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Classic Server Recruitment Drive!

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#26 Ralis


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Posted 20 May 2014 - 07:41 PM

I say keep it 50/40 as well... Or even 40/40. After all, they will be able to trans later as a second job and THEN they can go to job 50 if they didn't decide to do it as a 1st class.


Most of the gear mentioned seems fine to me... As long as they're small buffs you don't really need to worry about Champs too much (25 SP on an armor, for instance, is trivial since they can get double that from a Roda Frog anyway, not to mention Chameleon Armor, Brynhild, etc.).


Also, I have a major concern about how this will affect our current bot population (as it seems like it's upped the problem on Renewal). Giving botters instant 50/50 characters is not a good thing. If this was implemented, what is your plan for bot-screening?

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#27 ElenaGilbert


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Posted 20 May 2014 - 08:53 PM

i dont mind donating my million sloted gears sitting in storage! maybe u should add a turn in npc for those and let the new player do some quest and can get those gear after done the quest

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#28 AllyBB


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Posted 25 May 2014 - 11:38 PM

I'm going off on a little tangent but here's my idea. I think it should be permanent quest and the end goal/cap of this "starter help" should be non trans job 50 first class and base 70-80. I'm not encouraging a perma 'jump' to 70+ in the case of the seal character issue. I just think this thing should help you to a level were you can enjoy some of the more popular maps or be able to play like everyone else instead of clicking a single high orc and sitting or something (lol).


My suggestion is to add a quest that reveals a new segment once every 5-10 levels. It could provide a basic set of gear (like novice) with nothing on it slightly worse than npc gear. Then the quest would give you options in each segment to 'enchant' an effect(s) onto the starter gear or npc gear. The enchants available would increase in power as your level increases and you go through the quest and the quest will allow you to reenchant over your old one. The gear/enchant from this quest will be slightly worse than general purpose gear available from the item drop/card system. Character bound/npcable also and disable it for trans class. In addition, the quest should give you potions much like the training grounds. There could be a starter orange, yellow, white pot etc with less effect than npc pots.


Tack on the exp jump -event- and people who try out the game should have a much easier time getting started and actually get to play the game in the style that everyone with gear/pots already can. These players will still need to level, upgrade to real gear, and even buy the npc gear if they want better stuff to enchant.


Throw in a little free exp somewhere in the quests probably but not a huge amount. Maybe the quest could be a sort of tour of the game that takes you all the towns and npcs you should know. Veterans won't abuse it because it takes too long and is worse than just buying a merc.


The gear enchant options at the max level of 70-80 should be something like lesser versions of other things...



1. noxious (resist 10% neutral, 10% ranged) -> 5%

2. rayrdric (resist 20% nuetral) -> 10%



1. pupa (HP + 700) -> 600hp (for low lvls)

2. reduce fire/wind/water/shadow/earth damage by 25-50% (worse version of separate ele armor and remember trans cant equip so you cant keep it later)



1. eggyra (15% sp rec) ->10%

2. verit (HP and SP + 8%) ->5%



1. +5-10% dmg against all races

2. +2int, +2 dex



1. reduce dmg from all races by 10-12% (less than hodremlin)


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