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Playing as a Visitor

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#1 Feuer


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Posted 03 December 2011 - 11:35 AM

So I wanted to illustrate the challenge of playing as a visitor and even other off-build characters.


-Why stay a visitor?
- For the fun of it! Not only is it fun, but it is also a challenge to get very far without any class skills to assist you in battle.
- Fame/Infamy: Playing as a permanent visitor will not only show how dedicated you are to being a strong no-body, but people Definitely will recognize you. You're soft and squishy, easily killed, and do almost NO damage in pvp situations! But thats why it's fun! You pose absolutely no threat and can have fun running around poking people with what ever weapon you want, which brings me to the next perk.
- Freedom: With no skills or passives holding you back, you can build your character to wield ANY weapon you want ;) it really is fun, running around with a mace and a cleric off-hand. Or even a crafting hammer and a shield. It's all fair game :bang:

So how do I level a visitor?
1-20: can be done easily by your self in Adventure Plains and Luxern Valley. Grab a few quests, and kill some Pomics and you're there.
21-40: You'll most likely start to notice it's taking longer to level, but never fear Breezy Hills and Zant are here! With many quest's [some repeatable, and some fetch] You'll see a nice boost is your rewards with a little patience. Now would also be a good time to start that handy Hero quest line.
41-60: Keep those quest's going. They're starting to slim out, but some of the rewards are quite nice. Also if you have joined a faction, start grabbing those quest's. Not only do you get exp, but they'll land you some faction points that you can use for jewels, and the rest for making $.
61-90: Keeping on the Hero quest, you'll most likely be needing a party or atleast some potions and buff potions to keep yourself alive. But don't give in! If you need help, ask for a space in a party :sob: By now most people will be glad to assist a perma noob in their struggle to get nowhere quick! You should also have bought a cart, One of the main weapons that get's overlooked by classes, but is a NICE weapon & transport for your character. Near the end of the 90's the Hero quest will have you on Luna.
91-100: Make sure you have your cart! Plenty of fuel, potions and supplies. [return scrolls n such]. Finish the quest on luna and the other few side quest's. And walaa, You're now an official perma Noob at lv 100 or close to :)
lv 100+: Party and leech for the most part. :glomp: It;s what everyone else does.

So what about this off-build character?
Why I'm glad you didnt forget :rofl: . An off-build is building a character for stats/items that aren't really what that class needs/uses. Some examples would be the Following.

Dual Champ: Building a champ with enough stats to wield dual-swords, then the rest into the regular stats seems stupid, and it is, unless you're the adventurous type! I personally have a dual champ and can tell you it's one of my favorit characters. This will also work with any weapon! Thats right, Wand champs, Gun champs, Bow champs. Any weapon can be substituted in the following skill/stat build.
Skills to get
Power Overflow > Berserk: Triple Strike: Space Attack: Combat Resilience > Combat Cry: Howl: Blood Attack: Quick Step: Soul Wreck: Remaining Passives.

In total you get the options of
4 Attack Skills.
14 Passives.
3 buffs.
2 debuffs.
1 CC [crowd control]

Ill post more as i discover myself :p_cry:
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 04:41 PM

I would definitely make a "super" visitor if there were any skills you could use.

Check out my props&sugs post from earlier this year (click) :glomp:

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#3 teddy77


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Posted 08 January 2012 - 02:29 AM

long live visitor :thumb:
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#4 bl4ckm4ge9


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Posted 20 June 2012 - 01:16 AM

There are far more things to explore about your respective class built master it first.. When you get to the point that you know you owned everything in tg and you think theres nothing left for you to do (and you are plainbored or a geek) then try and do this awesome suggestions. Who knows, this may be your gateway to new breed of elite class..

I think I will make a charmed built champ!!

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