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Welcome (Back) To Rose Online!

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 03:06 AM

Welcome (Back) To Rose Online!    :Emo_15: 


Are you a new player to Rose? Are you coming back after a break? Well here you can update yourself and learn new things what happend to Rose Online through the years. Feel free to PM me here on the forums about anything!

Game Arena: 
Union War has been removed and its been replaced with Game Arena. Game Arena is a system that let you choose what kind of games you want to play. To get the Game Arena window,press: (alt + G)
(P.S The Union War Map is the game Akram Arena).
Player Vs Monster:
(Player Vs Monster games has the nickname ''Dungeons'' ingame.)
Cave of Ulverick, Halls of Oblivion, Sea of Dawn, Sikuku Catacombs are the one PVM's game you can choose between.
Sumary of PVM games 

When you entered a PVM game, you will spawn on a ''Safe Spot'', then you have to do buffs/changing to the correct armor you want to use. Then you kill the subboss that is located somewhere in the dungeon. Normally you just need to follow you'r group and you will find him/her.  When the subboss is dead a  ''gate''  will open so you can continue future inside the dungeon. (A suboss will only give valor points, not a item reward.) When you kill the ''main boss'' you will obtain valor points and a item Reward. Then you leave the dungeon by pressing. Alt + G. Click on Group that is located on the right side of the Game Arena window and press ''Leave Group''. Then you will be teleported back were you stood before the dungeon started.


The special thing in Sikuku Catacombs is there is no so called ''subboss''. Each boss is a ''main boss'' that will give a item reward and valor points reward and the way to unlock the gates to the bosses, is by unlocking items that are inside the dungeon.
The drops from dungeons are refine materials, chemicals, unique weapons, unique skills, paradigmatic ore, Paradigmatic dust, Paradigmatic Essence, Paradigmatic Cluster, armor. Read more here about drops.
Player Vs Player:
Draconis Peaks  Crystal Defenders, Energy, Akram Arena are the one PVP's game you can choose between.
Sumary of PVP games 
When you entered a PVP game, you will spawn in a room, in this room you have a minute to buff you'r self up and you'r teammates.
When the time has run out you will teleport to the PVP arena. Depending what ''side'' you are on, there is different tasks you need to do.

  • Defending Side: When you have spawned inside the arena you want to protect the Crystals from the Attacking Team. Depending what PVP game you have joined the Crystal are in different spots. Follow your group and hopefully it will turn out good. But basically it's kill the attacking team and defend the crystals. Sometimes in some PVP games when a small crystal dies and a bigger crystal is spawned and then you have to protect the bigger one. You get warned when it happens. (In Akram Arena you have a Crystal at Attacking Team side, if you kill that Crystal the whole attacking team will get teleported back to their spawn).
  • Attacking Side: When you have spawned inside the arena you want to kill the Crystals and kill the Defending team to win. Basically that. 

Daily Quests 
Daily quests gives you more of a challenge inside PVMs and PVMs. Read more here about it..
Premium Service

Premium Service enhances many game features, here is a list of the features.


- Unlimited energy for Game Arena.
- Every 6 hours you get a new daily box! Inside the Daily Box it can be.
(To be able to receive the daily box, you need to be online more than 5 minutes.)
In the Daily Box you can receive:
- 2x experience medallion/2x drop medallion for 10 min
- Box of catalyst which are catalyst stuff in
- Reroll hammers
- Plain white t-shirt
- Teletickets
- Aura Blessing
- Lucky spin coins
- Premium points
You also get premium storage (10 Slots). You can always access your storage all over in Rose. If you are in Dungeon? You can access your storage. Are you in Crystal Defenders? You can access your storage. Are you in El Verloon desert? You can access your storage!If you do daily quests for PVM/PVP games you will get 10 more points than normal. 
You will obtain:
-   + 30 Extra Experience
-   + 50% Extra Drop Rate
-   8 characters on the account.
For more information please visit Here or Here.
Honeybuns made a great guide, Read it here.
Elemental System 
The elemental system introduces a new combat dynamic of strengths and weaknesses when fighting against monsters or other Visitors.  Throughout the world of ROSE you will now encounter monsters that specialize in certain elements, and other Visitors who have augmented their skills, ammunition and equipment with elemental  traits that can be countered with or resisted using opposing elemental types.
Elemental scrolls that allow Visitors to imbue their chest armor and weapon can be purchased from [Valor Materials] Henry, and unique elemental  scrolls may be dropped by Game Arena dungeon bosses.
A full listing of elemental
  types along with their strengths and weaknesses can be found here.
Paradigm Runes 
Paradigm Runes are going to be a new unique addition to your arsenal. These runes can be placed in to designated slots on equipment or weapons, with a new feature that allows you to empower them to become stronger. This can be done with rune by itself, and even with the rune in the weapon or equipment piece! No need to separate it from the item.
PvP oriented Paradigm Runes and basic tier empowerment materials can be purchased from [Honor Items] Henry in Junon Polis.  Advanced material tiers for empowering can be obtained by completing Honor daily quests and participating in Game Arena PvP game modes.
PvM oriented Paradigm Runes and basic tier empowerment materials can be purchased from [Valor Materials] Mason in Junon Polis.  A number of unique Paradigm Runes and advanced material tiers for empowering can also be found in Game Arena dungeons.  Advanced material tiers for empowering can be obtained by completing Valor daily quests and Game Arena dungeons.

To upgrade a Paradigm Rune, it can be empowered using the new Empowerment function offered by [Battle Merchant] Rena in the PvP District of Junon Polis.

Click here to see a list of all Paradigm Runes!

General new stuff in the forums 
- Volunteer Moderators, they help to keep the forum clean.
-Our Community Manager is CM Andrasyte.
New Server?
Rose online have a test server called '' Pegasus ''. At the Pegasus Server we can test out the new updates before they enter the live server (‘’Arua’’). You can give feedback to the DEVs and ask about questions about the new update.
Here is a download link! 
Download Link!

New Clan System! 
Read More About Clan System Here
Clan Skills 
Clan skills are in game now!
Before you had grades to ''level'' the clan, this function has been removed. To be able to increase the amount of members inside the clan you need to learn the clan skill. [Clan Expansion] and the max amount is 450 members.


If your interested to read more about clans, click here!
Clan Points
To be able to get clan points to get these clan skills you can:
- Kill normal mobs  (Yellow, Red, Orange, Pink or Purple monster will give their normal Clan Points reward. Green monster will be reduced by half their normal rate. Blue & Light Blue monsters will only give clan points if you have Premium Service or if you use a Medal Of Diplomacy.)
- Do Dungeons
- Do PvP games and convert Honor Points to Clan points.
 - Purchase the Clan Point Booster from IM.
New Stats! 
Read all the new stats here!
Server Merge 
There is no server called ''Leonis'' or ''Draconis'' anymore, there is only one server now and the nickname is ''Arua''.
Read more here!


General In The Game
- Mounts are in the game.  Mount is a Monster you ride on, so you can transport you over the world of Rose faster. The form of a mount can be for example: Krawfy, Dragons.(Here is a list of all the mounts)
- Volunteer Moderators are also in game. Why? It’s because zulie sellers are around us and the mission for the VMODs is to mute them. 
- Buff Sets are removed because it was a bug.
- The stat Charm increases the buff/heals/selfbuffs/critical defense and debuffs. INT these days are now for defence, magic defence, attack, heals and buffs. (Tho Charm increases heals/buffs more than INT.) 
- Skill update is out! All skills have changed to balance out the game.
- Drop Table is new. This might help you, click here.
- You can now customize your weapon! Choose your weapon (The costume weapon needs to be the same type as the weapon in the avatar tab) and put it in the costume tab.
- Over 400 new gems are in the game and a new system for the gems! Read more here or here!
- There is a new Item Trade Restriction Policy! Read the first post in the topic. Here Or here.
There is a unbinder coupon in the Valor Shop and Item Mall. This unbinder coupon can ONLY unbind items that have a bound. (If the item has a lock there is NO way to unlock it)
- A new storage update has come into the game! Here is a video from YouTube that shows how it works! 
To get more room for your storage you can buy Expansion in Item Mall! (Or buy Premium Service and get 10 free tabs. (P.S Premium Storage will not be connected after Premium Service has ended. You can only drag out items from Premium Storage but you can't put in stuff.) Storage expansion coupons can have up to 20 more pages of account storage with the coupons. The character storage can have an infinite number of pages.
(Remember! These '' Storage expansion coupons '' are permanent)
- It's always been here, but not everyone knows about it! Chat commandos! DigitalKitten made a great guide about it, read more here.

- You can now change the refine glow with a Refine Glow Painter, can be founded in the Item Mall store.


- Orlo had a makeover, you can read more about it here.

- Max level at this current state is: 250.


- Max refine level at this current state is: 20.


For more information, you can visit Rose Online Wiki!


Or continue looking thru the Forum ''General Guides'' section!



Once again! Welcome (Back)!


If you find any spelling error, grammar error or false information. Please leave a comment below or pm me! Thanks!


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Posted 06 December 2016 - 04:33 AM


Its all in black when your using deviant theme.


Can you update that possibly ^_^?

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#3 Buffiies


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Posted 06 December 2016 - 05:08 AM

Its all in black when your using deviant theme.


Can you update that possibly ^_^?


How on earth do I do that? 

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 08:28 AM

Hey Buffiies! Thank you for making this guide! I went ahead and changed your font to the "Automatic" color so it could be seen on both themes. At the top of the post editor there is a Text Color option. The text should be at automatic already, unless you copy and paste text, which will cause it to just be the color it was where you moved it (usually black), which cannot be seen on the Deviant Theme. You can resolve this by highlighting the text you want changed and using the Text Color to make it Automatic. 

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Posted 20 February 2018 - 06:02 AM

great guide! Just an update...  the Community Manger is not Dragonlark anymore, but AndraSyte

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