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My Little Pony?

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Posted 13 August 2011 - 11:27 PM

To answer your question, the deal with mlp started in 4chan, dunno if you ever heard of it but that site is pretty much packed with trolls and wanna be trolls, the latest being extremely annoying even for anon community. MLP is the complete opposite of the wanna be trolls, and as such, people started using them for the sake of annoying wanna be trolls, so you could say the start of it was pretty much a set up to make wanna be trolls leave 4chan (which actually worked for a while), the problem ofc, waves of new people eventually joined 4chan and they saw the pony threads thinking it was the "cool" thing to do now, they copied that, and with that, the cancer evolved and grew big enough to eventually leave 4chan and here's the result. Basically, the whole deal turns around a set up, and some people are well... stupid enough to take it seriously, I garantee you that at least half of these "pony fans" haven't even watched the show to start with, they just do it because everyone else do it (typical meme behaviour, hence the name). The solution is simple, don't fall for it, and if you really must, kill it with spiderman threads LOL.

I visited 4chan one time; I wanted to suicide about 2 minutes into it. - worst forums ever. -

Calling them trolls and wanna be trolls is putting it lightly - Many of these people have the sickest sense of humour ever, when someone tells me they visit that site, or I see someone on it at an internet caffee I facepalm so hard I leave a mark on my face. - Often there is pedophilia on the site, and many of the people that post on that site are just an utter disgrace to the human race.

The fact we're even aloud to mention the name of such site here surprises me.

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