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Ragnarok Developer Q&A Thread - February

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#51 ALSJ


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 01:18 PM

 What I know is that, if people ask for it to no be implemented they can consider it ?.?


This has been a request for years, after rigid opposition to its implementation. Now its finally on its way. It won't go away due to the phobia of a few.

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#52 Tyiant


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Posted 18 February 2017 - 05:55 AM

You guys really did Kagerou/Oboro magic users wrong because they're basically pumped up versions of their normal ninja magic selves but with not real worth wild replay because they're basically the same as their prior. :hmm: Is there anyway to add quest skills to them, maybe even expanding their AOE Blaze Shield, Snow Flake Draft, and cast ninja spell to a max 11x11 and also change the look of cast ninja spell because its hard to tell what cell its actually cast on because it looks as if its hovering over the users head when its suppose to be a ground effect? :hmm: Why not be able create a max of 3 Illusion shadows and have them fight for you or explode with an aoe effect when destroyed by an enemy because that would look great in woe?  :ok:


A bit too much? lol :heh:



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#53 7088130529124627477


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Posted 20 February 2017 - 07:43 AM

+1 for fixing the position lag.

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#54 IgnotusCarl


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Posted 20 February 2017 - 09:59 PM

1. Is there any plan on making the Soul Linker's job level cap from 50 to 70?


2. Is there a possibility that you can change the "Esma/Estun/Estin" skill animation base on the active "Mild Wind" property? 


3. Can we have some more details about Soul Reaper's next class?


4. Will there be any Soul Reaper equipment that'll be exclusive to them? Soul Reaper Sword/Zanpakuto?


5. [For iRO group] When will you make the Hyegun/Yao Jun Hat[1] be dropped by Hyegun/Yao Jun again?
    It's just that there a lot of cool hats out there with cool stats and effects(plus they're refinable too).. so why does the Hyegun Hat needs to be kept from us?



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#55 Raizel00


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Posted Yesterday, 02:01 PM

Can KRO send us Kunai Scroll(quiver) and Kunai splash update?  :p_love:

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#56 pedrocombo


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Posted Today, 10:05 AM

Are there any plans to balance Sura's damage output in PvP/WoE? In particular, Gates of Hell and Tiger Cannon's splash damage ignore reductions, are unavoidable, and kill nearly everyone in a single instant hit.

This please how is it possible >.< long time ago ... /wah T.T
Could you please add 1 more bar to be placed into hotkeys,I mean the numbers from 1 to 9... Pretty much please

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