character.
Stat Calculator
- A stat calculator that you can use to help determine what stat build you want to use for your character, and how well it works against monsters. You can also add gear and buffs to help further your calcuations, but finding the appropriate gear can be kind of hard sometimes.

What Is a Full Support Priest?

A Full Support Priest, is probably what comes to your mind when you look at the Priest class, and then look at a majority of the skills. As in a lot of MMO games, Priest can be the "bread and butter" Support class. A Full Support Priest can provide you buffs to assist your party members in killing more efficiently, as well as keeping them alive. Another partly beneficial trade off for Support Priests is the ability to have more resistance and offer some abilities to combat Undead/Demon monsters. But of course for the majority of your life you will be "supporting" your friends, by Heal, Blessing, Increase AGI and the like.

The Main Build?

I guess I should just put a note here that I feel there is no such thing as a 'main' build. One of the benefits of RO is the ability to make the character any way you like. So don't be afraid to experiment, but to be truly effective at least take some knowledge with you first! The build(s) I post here are what I feel works, and you may find something similar or different and if you do, please post them here, other builds are always good!

Stats and What They Mean to An FS


INT is the primary stat for Full Support Priests, and it is the main stat that increases you MATK, which increases your Heal, as well as your SP, your SP pool, SP Regen, recovery effectiveness of SP items, MDEF, and reduces your cast time.
  • MATK = Magic Attack. How much your magic hurts, or how well it heals.
  • MDEF = Magic Defense. Your defense against magical attacks.

- VIT[ality]

VIT is the second primary stat for Full Support Priests, as for being a support character, in Ragnarok Online, it is not such a good idea to be squishy, as FS Priests have the ability to be very good tanks as well. And VIT helps with that! VIT increases your maximum HP, DEF, MDEF(?), HP Regen, recovery effectiveness of healing items, and grants you immunity to some status effects.
  • DEF = Defense. Your defense against melee attacks.

- LUK [Lucky!]

LUK could be considered the third primary stat of Full Support Priests now in Renewal, considering it's effectiveness in many different categories. Even more so for a caster!Overall for a Full Support Priest, LUK does a few things, LUK increases your MATK, Flee, and Perfect Dodge. As well as grants you possible status effect immunities.
  • Flee = chance for ranged or melee attacks to miss. Three monsters or above the chance of dodge degrades.
  • Perfect Dodge = chance to dodge attacks. This type of dodge is...well...perfect. Unlike flee, you will always have this chance to dodge.

- DEX[terity]

DEX is an important stat to casters. Not so important to Full Support Priests, but it is a stat that can be helpful if you have the room for it. Overall, for Full Support Priests, Dex reduces your cast time, gives MATK, and MDEF.

- AGI[lity]

AGI isn't something that pops into your head when you say you want to be a support character. And it isn't on the top of the list on stats to get as a Priest. But there have been AGI support Priests before. But I wouldn't say its a very common thing. [Note: As Arch Bishop, you can take AGI - but this guide is not about that at the moment]

- STR[ength]

Eh. Only point in taking this is you want more weight, which honestly if you want more weight (and if you aren't making a WoE Priest, then I would even more so strongly be against it). I would advise to invest in Gym Passes from the Kafra Shop, so you can use your points elsewhere. It is money well spent. Only other reason to get STR, is your build doesn't allow you to put points anywhere else.

General Stat Build

When first making your Novice, your Novice's stats should be to set to the 9 INT, 9 VIT, 9 LUK in the character creator. All other stats should be at 1.
- Your build will focus primarily on INT and VIT, so obviously these will start at 9, which leaves the decision of whether to go with AGI or LUK. Even though AGI can be helpful, I would say LUK far outweighs it in versatility, so you will want to go for 9 LUK for the extra perfect dodge.

Posted Image

Get to the Point [Suggested Stat Build]

This is where things are going to be a little tricky. Because I can't say there is a general all-purpose best of best way to go here. You can say it depends on your gear or preferences, the way you play, any number of things. Should be noted that this build is probably not a viable WoE build, this is purely PvM. If anyone has any suggestions for good Priest WoE builds let me know. -_-

INT 99 - You don't HAVE to max INT (you don't have to do any of this -- but then again, why are you reading this?). But there are some benefits to this. As stated above you get lots of SP, a better Heal, better SP recovery, better cast get the picture.

VIT 95- You could surely max this at 99 if you like. Getting to to 95 though, with job bonuses you get a total of 100 VIT. Which can give you some status immunities, which as Full Support, you want to be immune to things. Anything that takes you out of the game can lead to failure. You can get 99 Vit if you want.

[Optional - Follow at your own risk]

LUK 20- LUK increases your MATK now, which helps your Heal. Also you get Perfect Dodge and minor status immunities. I'd say its worth it.
DEX 8- Not very much DEX I know. I've never been much of a "gotta cast fast" person. But with INT helping your cast time its even less of a big deal as before. But hey, if you want more DEX, then feel free to put some in here.

STR and AGI should stay at 1. As I said before, the benefits from these are not nearly as beneficial as a normal Priest, so I wouldn't mess with them.

Overall, INT/VIT is primary for FS Priest. With Luk/Dex being secondary.

What to Level Up When

1. You will want to max your INT first. As an acolyte you need all the SP you can get, and this is where you get it.
- Another option would be to get 80 INT and then work on VIT. If you find yourself partying in areas and start feeling a little squishy, it could be a good idea.
2. Work on VIT second, if you go the 99 INT route.
- If you went 80 INT and worked on VIT. Depending on when you find finishing VIT comfortable. Then finish your INT. You will probably be able to notice if you need more INT or VIT depending on how well you are faring in situations.
3. So you finished INT and VIT, work on LUK next and finish that off.
- If you are making a character with more DEX or STR or whatever you decided was your third best stat, this is where you would be putting it in.
4. Put in whatever is left. In the case of my suggested build this is DEX.

Acolyte Skills

I recommend taking these skills in order as they are presented. But some may argue other ways are better. And it really depends on where you are leveling, and who with.
(Also PLEASE go to Job 50 as an Acolyte before changing Priest. Acolyte classes really need all the Skill points they can get. So do the job of making your character the best it can be!)

1. Heal 10 Posted Image
2. Divine Protection 5 Posted Image
3. Blessing 10 Posted Image

[This is where I feel the skill build-up starts becoming dependent on scenario. Some can argue taking Increase AGI first. It is totally dependent on where you are leveling. But since you do spend some time in places where I feel Pneuma is helpful at low levels I say its worthwhile. So this is what I suggest.]
4. Ruwach 1 Posted Image
5. Teleport 2 Posted Image
6. Warp Portal 4 Posted Image
7. Pneuma 1 Posted Image
8. Increase AGI 10 Posted Image
9. Angelus 4 (we will work on this as Priest) Posted Image
10. Cure 1 Posted Image
11. Aqua Benedicta Posted Image

Priest Skills

I recommend to follow this order, but there are some exceptions depending on who you are leveling with and where.

1. Magnificant 5 Posted Image [You could opt to get Mag 3, and move on to something else if you feel your SP regen is suitable for the time being - and if you are not partying with SP dependant classes]
2. Increase SP Recovery 4 Posted Image
3. Status Recovery 1 Posted Image
4. Resurrection 4 Posted Image
5. Imposito Manus 5 Posted Image [If partying with a caster frequently, just opt for Impo 2 and skip to Suff and finish Impo later.]
6. Suffragium 3 Posted Image
7. Kyrie Eleison 10 Posted Image
8. Aspersio 5 Posted Image [If not leveling in Undead/Demon maps then you could opt for level 1 and continue to Gloria.]
9. Gloria 5 Posted Image
10. Lex Divina 5 Posted Image
11. Lex Aeterna 1 Posted Image
12. Angelus 5 Posted Image

What About Those Other Skills? [Skill Build Modifications]

Sanctuary Posted Image
As a Priest, I would say Sanctuary is not worth the loss of skills points. But if you HAVE to have it. It does have its uses, it can be used to heal the Emperium in War of Emperium, or AoE heal. If you want to get this skill, you can remove Lex Divinia, Lex Aeterna, and Aspersio.
B.S. Sacrementi Posted Image
This pretty much screams WoE priest skill. And on top of that it requires two Acolyte characters to be together (ie. Acolyte/Priest or Priest/Priest). Though I wouldn't say its usefulness is too big anymore. But in WoE it used to prove useful to use it on your party members with combination of Aspersio on your enemies.

Safety Wall Posted Image
You could surely opt for this. But there is still the problem of skill points. And on top of that Safety Wall goes off your INT and max SP. Making it a little less reliable if you do not go for max INT build.

Slow Poison Posted Image
Compared to a Thief classes Detoxify this is pretty worthless. You could get a detoxify accessory if poison really becomes a problem. Save yourself some skill points for the time being.
Decrease AGI Posted Image
Some people opt going Angelus 2, Decrease AGI 2, and maybe more with Priest skill points (very rarely more then 4). This is mostly useful in PvP, and I have very rarely found a use for this in PvE. So decide for yourself.

Mace Mastery Posted Image
This is obviously a Battle Priest skill. Want to know more about Battle Priests? Have a look over here.

Magnus Exorcismus Posted Image
This is for a special kind of Priest that specializes in the killing of Undead. If you would like to know more about ME priests, for now look here.

Turn Undead Posted Image
This is another Undead killing specialized Priest skill, this either goes hand in hand with ME Priests, or another specialization in itself. You can find more about it at the link above. If for some reason you do find yourself seriously soloing. It may be worth putting one point in here.

Novice Leveling

Do the training grounds! No other place can you easily find low level monsters in a easy area. Stay there till 12/10. You should then be able to talk to the Acolyte NPC in the training grounds and be teleported the Prontera Church, then talk to the Cleric and become a Acolyte!

Acolyte Leveling

Before I get started on this, I would DEFINITELY suggest picking up the Eden Group quests. I am not going to explain these to you. But you get get gear and exp. So look into it! Eden Group

Another note: Find a friend, one that loves you very very much, and doesn't mind sharing his/her exp with you for the rest of your life. Partying is always better then soloing, as a Acolyte or Priest. If you find support, then you can pretty much go anywhere they go so the rest of this leveling guide is not useful to you.

Pre-Heal 10

If you REALLY don't want to do the Eden Group quests [what are you doing? :<]. Or even if you do. You will be meleeing stuff for a while. Anyways, if you are not doing the Eden Group quests I suggest equipping a mace (you should have one from the Acolyte change) and heading over to Rockers in Prontera Field 07 (Map). You can get to this map by exiting Prontera by the South exit and taking the West exit. You should probably stay here till 17 to be on the safe side (this is why I recommend the Eden Group quests).

Heal 10 +

You can now offensively heal, yay (I will explain that further in the guide if you need to know how)!

Level 21-30

Payon Cave 00
Heal Bomb Zombies/Skeletons here. Can melee Familiars/Poporing if you can take them.
(Keep an eye out for Opals, and Black Mushrooms - they drop Crystal Blue - you need these for Holy Light Quest!)

Level 30 - 50+ *Need Pneuma

Payon Cave 01
Heal Bomb Soldier Skeletons (might want to run away and Heal them), and use Pneuma on yourself at long range to avoid attacks from Archer Skeletons while healing them.

Comodo East Cave
Heal Bomb Megalodans here. If you have Pneuma, can Holy Light Hydras here as well if you want.

Orc Dungeon 01
Heal Bomb Orc Zombies/Orc Skeletons.

Mjolnir Dead Pit 02
Heal bomb skeleton workers here. Watch out for Traps on the ground, because they can put you to Sleep.

Level 50 - 70

Morroc Pyramid 02
Heal Bomb Mummies/Soilder Skeletons/Archers here. I would avoid Isis.

Payon Dungeon 02
Kill the usuals here, and Munak and Bongun. Watch out for the Nine Tails and Hydra Pit! You can kill the Mandragora here easily with Pneuma.

Level 70 - 88
Glaist Heim Churchyard
Kill Wraiths, Evil Druids, and maybe Wraith Deads when you are around 80. Run and bomb! Also you may get cursed (so hotkey a level 1 Blessing to save sp!). Watch out for Mimics they are fast!

Level 88 - 99
Glast Heim Graveyard
Kill Wraiths, Evil Druids, Dark Priests, etc here. Watch out for Hunter Flys and Dark Lord!

If you really HAVE to solo and are looking for a change, you could look into buying some Mercenaries. Though trying to combine this with the kill quests from Eden will not work. For you do not get credit for kill quests from Mercenary kills. But for general leveling purposes these guys will work fine, albeit a little pricey.

If anyone has any better suggestions for soloing as an Acolyte please tell me!

Priest Leveling

I'm not sure I need to go into the depths of the Priest Job change quest. Since it has been nicely explained on the Wiki. Priest Job Change Quest

If you are soloing, continue with above suggestions.


Basic Equipment

Just going to list general basics to give you an idea of what to look for. There are so many substitutes and new gears there is a lot to choose from these days.

If you find yourself tanking monsters, then stacking Defense is a good idea.
Headgear - anything that gives INT, SP, +HEAL%.
  • Suggestions:
  • Top Slot:
  • Ayam [1]
  • Beret - Demi-Human resistance.
  • Biretta/Biretta [1] (Can buy unslotted Biretta in Prontera Church.)
  • Circlet/Circlet [1] (Can buy unslotted Circlet in Geffen magic tool shop.)
  • Coif/Coif [1] (Can buy unslotted Coif in Prontera Church.)
  • Corsair/Corsair [1]
  • Coronet
  • Crown/Crown [1]
  • Crown of Deceit [1] (takes up middle slot as well)
  • Crown of Mistress
  • Cute Ribbon (or any color variant.)
  • Dress Hat [1]
  • Feather Beret - Demi-human resistance
  • Poo Poo hat - Demi-human resistance
  • Fricca's Circlet
  • Ribbon [1] [very cheap and easy to find.]
  • Monk Hat/Monk Hat [1]
  • Nurse Cap
  • Kafra Shop Headgears:
  • Charming Ribbon: Offers Demon/Undead Resistance, and a Card Slot. Very good while soloing Acolyte, cause you spend a lot of time with Demon/Undead and that card slot can add some potential benefits.
  • Sheep Hat: Good "tanking" hat. If you find you are tanking monsters that change target when hit. Having the reflect can be beneficial. Usually, you can use this hat and then switch back to your usual hat after reflecting some damage on the monsters. Non-Kafra version would be a Filir Hat (also Filir hat is not Acolyte class bound).
  • Evolved Pipe: Offers Vit and Brute monster defense.
  • Red Glasses: Offers Defense and Mdef.
  • Cards:
  • Blue Acidus - Offers SP and SP Regen when compounded with a Headgear that is upgraded +4 or less (works with top or mid headgears).
  • Carat - Offers SP when compounded with a +9 Headgear (only works with top headgears).
  • Elder Willow - Offers +INT (2) [Very basic card - may be cheap and easy to find]
  • Isilla - Offers +INT (2) and a chance at Suffragium casted on you by using damaging magic. [Not exactly an FS card, but can make a hat usable for damaging casters as well - so resale value is potentially better then a Elder Willow.]
  • Rideword - Offers +INT (1) and MDEF (that INT is increased to 2 INT if on Acolyte character). Also part of the Priest set.
  • Tower Keeper - Offers +INT (1) and reduces variable cast time. If used in set with Clock/Punk card you gain +DEF/MDEF.
  • Willow - Offers +SP. [Very basic card - may be easy to find. I would say you benefit more in long run from Elder Willow though, in terms of the Willow cards.]
Armor - Saint's Robe/Silk Robe are cheap starters. Odin's Blessing is a good high defense armor you can use. You want to work for elemental armors. But an overall basic would be a PecoPeco carded armor.
  • Holy Robe can provide you with Demon/Shadow resistance, and you put in the money you can get a slotted one.
  • Elemental cards:
  • Unfrozen - Marc Card
  • Wind - Dokebi
  • Water - Swordfish
  • Fire - Pasana
  • Shadow - Bathory
  • Undead - Evil Druid (you cannot use heal on yourself while wearing this!)
Garment - you want to work for an Immune (Raydric card). It is a basic necessity as a FS. You can start with a hood or a muffler and work your way up. Stick with the Eden garment till you can afford one. Ragamuffin manteau is fine if you didn't do Eden. You can also work your way up to a Heavenly Maiden Robe if you find you are desiring more defense. You could also work for the Vali Manteau, but it is not slotted.
  • Elemental cards for Garments (if you find you want to stack more resistances):
  • Wind - Dustiness
  • Fire - Jakk
  • Water - Marse

- So many to choose from. General basics are clips, earrings, celebrant's mitten, necklace and their slotted alternatives. Spiritual ring is a good all around accessory as well.

  • Belt [1] (can buy from NPC but offers no benefits other then the slot)
  • Rosary/Rosary [1] (can buy unslotted Rosary in Prontera church, slotted version requires 90+)
  • Clip [1]
  • Earring/Earring [1] (slotted requires level 90+)
  • Celebrant's Mitten
  • Necklace/Necklace [1] (slotted requires level 90+)
  • Spiritual Ring
  • Safety Ring
  • Eye of Dullahan
  • Glove/Glove [1] (slotted requires level 90+)
  • Some card suggestions:
  • Phen - Makes cast time interruptible. Very important for any caster class.
  • Spore - Adds +VIT (2).
  • Alligator - Reduces ranged attacks by 5%. This may be more of a PvP card. But it can have uses in PvE. But I wouldn't make it a priority unless you are PvPing.
  • Blood Butterfly - This works the same way a Phen card does. But increases your cast time by 5% more. I would not suggest it unless you cannot find a Phen.
  • Cookie - Increases damage with Holy Light +LUK (2). But really its main use is because it goes with the Priest set.
  • Poporing - Enables use of Level 1 Detoxify. Good to use on occassion if you find yourself needing to remove poisons (and no one has green herbs/potions).
  • Wormtail - Adds +DEX (2). If you find yourself feeling you need more Dex this is a good card.
  • Smokie - Enables use of Level 1 Hide. Sometimes its a good idea to just Hide. This can be used in combination of mobbing/partying and you need monsters to change target more easily.
  • Zerom - +DEX (3)

- Arc Wand, Survivor's Rod, Healing Staff, Evil Bone Wand, Wand of the Occult. Not many high level staves are slotted. You can also work for battleground staves (requires PvPing) and work for a Strong Recovery Wand, or Speedy Recovery Wand.

  • Cards:
  • Fabre - Adds Vit (1) and +HP.
Two-Handed Staves - A staff that takes up both your weapon and shield slot. Sometimes it can be used as an alternative. [Personally, I have mixed feelings about two-handed staves. Especially as FS. Since you are potentially sacrificing defense for other buffs. But I suppose it is useful, more so, if you are not being a tank, and are just purely FS.]
  • Divine Cross - In combination with a Spiritual Ring, you can gain Undead/Demon resistance. [I'd say this is a cheap way to get defense for Undead if you cannot afford a Teddybear shield.]

Shield - Carded Buckler or Guard being the cheapest. Can use Valkyrja's Shield if you have the money. Should be carded with racial cards. Or at the very least a Thief Bug egg carded one.
  • Racial cards:
  • Insect - Bigfoot
  • Demon - Kalitzburg
  • Brute - Orc Warrior
  • Rafflesia - Fish
  • Dragon - Sky Petite
  • Demi-Human - Thara Frog
  • Undead - Teddy Bear
  • Boss - Alice
Alternatively, you could go for Size carded shields. Though they are usually more expensive.
  • Size Cards:
  • Large - Executioner
  • Medium - Ogretooth
  • Small - Mysteltainn
Shoes - Sandals or Shoes are good cheap starters. Vidar's boots are good, but are not slotted.
  • Cards:
  • Sohee - Increases SP and SP Regeneration.
  • Eggyra - Increases SP Regeneration (at same rate as Sohee).
  • Matyr - Increases HP by 10% and +AGI (1)
  • Gold Acidus - Increases HP/SP and HP/SP regeneration when shoes are less then +4. [May be expensive.]
  • Verit - Increases HP/SP.
  • Green Ferus - Increases HP by 10% and +VIT (1). [May be expensive.]

Priest Card Set

Every class has a Equipment card set, that is sometimes very good for their class (in terms of Priest this can be a very beneficial set). Offering benefits to wear in a set including the regular benefits of the card, and on the certain class. In terms of the Priest set, you can gain the bonuses:
  • Vit +10
  • Reduces the variable cast time of skills by 10%.
  • Reduces the SP cost of skills by 10%
  • Reduces damage received from Demon and Undead races by 30%.
  • Increases the experience given from Demon and Undead race monsters by 5%.

The set is:
Enchanted Peach Tree - Shield
Geographer - Armor
Cookie - Accessory
Fur Seal - Weapon
Rideword - Headgear

Additional Information

Where to Find Blue Gemstones

Blue Gemstones are a common reagent for Priest skills. So you need to always have these handy.

The best place to pick these up is to buy them from the Geffen Magic Tool Dealer. You can also buy these from other town Magical dealers. And they can be drops off of monsters as well, but not at a common enough rate I would say.


As a Full Support Priest, you really need to know how to use Battlemode. Battlemode allows you to use your entire keyboard to use all four of your hotkey bars at once. Combined with the new shortcut configurations you can use this to your preference.

ZeroTigress wrote a great guide on the new Interface since Renewal, it can help you understand how to use the new UI: UI Guide

How to configure shortcuts: http://www.playragna...ail.aspx?id=153

Also to make sure you have battle mode enabled, check the chat activitation button in your shortcuts menu. Or, click on the keyboard icon on your chat window.
(You can put gear in Hotkey slots to quickly switch between them.)

Example of my Shortcut Configurations:
Posted Image

I've found in helping people learn their battle mode it might be relevant to put skills to a corresponding letter if possible. Example. i = Impo.
Also, putting important spells closer to your main hand, and less important further away is always a good way to go.

Heal Bombing

Heal bombing is when you use heal to do offensive damage to Undead monsters. You do this by holding down shift and casting heal on them. You can disable the need to hold down shift by typing /ns. Make sure you turn this off when you are going to support someone though, because you can accidentally heal a monster that you don't mean to!

Skill Reset Below Level 40

If you find yourself in the position that you have messed up or just plan don't like you skill build (ie. need something earlier then you were getting it). There is a Hypnotist in Prontera that you can reset your Skills before level 40 as much as you need.

Quest Skill: Holy Light Posted Image

When you reach Job Level 30 as an Acolyte you can do a quest to recieve the Holy Light skill. This skill is handy, considering it is the only magic attack skill other then offensive Healing that a Full Support Priest can use.

You will need 1 Rosary, 1 Opal (Chances are you found one of these in Payon Cave, they drop off Zombies), and 1 Crystal Blue (you can get these from water element monsters, for example: Byalan Dungeon monsters, or for a safer approach and you probably run into these in Payon Cave -- Black Mushrooms).

Take these items and talk to the Cleric that is in the same room that you changed into an Acolyte at the Prontera Church.

Quest Skill: Redemptio Posted Image

Redemptio is a quest skill Priests can learn at Job Level 40. It allows the Priest to cast an Area of Effect Resurrection of party members. Though if you are not Resurrecting more then 5 people on use, you will lose exp! So use it wisely.

To do the quest you will need: 30 Holy Water, and 20 Blue Gemstones. Then you will talk to Sister Linus in the Prontera Church.

Transcending: High Priest and Arch Bishop

A lot of people ask if it is "worth it" to skip High Priest and go straight to Arch Bishop. One word: no, no, no, please no. If you Transcend you get 25% more HP/SP, more skill points, as well as the access to High Priest skills (Mediatio and Assumptio to name the most important). These are two skills a Full Support does not want to miss out on.

To Transcend you need to be 99/50 as a 2nd class, in this case Priest. And Transcending "rebirths" you back to 1/1 to start all over again. Don't worry, it's not near as hard to level back up to 99 as it used to be. You will be back up there before you know it. -_-

To become Arch Bishop you need to be 99/50 as a normal 2nd class OR 99/70 as a Transcendent 2nd Class (I would not advise changing before Job 70 -- you need those skill points!).

The only time I would say you can skip Transcending, if its a Baby character (they cannot Transcend anyways) or a slave character that gets no active use.

Information on Transcending: Rebirth Quest
Information on Arch Bishop: Arch Bishop Job Change Quest

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Edit: Swear the more I try to beautify this the more broke it becomes. :<

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Posted 03 May 2011 - 08:13 PM

well done never the less... this should be pinned as well... -_-
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#3 RaiveWindDreamer


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Posted 06 May 2011 - 10:06 AM

Great Guide!! Free bump !!
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#4 MizunoAoi


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Posted 06 May 2011 - 04:37 PM

Rideword - Offers +INT (1) and MDEF. Also part of the Priest set.

On an Acolyte-type class, like what your guide focuses on, it's also an additional int for a total of +INT (2)
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#5 Katreyn


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Posted 07 May 2011 - 02:42 PM

On an Acolyte-type class, like what your guide focuses on, it's also an additional int for a total of +INT (2)

Oh yeah, thank you for pointing that out to me. :P
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#6 cyng


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 05:02 AM

Loved your FS Priest guide here ^^. Just a few questions here, do you think is viable for a FS AB with 120INT, 110VIT and 100LUK? Must I have a bit of DEX in my build? What kind of skill build in general should I go for and god forbids, if I have to solo, where is a good place for a FS AB leveling spot? Sorry for the barrage of questions.
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#7 Unglued


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Posted 08 August 2011 - 01:22 PM

if I may make a suggestion, for the part of garment cards, I would include orc zombie card. It reduces dmg from undead element by 30%. Great to use when fighting Undead in general...

Edit: Great guide by the way =)

Edited by Unglued, 08 August 2011 - 01:40 PM.

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#8 wotmint


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Posted 08 August 2011 - 03:00 PM

You can consider using harpy card (15% neutral prop resist) as a cheap alternative to raydric. Very cheap to be exact.
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#9 Venruki


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Posted 11 September 2011 - 05:39 AM

if I may make a suggestion, for the part of garment cards, I would include orc zombie card. It reduces dmg from undead element by 30%. Great to use when fighting Undead in general...

Edit: Great guide by the way =)

I don't recommend this. It's reduction to undead property attacks. Normal hits are always neutral from monsters.
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#10 Clericous


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Posted 21 October 2011 - 12:24 PM

Great guide... I personally prefer dex over luck as the third primary stat. fast cast Sanctuary, KE and SW matters. :waddle:
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#11 Astraeos


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Posted 28 November 2011 - 01:52 PM

Heres gameplay... i cant say its amazing... but hopefully people that are considering making a priest or want to get better at the class and see whats expected from playing the class and how to make things easier for their gameplay... so hopefully it helps
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#12 SVKnight


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Posted 18 June 2012 - 11:26 PM

My friend's making a PvM FS Priest. He's contemplating whether he should go 99 int/vit or 99 int and divide the rest to dex and vit and/or maybe luk.
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#13 MrTyranitar


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Posted 19 June 2012 - 01:18 AM

For Trans, I would say:
90 INT, 90 VIT, rest in DEX.

You can get a lot more DEX if you miss out on those 9 points of INT/VIT, which don't really add that much.

Pre-trans, I'm not sure. I can't recall if Increase AGI, Kyrie Eleison and Magnificat are reduceable. If they aren't, then 99 INT/VIT.
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#14 iuzDelacroix


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 04:31 PM

i tried playing FS. tough luck. i had a very hard time in payon cave level 1 at aco level 20 because of the bats. lol.
hard to play without equips. nice guide nevertheless.
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#15 Lynex


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 10:57 AM

Find someone low level to party with. Honestly, FS Priests are the hardest to start as there is no real place to level to priest at.

Go elsewhere and kill things you know you can bash at for a while. Ant Eggs would be a perfect suggestion as they don't hit back and there are very few bats.
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#16 ZeroGrav007


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Posted 31 October 2012 - 11:27 AM

i sometimes provide tanking services for aco's wanting to be a FS priest
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#17 sofico


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Posted 01 November 2012 - 05:32 PM

Here is what I would do.
Make an archer or a mage on a separate account.
Dual Client and Leech yourself until you are a priest. Archer would actually be best, since Hunter is a great leecher.
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#18 SOS101


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 01:29 AM

I want to try a 99 luk/int build could that work?
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#19 CatMuto


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Posted 18 November 2013 - 02:03 AM

Is such low DEX actually viable for FS? I mean, especially in Payon Cave or some of the quests, where we have to melee certain enemies because they are not undead. I have the 8 DEX suggested and I keep missing when fighting off those stupid Bats in the Payon Cave, which forces me to use up healing items. Kind of annoying.


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#20 kasshin


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Posted 18 November 2013 - 02:14 AM

Don't follow this guide completely; just use it as general information. It hasn't been updated since 2011.


You are correct that 8 DEX is way too low to melee the few things you need to. 20-30 or so would be better.


A better final build for a pure FS priest (pre-trans) would be:




60-80 VIT

80-90 INT

30-40 DEX

1-20 LUK


There are also hybrid melee / FS builds that are much easier to level on the early levels of 1-40 or so. Those are usually fine too.


For trans / high priest, make sure your stats are "transferable" to your planned Arch Bishop build, unless you plan on using a stat reset.


For your leveling currently, you can bless yourself to get more DEX, which will also give you more HIT.

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#21 CatMuto


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Posted 18 November 2013 - 05:58 AM

Hmm... I still have a Reset Stone in my inventory which I can use if I feel like I really have to, although I was gonna go back into TIs to grab two Reset stones in total and unlock Overlook. (Although I guess I can do the same by simply getting VIP for a month or three)



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