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MVP cards and their usefulness/value

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 01:00 PM

Pre-renewal the standard WOE armor was Marc... Im not so sure about that anymore as the price of marc card is much lower than it should be if it were a standard armor card for WOE. What are popular armor cards for WOE nowadays? GR? Angeling? How about those who can't afford those 2?

Side track abit from my topic, I'm abit curious to know which MVP card is currently worth the most in Valkyrie or for that matter any other server..
My vote goes to Tao Gunka. Anyone thinks other wise?

I never know what to wear in woe either now! You don't need marc since 100 int = no freeze. Old guild leader took the bryn i had for months back, and I don't know what else to where. I've been wearing AR sometimes, just for lack of anything more compelling.

Most valuable MVP card is either Eddie or Tao.
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Posted 10 December 2015 - 11:40 PM

With your suggestion 50% Pharaoh slot in upper / mid = 100% Reduction in SP consumption.. if you're lucky enough to get 2 anyways.. No SP cost for all skills if you have 2? Super Overkill if you ask me. tongue.png

Currently, get yourself 2 Pharoah and that's 60% SP cost reduction.

(Ulle Cap Odin Blessing Set)
Further -10% via Ulle's Cap Headgear + Odin's Blessing Armor @ Dex70 = -10%
60 (+10) = 70%
so 70% for just about anybody that can get it..

Include Above Set.(+10)
((Ranger/Sniper Only)) Icarus Wing / Bowman Scarf - 25%
60 (+10) ((+25)) = 95% SP Cost Reduction for Ranger/Sniper Only

((Thief Class / Ninja Only)) Shinobi Sash/Ninja Suit -20%
60 ((+20)) = 80% SP Cost Reduction for Thief Class / Ninja Only

Gypsy Kiss from Dancer -More% Reduction pretty much infinite cast.

RSX-0806 [Armour] Decent, but made crap by Brynhild.....
>> Assuming you already got a Bryn then yes. otherwise if you don't have one or your server doesn't have the option of it being made... you're outta luck..


I like this idea.

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