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The Woe situation: issues, solutions.

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#51 Mischelle


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Posted 25 February 2011 - 06:44 AM

I've been playing RO for 5-6 years, in every guild I've been in, supplies were done by guild leaders. Every guild I ve ever heard of followed the same rule. You seem completely disconnected from the reality of our servers.

I was going to take you apart again but at least two people who have led and continue to lead very successful guilds have already made the proper point here.

With respect to their experience in the subject I will quote them for you.

I don't know how much it will help you, but get people to hunt small amounts of each supply (we used to do like 100 stems each every day. 100 stems per person for my guild came out at about 2000 stems), we'd also collect up spores, blue herbs (in less amounts than stems and spores) people would donate bottles and I would hunt fabrics. I made all the supply and god item part zeny easily from making and selling my own bombs.


It's everyone's guild, not just the leader's.


There are many ways to get by but none of them involve changing WoE.

idk siege treasures most of the time dont even cover half of the cost of siege and i stop caring about siege covering for siege. best thing to do is get your guildmates to help out where they can to cut down on some costs or do like guild events where drops are for guild funds and such that usually works if u want everyone involved to help out.

Further, you have yet to discredit the facts that I established demonstrating that your excuse for your suggestion regarding changing WoE treasures is entirely without merit. Because you hung the legitimacy of your argument on the idea that WoE treasures dropping component supplies will inhibit botting, your entire argument is invalid unless you can posit a scenario in which your suggestion will actually have the effect you suggested.
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#52 Andini


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Posted 25 February 2011 - 07:51 AM

i tend to barely ask for supplies. honestly if you really want to woe and look forward to woeing, you will do what you need to do to easily cover yourself for two days of a week or for most people just one day cause they have work/school/errands/out on weekday/weekend woe. if the guild leader is having trouble covering a big guild for supplies, then do your job as a guildie and go help out or supply yourself.

the problem woe has no real goal and so there isnt much of a point of logging in for it anymore unless you dont like a group of people, as well as drops arent worth much because seals are rolling at snail pace

In conclusion, your suggestion will not harm or discourage bots at all. To the contrary, it only encourages players to bot. This is because while a player may be interested in actually playing the game and hunting the items themselves if the incentive is great enough (i.e. high prices for hunted items), a player will not be interested in spending their time on the game when the incentive is low. Instead, they will use a bot so that their time is not wasted.

this is assuming that the players that do "actually" hunt will turn to botting, which obviously isnt true. the players that are the ones that "actually" hunt are probably the ones more likely not to bot.

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