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Posted 18 December 2013 - 10:46 PM


I guess what I'm getting at is rangers are jerks.


Not all are, my friend, not all. There's still few honorable rangers who don't fight dirty.


I probably know the people you're talking about because I've encountered them myself as well. I won't give names either, and even tho I know which guild they belong to, I don't judge the entire guild/s based on their behaviour alone. Any problem I may have is with those specific people only.

I've said it in other thread before; one thing is to go to a pvp map and get defeated/killed because "its a pvp map", fighting is inevitable. But harrassing, mocking, laughing at and falling so low as to spawncamp and only do it for locking them and killing them only... thats serious bad attitude there. That's not pvp, that's just players being a-holes (excuse the word) and nothing justifies it. PvP is NOT and should NEVER be a "free pass to act like a jerk". Never.

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