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Improving Ragnarok Online

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#1 CMAstra


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 10:00 AM

Hello and happy Monday, everybody!


On behalf of the Ragnarok staff, I'd like to start a discussion on any ideas you all may have on improving Ragnarok Online. What do we mean by "improving"? It could be anything, from the type of content you want to see or the type of updates you like, anything you think would make it a better game.


Please refrain from citing things you want from kRO or jRO - we're aware that everyone very much wants the latest updates from kRO, but in this instance we're looking for original ideas on what the players would like to see in our game  :ok:


As always, please be courteous :)

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you all!


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#2 kappakeepokupo


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:11 PM

Better VIP perks
Balances to PvP/WoE
Ways to obtain cash shop item via in-game means
Buffing PvM (pvm is ezpz)
Adding more custom content (can be connected to improving PvM, for instance the Hard Mode ET that was proposed by Nirvanna a while back)
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#3 bgmds


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:13 PM

We want the instance from jro that is super hard and rewards good gears that can replace OCP items. For now, we have super high damage output, but no instance to farm. What's the point then? 100% pay to win nothing?

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#4 ad0l


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:31 PM

-add more content on VIP subscription 

-make a third job quest easily (if its okay to all WP staff)

-make a difficulty selection (from easy,normal, and hard core) on instances not ALL players can do a party or at least solo on instances (that includes event instances) we want to experience to go on a journey on those places

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#5 KunKnee


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:43 PM

People will not believe me but the legit answer is Poring Man
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#6 MrLekkz


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:45 PM

What kind of "custom" update iRO could do without asking kRO's permission? Would you need kRO's approval to create custom maps (clone of existing maps), like overlook dungeon?



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#7 pao0


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:52 PM

normalize the economy. how? idk. seriously.

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#8 nyyaan


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:52 PM

WoE is the only challenging instance. You know that the last folks who quit WoE was due to Gioia. Maybe if you want to show your transparency and explain why exactly did you put Gioia there. People might come back. I mean, up until now, I’ve not received a proper honest answer from Camp as of how did he know Gioia was the most wanted MvP. Said who? Voted who? When did people vote?

1. Being said, how do we know you won’t mess WoE rewards again? I mean it doesn’t make sense to put in efforts in WoE to fight for reward just to have it available in an easy instance. We all want competition yeah?

2. Improve WoE rewards. No one cares about God’s anymore. No one cares about MvPs. Rewards in WoE can be new OCPs. This will solve two problems (i) be able to obtain OCPs in game and (ii) give WoE incentives.

3. Make WoE more friendly to casual players. Disable MvPs. Disable OCPs. Those things should be used in PvM only where stupid Al don’t complain how they get rekt. No need to nerf certain classes. Some classes are just specialized in WoE while some classes are specialized in PvM. This will encourage players to actually explore and play every class available.

4. Ban cheaters. You and we all know who cheaters are. No point pretending you care about WoE if cheaters don’t even get a ban.

5. Maybe loyal players might come back to WoE. I mean, private servers and Thor have proven times and times of how important WoE is. Hell, server absolutely started going down to hell at the end of 2017/early 2018 when one big guild quit and game just went straight down to abyss when the last WoE reward was put in PvM. I think Chaos will become less active than Thor. This is one of the best jokes.

Good luck Warpportal.

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#9 deforte


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 04:01 PM

the VIP perks is somewhat off please consider VIP rebalance for high level chars.

more custom content and gears? like iRO exclusive stuff like previous iRO exclusive headgears and custom dungeons for farming beside TI


and also people have lots of unwanted baggage toward WOE and PVP, revitalizing it may not solve the issue for the reason that they keep insisting about "dead game" with their small head and big voice but please save PVM :)

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#10 VModCinnamon



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Posted 13 May 2019 - 04:13 PM

In no mod voice..

  • Improved VIP Benefits:
    • Additional and direct warps to locked quest areas (restrictions may apply).
    • One time gift per purchase per game ID, perhaps a box of consumables: gums, manuals, mount halter, etc sent to that game ID rodex/code the redeemer.
    • Increased stats/buffs of VIP buffer in Eden.
    • Increased EXP and Drop rates for VIP status or combine that with VIP Eden's buffer to add increased EXP/Drop for a character for X amount of duration.
    • Unlocked 27 character slots, why not?
  • Improved in-game Events/content:
    • Cycle refine events and EXP/Drop events better, such as have them appear exactly at a given date of the month. I'd like to see less events as a compensation in which may be unexpected and easily missed. In other words, let's have an event calendar, at least for the things that WP is in control of.
    • Personal opinion: Redesign Eden HQ in which it serves as a real hub for for questing, buffing, special NPC sellers only. Such as, blocking vends and chatrooms would be needed. The map is too confined to fill the advertisements regardless the in-game feature to block the view of the same.
    • Improve MvP summoner or discard the edition by including more spawns to the existing Verus MVP instance.
    • Create a mirror of Orc Dungeon 1/2 with special spawns to cater for Homunculus owners. For exmaple; remove orc archers and add Ant Eggs accordingly. The map should only be accessible to Homunculus owners. With this it is hoped the original dungeons reclaim their popularity for leveling low characters, at the current state, that's not possible to attain.
  • Alternative Communication Medium:
    • What do you feel about a/an WP/iRO official ​Discord?

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#11 Diskence


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 04:21 PM

Updates that we are extremely behind on 


WoE Castle Loot renewal - you guys could easily do this and probably increase participation from a lot of small guilds.

Cycle realms, i.e. WoE 2 - 1 week Nid, 1 week Valf etc. 


VIP Perks - Why do we still have this Eden buff when Oda's Miracle Elixir/Eden Badge gives a better one? What are the incentive to even be VIP'ed other than 50% drop boost. 


Maybe a login bonus to increase incentive to play the game on a daily basis so it doesn't look like the game is dead when there are no events.



It's pretty hard to give suggestions when you are asking from such a broad perspective. 

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#12 Ashuckel


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 04:45 PM

  • On the monster token event, Camp made it so that every character had an "invisible gear" equipped that allowed you to drop the event items from any monsters.
Is it possible to apply this kind of system to make PvP/WoE specific changes to skills and such? Say you add to the gear: Skill X cooldown+ Y, Skill Z damage - W%, etc. Everybody has it all the time, and it only takes effect inside pvp areas, like WoE Robes and such.
  • The battleground reworks and etc were a good start, but it's still far from making the player vs player game mode sustainable on RO. Pretty sure this has been brought up for years and years on end, but it's a huge pain in the ass and zeny drain to supply a guild. If this, like it or not, cost barrier gets lessened, it's far easier for new guilds/players to arise and join the scene. No objections on gear tho, there's a lot of ridiculous stuff now, there was a lot of ridiculous stuff back then(well, ridiculous for the time), for the most part ppl learn to adapt to these situations(the only exception to this are the skills with unreduceable damage, namely Gates of Hell, you need to look up with the studio a way to do anything wtih that).
For many years WoE had pretty terrible prizes and basically no good reason for people to participate in it at all, yet we did. That's because most of us that participated in it actually enjoyed the fight, and to have a fight you need more people there. WoE rewards are nice and all, and more power to you if you can improve it in any way shape or form, but being honest, that's not the reason the majority of it's participants joined guilds and woed, it was neither castle treasures or hall of abyss access, it was the fact that WoE is the only place where you REALLY need to work your ass of to get -_- done, work as a team, plan stuff, make strategies, etc, and actually be engaged in a meaningfull way, not just Click>wait for monster to die.
  • VIP - i've said it on a previous FAQ thread but i'll add it here again

  • Add ALL non instance MVPs to the Central Lab mvp pool. Restrictions would've made sense if they were consistent, but things such as missing Gioia and whatever other mvp from HoA, but still having Kades and (Daheyon i think?) in there makes no sense at all. And then when events like Xmas labs roll in, have it to remove the miniboss appearances from there, and maybe add instance MVPs too. That means maybe getting valuable ones like Naght Sieger, or pretty undesirable ones like Demon God Morroc(it wont have it's mechanics but still has a f ton of HP and no rewards), not just for the rewards, but for the opportunity to fight these monsters and challenge yourself at enemies you don't usually fight with.
  • Turn In maps with more BGMs other than the title song for all eternity. I love RO's title song, but it's not much of a "battle theme", aside the fact that hearing it for now years on end, gets really boring. If you want to go the extra mile, you can theme the songs on each map according to the enemies inside them. It's october and the enemies are undead/demons? Put Niffheim/Nameless Island BGM in there! (It's also an oportunity to use songs that aren't played anywhere else in the game anymore, like One Step Closer, the Novice Academy one, wich could fit Low TI very well, or One Step Closer, the Orc Village's High Orc map).
  • As for designing custom, or server exclusive content, how much liberty and tools are avaiable? Not much of what can we suggest, but what can the game actually handle to do? Can it do boss phases between certain HP thresholds, how specific can teh enemy AI be, etc. Not just that, but how able are you to create let's say new monster IDs for these kinds of things. Because depending on what can be done, i'm mor than sure there's enough passion in the community to come up with some very creative, challenging and fun instances/events.
  • Can we have some cash items being sold directly on the cash shop instead of it being entirely Gacha based? What were the last additions to it? Shadow boxes(wich were removed), Amistr Bag and... thats about it for many many years?
  • On the Cash shop area, aside the part of it being quite outdated on what it offers, there's a big issue with the prices of some stuff. Nothing there ever changed, ever. However, most of the expensive things in there had that price tag because of their powerlevel in the state the game was at their introduction. RWC Weapons and accessories are now mostly just nice low level gear for estabilished players, yet their price (especially the enchant reset ticket omg) is super out of touch with everything else in the game. Vanargand for 1500kp when it is far outclassed by cheaper options nowadays, Magical Stones at 100kp might as well not even be there, considering how far easier and cheaper it is to get one ingame. I'll not even say anything about the rental gear tab there.
  • Even the specials Ores, Enriched/HD Oridecons/Eluniums/Bradium/Carnium are due to a price review. Stuff is so crazy now that you will spend many times more the item actual cost just in refine attempts for it. And lowering the price point doesnt meant the revenue will decrease, it's still a virtual item that technically you print at an infinite supply, a lower price point gives the customer a higher perceived value to the product and incentivizes to buy it, and what you "loss" at per item sales, you gain by quantity of items sold.
TLDR: The cash shop needs a big overhaul and attention, on both what's offered and their prices.
  • Monster EXP penalty curve adjustment. From 15 levels below the monster to 20~25 lvls to gain full exp. But reduce the penalty as well for like 30 lvls earlier than this to 60,65,70,75, etc and make it scale back to 100%.
    For the most part not being able to level up in places you know you can handle just because of the exp system feels pretty bad, but i also realize that if this penalty wasnt in place, specially now, people would skip 80% of progression stages of leveling and use like 2~3 maps for the whole process.
    Party exp share also reviewed to a 20~25 lvls range

  • Now this part is just wishfull thinking, but what are the chances that when the most recent kRO skill visual updates come, there'd be an option to enable them or not? I really, really, really dislike like 95% of them, it just does not match with RO's visual at all.
  • And this is wishfull thinking part2, you know i've asked for lv99 Transclasses to be able to enter instances, stuff like OGH, Faceworm Nest, and etc. Does it have any practical application? Very likely not. Yet its still a challenge that you can take upon yourself, or friends. People say there isnt challenging content in the game anymore? What if you gather some friends(or even randoms) and go do a Trans only Horror Toy Factory run?
(I think a way that this may be doable is to make another Entry NPC for those instances, one that allows for lv90+ characters to reserve and enter the instance, while not letting 3rd jobs enter)

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#13 fenrir99


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 04:54 PM

Leveling is the most fun part in RO. After that you are stuck with daily instances. Since we can’t get new ones, what about increase the difficulty and improve their rewards?
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#14 andxres


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 05:13 PM

-Daily login bonus
For each day login, you will give us free item like token, battle manual, bubble gum, and free costume every 30 day login. If you think botter will abuse this, implement this only for vip and mini vip user. Vip user will receive 1 ocp box for 30 days login(incentive for 30 days vip).

-Increase VIP value
Additional exp and drop bonus, VIP buff remain exist after die. Add 30 atk/matk to buff. More additional instance. Give us our VIP lounge. Update VIP summoner.

-Add custom endgame instance/event
More tricky boss which need to fight together with party or guild.

-Endless Tower Basement
Custom ET which include MVP that not added to normal ET. The story is we descend the lower floor of ET where we will fight imprisoned satan of morroc.

-Make Daily event like:
Monday:Gramps Extra exp and additional emb.
Tuesday:Quest Extra Exp
Wednesday: BG double reward
Thursday: PVP and WOE event like reward for killing player will earn you prize.
Friday:Instance Double Reward (additional coag and faceworm skin for example)
Saturday:50% Drop Bonus
Sunday: 50% Exp bonus

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#15 ZeroTigress


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 05:32 PM

Finish Bounty Boards Project.
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#16 Netha


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 05:33 PM

try your best to revert the region bans, I have no idea if its possible at all, as next to none info was given about them at the time. But one of the biggest problems iRO has is the drop of players, looking at the drop in population in the past 5 years on all servers combined is scary.

Adds wont help you while the server is in this state, new players that never played this game will not even play a week in most of the cases, at the latest once they try to shop in pront and realize their 50k zeny they farmed in payon dungeon nets you nothing.


Do something about bug abuses, bots, dupes. I dont know how the situation is in kRO, the only info I got is that kRO started to heavily punish botters in 2008 which seemed to have solved the issue for them. Its beyond me how you can chill back for 1 1/2 decades now and just be like "guess our game is infested, what can ya do". Thats not something the community can do for you, its something you need to work on with kRO.


Remove so much crap from the game thats just there to piss people off and replace it with stuff that gives people an incentive to log in daily/weekly.

Mob protection that was added in 2005 or smth, making mobs use emotes to break aggro, making mobbing them a pain in the ass. I remember that hugh parties were on all kind of maps back in the day, and it happened that other parties got trainwrecked by enourmous mobs, resulting in them crying and making gravity add this. Back in the days it mightve been a smart thing, but let me assure you, it dropd my and hugh parts of the community because mobbing and party play was different from there. Shifted more to 2-3 man parties that were mobile instead of 5-12 man parties that were stationary.

Add something like daily or weekly quests (I think weekly would be better) and give it GOOD rewards. Either gear (more experienced people than me would have to do the suggestions, idk) or decent amounts of misc/heal/craft items so it actually feels like worth doing. Theres an arena in itzlude if I remember correctly, update it, make it worthwhile, make it give out rewards. Update comodo gamling. Basically update anything possible fun in RO that hasnt been lookd at since its implementation.


Look how you can improve the maps. I remember how gravity forced this bull-_- exp system on us with renewal, forcing you to grind on mobs that are around your level to "promote visiting more areas", resulting in the complete opposite. Now not only every individual class has to level in the same areas from 70-99, no, now ALL classes grind the same way from lvl 70-175. People dont go to other maps because they suck, because they dont offer anything, no exp, no loot, they were just neglected and never looked at again for 10 years++.


Theres more, I might post again.

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#17 Fuuton


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 05:36 PM

- I'd like to see the reintroduction of the family style versions of WoE that existed literally right before kafra shop came out year ago. Essentially this is a version of TE (trans class or lower only) that relied heavily on in-game content. Since kafra shop and third classes didnt exist, you were generally allowed to use any gear you wanted (maya P, gtb, bryn, etc), as well as participating in battle on WoE1 maps. Certain skills were of course still disabled though. I think it would be cool to reintroduce this version and and severely limit the amount of OCP/cash shop items that are usable. This forces people to search for gears through instancing and the like, as well as learning their actual playstyle due to having to make sacrifices from the lack of OP that is OCP. Could potentially force people to have to work together more in helping each other obtain said gears.

- If not this^, then extend TE by an extra hour. Trans-class woe is hands down a billion times more fun than actual woe due to the very mechanics and limitations of it, as well as the lack of toxicity from big woe that results in personal drama.

- GM's that actively seek and destroy no-delay users (so many of you would be screwed :heh: )

- GM's that actively converse with the public from time to time. We used to love seeing GM's appear back then because it either meant trouble or fun lol. We knew them by name/number too. They barely make an appearance now which kinda sucks since it creates a feeling of separation from the game itself by not having them be around more.

- More in-game GM-hosted events where players can actively participate in GM challenges


Just got busy, more later after party is over.


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#18 CKDD


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 05:48 PM

make new private server under your management, with the latest episode, with the same (or better) service quality.

copy all the strategies they have to maintain their players (and to earn company profit from that)



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#19 xMLGzus


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:05 PM

like Cinn said More EXP/DROP/Refine events with set dates and then on special holidays have the big boy  refine events and drops. Also other ways or increase the drops on Overpowered/ extremely rare gears. (Sky tower is mind numbing and i still can't drop anything after months) 

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#20 Nirvanna21


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:09 PM

I honestly don't care about many kRO updates.


What I want is for some relevance to be brought back to the game itself. I want things to be as bug free as possible. I want dialogue to be consistent and high quality. I want items in game do more than what they do now. I want cards updated to match the new environment. I want default MDEF bypass values added to all staves, 40% for 1H, 80% for 2H. I want little to no RNG from EITHER enchanting or refining.


There are many more things that could be done by WP, and the excuse of keeping it good for updates is no longer valid. kRO can't deliver anything more than a lump of coal.

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#21 Scuba


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:12 PM

It would be nice to know what is possible before making a bunch of suggestions.

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#22 DiegooC


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:20 PM

Be up to date (updates)

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#23 redred


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:35 PM

  • VIP contents
  • EXP from 100 to 200 for normal, 300 for VIP
  • MVP drop items> buff mvp or update the drop or recycle the drop to useful items (RK, SORC, GEN, BOMB, COAT, FOOD, etc)
  • TI take hours to start the run, increase the EXP, or Reward maybe
  • NEW event and no TRASH reward please, or if you want reward costume at least give it function
  • NEW Bounty Board

OCP items kill MVP card and drop hopefully you guys can work it out somehow


Can you guys make event like Nightmare Endless Tower, that you guys replace all monster inside and put all new contents, or random monster, people will try to party instead of solo if its hard

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#24 awesomegeek


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:41 PM

1.Make Eden HQ bigger.

2.Make WoE rewarding -put some OCPs there.

3.Pull new players by making levelling from 1-150 extremely easy permanently.

4. Prioritize OCP that combo with in-game content.

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#25 VanishingPoint


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 06:53 PM

I'll keep it short and sweet. Your primary driver for Ragnarok Online used to be WoE. It was driven by extremely dedicated players who are willing to invest time and money into their guilds even though their are very busy with school and/or work in real life. These rare breed of people are very competitive and extremely hard to find. There's no bringing them back since they have already gave up on you long ago. Your best chance of keep this game alive is to focus on providing contents that provide rewards that are actually better than OCP. Players have already express that they do not want to waste their time on boring instances that does not give anything better than OCP items. You can still milk players through your upgrade system. Give players gears that can be obtained in game (not cash shop) that's better than OCP items, but make it so that you guys can still profit from it by granting special bonus if +9 or +10. Bonuses like +extra stats if +7, grant special skills if +9, increase damage by x% if +12 etc. OCP items are fine (you guy need to make money to run the game) but make sure these OCP items support in game contents. MVP combos is a good example of good OCP items. Mysterious Muffler is not lol.


You guys already know that there's absolutely no chance of reviving WoE like how it used to be during the golden WoE days. What you can do to try to save the game is to revive PVP (Not Battleground). I'm talking about PVP, Yoyo Mode - The 'safe' PvP mode, where death does not cause EXP loss or items to drop. The little amount of players you have left are mostly adults and they're too busy to use the current PVP system where you have to enter a map and wait for people to come. If you know anything about your game then you should know by now that no one really come to PVP room anymore. They're too busy and have jobs just like you and I. Poeple are competitive by nature and even more so in RO. Give them an a quick option to challenge anyone on screen by right clicking on a player's name and selecting "duel" or "challenge". If both parties agree then send them to a pvp map so they can duke it out. Give special PVP rewards such as rank list or recognition for xx amount of players kill or a special reward like free monthly VIP. I know some games give special rewards such as +special costume for 1000 players per month or xx amount of game currency for 100 players killed this month. Players will be more encouraged to play if you actually give them something to achieve. Once they're encouraged they will start spending to either upgrade their gears or invest in another class in order to be competitive.


If this is another we'll pretend to listen by asking the community how to improve the game then ignore the suggestions then consider me gone after this post.

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