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Bring back old evade/block to some extent

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#51 StormHaven



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Posted 09 April 2016 - 09:47 AM

They benefit from increased evade making them impossible to lockdown while still maintaining their dominance over all other classes.

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Posted 09 April 2016 - 10:14 AM

Funny you say that. The classes that take the least amount of skill which is the Invoker, Summoner, and Twin would not benefit from this. The xspam classes do not benefit from block rate. 



Other classes won't benefit from that either if they play against a X spam class, since they will hit you so fast that your evade skill will be nearly nullified.


What this change will give is just a huge unbalance in the mid and low tier PvP.

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#53 OokamiNeko


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Posted 09 April 2016 - 02:08 PM

Anyways, short story, People who spend money spend money. People who don't spend money don't spend money. End of discussion. 


As you talk about it, evade is basically useless. Aim is also useless. All those stats are generally useless which makes Vit the best. It would be amazing having stats other than Vit/CR/CD be the only good options for SC. 


What kind of misconceptions can you have, I wonder. I was one of these people who once said "never am I going to spend anything on an online game", and guess what, I still did. Just because I thought that it was worth it to help a game I love stay alive. I believe this is enough of a counter-example : there aren't two categories of players. Everyone is unique, and shall be treated as such. Your fantasies about who they are, or are not, have less to do with reality than you seem to assume they have.



Evade is useless, and it's a very good thing. Instead of wanting to introduce a semi-random variable that's extremely difficult to handle, why don't you suggest something more creative that's actually useful and easy to control ? For what it's worth, evade and total block were deemed noxious by the game developers, and they must have known about random number generators not being a way to balance anything out.

Have original ideas, damn it. It's a bit more difficult, but it gives you merit and you'll have more aguments than only "it maybe could balance a few things if you don't look at the numbers, nor a few classes" and "I'm not reading your arguments". The equalized gear topic is a mine of such ideas, and this in itself makes it worthwhile to read.



For example, Agility lets you dodge stuff (roleplay point of view), so if you have tons of it, you can reduce overall damage taken, and this can be represented by a damage mitigation stat. Training one's body in order to be extremely strong will most likely make you able to endure physical pain as well as heavy blows, which once more can be translated into a reduced effectiveness of physical attacks onto your character. Being extremely Intelligent and knowledgeable, as well as experienced, can let you know how to counter a blow or avoid part of a spell, or even how to strike a target's weakest spot (damage mitigation, critical strike chance). A very Healthy character can recover from dizziness and crowd controls with more ease since they have a good constitution (CC resistance, no flinching from basic attacks).


Even new character traits and stats can be suggested and thought about ! "Bond breaker" (resistance to binds), "Hot-headed" (resistance to freeze), "First strike" (first attack striking a character will be critical), "Meditation" (staying still for a while after having fought provides some stats / heal), "I'm out" (improved air recovery), "I'll die a hero" (HP dropping below a given percentage gives a surge of offensive stats for a short amount of time), "Swiftly" (improved dash)... Whatever actually.



There are plenty of ideas to be had, just NOT something that was willfully removed from the game because it was completely broken. Anything having to do with sheer luck in PvP is a nonsense, because it puts aside any kind of reason to even play : at some point, your enemy will just stand there and you won't be able to hit them. It may happen once in a million times, but it makes no sense whatsoever. It's absurd, and absurd one of the opposites to "coherent".

Hence my previous statement : evade and block are very bad things, and should not be reintroduced, no matter what. Movespeed and damage mitigation are supposed to help you survive, and asking for something that just happens sometimes is stupid : would you rather lose because your opponent bested you, or because they simply had a lucky streak and were completely oblivious to your attacks that didn't even hit them ? I'm for the first one, and I believe it is sane to do so. If you aren't, then I'd like to hear your ideas about it.

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