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New Origins Issues

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 04:47 PM

- Requires Details - Crashes: More frequent crashes compared to Pre-New Origins.

Crashes occur most often during map/screen changes such as advancing to the next stage on a mission map or dungeon I have found this to happen occassionally while killing mobs

Has Not Changed - Experience Rates: Some users have reported lower experience rates compared to pre-New Origins. Not sure if this is true/intentional or not.

Whether the rates seem to have changed or not there is a decrease in the xp we gain. Ive noticed it since all the mobs I killed 3 years ago give about half to 1/4 less xp as they did back then. But this is only for higher lvl monsters such as 34+ as well as inconsistent xp across the board. basically as our lvl grows mobs give less xp but when mobs your supposed to be killing for experience are giving what those who are lvling at around 29-35 are getting per mob while they are 45+ that is a problem and should be fixed.

- Resolved - Can not view rankings. Client will freeze and crash when trying to view.

Only partially resolved the rankings screen will show up but will not be viewable due to it being behind the mission complete/loot roll table

- Need more information - General: Some skills are not hitting mobs/bosses properly.

I found this one in particular to be most often when the boss mobs go into the i guess you could call it "Buff" state and when they hit groggy and when then groggy state ends. It also happens when a mob just spawned but I believe thats how its always been

- Could not be duplicated - F7 Mode: Can't create Black Hole towers. Also, towers sometimes disappear or become graphically glitched and then reappear/fix themselves when they are upgraded again.

Replicated this awhile ago but due to the fact it is easily correctable and I didnt notice any change it looked merely as a graphical glitch however the black hole towers i could create so that part I could not replicate

- Could not be duplicated - Bonus Maps: The mobs in bonus maps in Mission Maps can sometimes get past the barrier, making them difficult to damage.

Knocking the mobs over the barrier can do this also sometimes they can be knocked through it with any ability or attack that will push them away. the only way to dmg them seems to be a long range attack

- Resolved - F7 Mode: General increase in crashes and disconnects, may be related to players in party leaving before the F7 run is complete.

Not resolved still happens when a player crashes or discconnects the whole thing bugs out and stops working

Id also like to bring the attention of a few other bugs not listed.

Currently the xp multiplier for repeating Mission Maps does not work mobs in the Mission Maps continue to give regular experience even at max xp bonus

Playing in a group seems to greatly diminish experience gained sometimes upwards of 90% less xp gained Pretty sure this was not intended
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