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Dominator's Pet Functions

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Posted 21 December 2010 - 03:06 PM

This was said before but i want to bring it back in a specific thread.

Add this functions to the summoned monsters pet bar (could be for the Avenger one too but that is another story): guard and explode.


The guard function could be a button that let the player pick a location in wich they want their summons guarding or pick a player that the summons would guard. The second could be useful to let the summons protect the tank or a radiant, making easier the gameplay.

Original idea from: Small suggestion about Summoned Monsters


It could be in 2 ways

1) The function would be in the pet bar and it would make the selected summon explode: the explosion would be related to the summoned monster lvl and remaining hp.

2) It wouldnt be a function but a skill that when is casted over the summoned monster, it could make it explode: in this case the dmg could be related to the skill lvl and the pet remaining hp.

Original idea from: New Dominator Skills
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