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Memento Mori List of Suggestions (02/14/2012)

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Posted 01 August 2010 - 11:25 AM

The idea of this thread is to make a list of the links to the other threads in this section. With this, the players can know if something was suggested before.

People also can post links of the old Feedback & Suggestions and i will add them to the list.

Dont make suggestions here, other than change the categories in wich the links are listed, or changes in the comments of each thread.

I will try to update it often (once a weak) but that will depend on the growing speed of this section.

Community List of Suggestions and Improvements II (8/28/'08) (Old Forum)

Feedback & Suggestions (Old Forum)

Part 1


General Ideas

Proposal for the game
A few suggestions here and there (A compilation of my thoughts on the game so far)
List of Generic Suggestions
making a better game for all (suggestions for a better game)
Future Maintenance (only another idea)
A possible solution to avoid Scammers (And Get More money for Gravity)
Suggestions to balance the game (Post your opinions)
Fresh Start!
Just some ideas that i and others kicked around (Use or not up to GM's.)
S3 Suggestions (I suggest at least looking at the Mini-Games)
Suggestion for improvement
Repeatable quests and how to make a better use of the open world map
Ideas to make new players stay (Some ways to solve this)
More Suggestions :D
Suggestion: Fire someone
S3 Suggestions (I suggest at least looking at the Mini-Games)
Game ideas and Problems (Requiem Bloodymare, game suggestions, game problems, ideas)
i got a great idea
Updated List Of Suggestions (Gravity needs To Get A Life)
My giant suggestions, cool ideas. (Please don't move this untill atleast someone has seen it )
My 5 enchancements I wish: lock items in the hotbar, totem colors, increase guild size, all unique mobs drop quest items, and all customes should be usable for all races.
Suggestions to make a more challenging & fun game (List of suggestions that I think should be made to enhance gameplay)
Game Ideas (What Gravity should add and fix.): about guilds ranks and confirmation windows, advertisment for the game, better support and bugs.
Hey Gravity (old forum): fix the error 06, update the main page and balance the tb battles.
Perfect suggestion: Refer a friend system. (old forum)
my Feedback & Suggestions (old forum): fix the TB tree map and other ideas.
The Future and some other things...(old forum): factions, siege map and guild strongholds, and other game changes.
Game lacks focus. (old forum)
Fix your game already. (old forum): fix the stealth bug, prevent the hacks, and other things.
ATTN: Staff of Gravity!!!!! PLEASE READ... (old forum): increase the pet lvl cap and improve the mini game rewards.
Grind till you bleed (old forum): random stats on items, compoundable mob drops, and more grey item drops.
Issues? post a few here for ur ideas on a game (old forum): more dna points, fix the stealth bug, new quests and other things.
a couple suggestions (old forum)
Added Horror Element and Difficulty. (old forum)
How to resurrect the game!!! (old forum)
Player Customization & other stuff (old forum)


Suggestion: Fire someone
New Maps


Traduction to spanish
How about some plugins etc. ? (Think it would really enhance te game experience.)
About download manager, (Make a Download Manager that have a Pause button on it.)
64Bit client.
Razer Naga Addon for Requiem
Optical Effects on/off (mby a help2 reduce some lag)
Installation Through Torrent Like Client
SvS, when DC a solution to score (Solution to lost score.)
Progressive Macro System
Suggestion Regarding Development of Requiem
fullscreen Wide screen problems when play in full screen.
Bring back weather effects and all the other efects that were removed (Because they were removed and nothing was improved :rolleyes:)
Suggestion: Failed Patch Download (about constant patchs downloads): just create a button on launcher to retry patch download.
New Patcher (Title says it all :unsure:)
IRC-MIRC, Vent, TS... (????): add some kind of TS to the game.
Ideal installer (old forum)
Cannot connect to server -> Login Screen (old forum)
Hackshield PLEASE (old forum)


Magic Buff Not Shown (Possible Bug)
Alliance HP/MP Bars
Counterattack skill (annoying)
I have a suggestion... Fix your damn game!
easy way to escape when u get stuck! FOR GM!
Useful updates (They are really needed)
Priority of word (A way of working for the dev team)
Reset key (about the :o reset of key setup every maintenance)


NURFING REPEATED SUGGESTIONS (better way to get things done)
Event Golem (for those who have no quest or tired of grinding)
Happy Hours
Happy Hour Icon
Compound Happy Hour (suggestion)
S1 Drop Event (awesome)
Current Event Mobs
Bread, Dough, Dosh, Moolah and the lack of
New Happy Hours: A few additions
Weekly Reinforcement or Enchantment HH (this should be the way)
[Event] April Fools Day Celebration: Related Suggestions
Halloween Costume
Drawing contest (Dominator summons)
New HH types.
think about Europe players too please happy hours, theme battle and server vs server hours.
About events~: battlefield events.
Happy Halloween Boxes: make the costumes that come with them, sealled instead of directly bounded.
GREAT REQUEIM PVP 5/5 EVENT (Fast and easy)
Springtime Bunny - Requiem Style
T-Shirt Contest? (Maybe? Just one?)
Halloween (Ideas for future holyday events)
Xmas/Halloween/New Year event idea (old forum): Halloween minipets!!!
Satan's Reindeer on Christmas.(old forum): summon them during xmas
Player Run Events! (old forum)
Ideas for New Events (old forum)
Ingame lant for exp event (old forum)
Idea for Event(s) (old forum)
Monster Invasion! :OOO!!!!!! (old forum)
Halloween NM (old forum)
Lottery XP (another type of HH) (old forum)
I have an awesome event idea (old forum): a week in wich the characters dont get the bound to dungeon status.
Events (old forum)


Ingame Shcedule & Time (Gimme)
Server Trading
Splitting up Requiem seasons
Server Status Request
Volunteer Game Master Suggestion VGM (Community/Admin Replies Encouraged)
Big RED/GREEN button for server up/down
Server Character Trade Request (old forum)
Legit request - Make players play on their countries server. (old forum)


Main Page

Item List and what stats increase with each +1 (You have the items in game and a list would help)
Information on Skills (Please keep us informed)
Age verification
Update Website (Skills and DNA)


Transfer Characters to other accounts
Forgotten Mail (Problems and solutions)
My Proposal (Get with the program gravity): make it more simple.


[Wand of Bright Oceans] Contest Poll
Wand of Bright Oceans Contest (Submit your suggestions)
Addition to Forum Rules (considering language)
Old Forum Tech Support Threads (should be moved here)
Tables (lil used by many but please!): add tables in the new forum.
Forum Contests and Events/ Player Run Events!: asks for those 2 sections in the new forum and suggest a few forum events.
About Old Forums (Getting old topics back): bring some of the old forum topics to the new one.
Theme: give the option to change the themes in the forum.
Forum Access Restrictions
Signature Image Limitations: suggestion to reduce the size of the signatures.
Forum Contests and Events (old forum)


+5% enchanting/reinforcement for premium players (old forum)

Game System


Loot Box's Shape
Sound effects (Music plays a major role)
Achievements? (They might be cool)
Starting Game: a few ideas
Item Drop Rate (Reduction Tool Pointless)
Rage Raid (or How to make money on people)
Physical Upgrades (Skills and DNA arnt enough to face the new horrors)
Party buffs (just a proposal): bonuses for add specific classes to the parties.
A few suggestions......
Continous Bonus Suggestion (old forum)
2nd set of weapons (old forum)
Alternate gear setup (old forum)
S2 Partys (old forum)
AoE crits - no crit color (old forum)
Reimplementation (old forum): reimplement the targeting circles, hammerine tree and old death effects.
Most damage = Kill count (old forum)
I want new animations! (old forum): new animations for some of the skills.
teleporting to a friend or guild (old forum)
Can I get weapon switch plz? (old forum)
Damage and Verifivation (old forum)
MP Recovery (old forum): keep the mp recovery effects with the hot heals.
Ehancement (on existing specifics) (old forum): remove skill cd after respawn, remove line of sight of skills that dont need to target, and other things.
[Enhancement] Facing Position after respawn/warp (old forum)
Modern Screen Capture Utility (old forum)

Game Settings

"Show Shoulder" Option
Polygon Option
Bring back weather effects and all the other efects that were removed (Because they were removed and nothing was improved :D)
Settings- Tab distance slider: under game settings, make a slider for tab distance (0m-50m)

Character Creation Screen

Character ID number (removal of same name restriction)
Deleting a character (Order should be different)
Character Selection and other important stuff (Concerning extra character slots and quest text fix)
Hair Color
Lintra Merge Solution (Char deletion is a joke....): implement a scroll bar in the char selection screen so ppl dont have to delete their chars.


Turn around
Easier leveling
Early Capping (No more leveling)
Leveling to 85 (Grind Hell)
Mouse Clicks (Selection)
Able to select Others using Character Tag
Ways to cancel the skill's are of effect circle
Skill Web (Proposal for Open Ended skill system)
Display Character Name
Overkill on Line of Sight for casters
Revamp Requiem: melees are in disadventage, suggestions to make it more balanced.
Still no auto-sheath off?
Suggestions for lazy people 2: suggestions to make the game easier to play.
Charging Attacks (old forum): hold the key and charge the skill to make it stronger.
Skill Reset at Second Job (old forum)
Push and Pull (old forum)
More attack SFX (old forum)
The leveling system (old forum)
Suggestions for lazy people (old forum): suggestions to make the game easier to play.
Exp Award System (old forum)


So when do we see Crit chance capped at 80%?
Balance the SCAD nerf
A suggestion (About the cad/scad nerf)
How to nerf the game again (people do too much damage)
stats=resist: some stats should make the character able to resist debuffs.
accuracy/evasion: revamp and make acc work on skills.
Why a defense cap?
Constitution > Defense (Suggestions to balance the dmg a little): the con stat should rise the defense.
HP Rec stat (old forum): make this stat useful.
Dmg or Crit? (old forum): how to fix the problem with the crit builds.
Hit Rate that works. (old forum)
Melee acc/eva/lvl mess (old forum)
Resistance (old forum)


Skill descrpition as Gear description
Confirmation Dialog: like the dna but for the skills
graphic (feo)
Throw Weapon Skill
Stuns: remove the success chance changes according to the level gap on battlefields
Animation with weapons
A burrow skill like Zergs have in Starcraft
Skill Confirmation & Information
easy way to escape when u get stuck! FOR GM!
skill points +10 (permanent)
Fix melee skill miss rate
Idea: Finishers (FINISH HIM!)
Critical DoT (If HoT's can have em, why not?)
DOT Debuff Damange Changes
hp rec buff fix (templar & prot buffs)
Totem Colors
Melee Classes Skill Accuracy (old forum)
[Enhancement] Instant cool down on all skills after death (old forum)
Stealth detections skills changes (old forum)


Werinuman's Innards
DNA: Full Potential Unlocked (Temperions Unlocked their Full Potential)
DNA Distribution
DNA Sequencer (A complete revamp of the DNA system.)
S3 idea (quest): add more dna points with quest rewards.
Quest for extra skill points/DNA (old forum)
suggestions: more than 25 dna points (old forum)


Buff Icons
Quest UI: Small Changes
Character Info UI Suggestion (About how to fix it)
New Interface (Takes up too much space)
Loot Pick up options...
UI (user interface) (Suggestive modification)
Auto Buff Removal Function (For those useless buffs in raids ^.^)
More Quickbars
Party Skill ON/OFF
In-Game Calendar
Suggestion: Remove Players in Town
Find Party and other UI ideas
More skill bars! (3 isn't enough)
Skills on Equipment: it would be nice if we had a separate quickbar with auto-hide functionality that always lists all the equipment skills if any.
Lock/unlock items in bags (Do it!)
Mark in the quick bar wich items are equiped
Placement of elements on screen (Improve the distribution of the objects in the screen)
hp bar on/off: switchable hp bars that allows to show when all hud hidden.
Short-cut Lock (It should be ON by default)
GUI Movement (Moving the GUI Blocks)
Skill Window Suggestion (old forum)
For the love of god, put a lock on the skill bar! (old forum)
Suggestion for Keyboard Zoom shortcuts (old forum)
2 small suggestions (old forum): show the server time in the game chat.
Short-cut Lock: On / Off (old forum)
Hackers/cheaters reporting system (old forum): add a way to report players directly from the game.

Action (Social)

Emotes and Party Emotes
Possession Beast Dance
Action (General and Social) (New social options)


Guild Information
Guild Level
Guild War Auto Accept
houses (proposal for houses)
Sorting in Guild Window
Guild Manager Board
Confirmation Dialog on Expel
Guild bank
Guild windos should show where players are...
Guild Bulletin Board and other guild suggestions
House (what the title say... ) personal and guild house.
Own Guild Emblem: give us the option to create our own guild emblems.
Guild Blocs (basically an alliance of guilds)
Guilds max number of player (to get bigger guilds)
Helpful (minor) guild window feature pls (old forum)
Make the guild list sortable (old forum)
Guild Warehouse (old forum)
War Guild Alliance and Mercenary System (old forum)
Guild Member total = 100+ (old forum)
Guild Bank (old forum)
maybe add more guild signs? (old forum)


Selection of Friend & Foe
Party Tag for Summoned and Captured Monsters (The support rol of the Dominators)
Text colour on the pets
Party Loot box cycle
Make it easier to invit for alliance...
Invite Party (old forum)


Shared Friend List ..
Increase the size of the BlockList (there are too many deserving of a spot)
Cross-Server Character Blocking (me want:)
Blocking a User (Universal Block of User)
Player Status - add in game
The issues with Name Changing (these should be resloved)
Comunity (Friend List): suggestion to increase the amount of players in the friend list.


Chat Window: Changes
chatting system
Whisper Window Functions
Suggestion regarding chat box
In-game Chat (Ways to improve it)


Joint bank account. (free users should at least have a free one)


Market Watch
Auction House App (is such a thing possible?)
Auction House (should be able to cancel bids)
Auction House (Items You Placed A Bid On)
Auctioneer and Vendor searching (When there is nothing found.)
Entry to the Auction areas (Both Zakate and Nova Lux)
Buy and Sell for Mall Points
Cancel Bidding! (Please D;)
Suggestion regarding the Auctioneer (old forum): suggest to be able to sort the items
Enchants at the Auctioner (old forum): subdivitions of enchants types in the AH.

Personal Vendor

Auctioneer and Vendor searching (When there is nothing found.)


Return Mail
Sending Mail (Social Game?)
Transporter (Mail) (old forum): let us send more than 1 item per mail and/or keep the last mail text to be able to send another msg to the same character.
cant mail to orher avatars on your account? (old forum)


New Mount Models
mounts (mounts)
Mounts: give them a more important roll
Mounts that can carry more then one character....
Free Mount Upgrade
Mounts (All mounts for everyone!)


New pet's level cap
New pet (yep)
Pet Collect Add Option
PET Option Collect Items a good Idea
[Event] April Fools Day Celebration: Related Suggestions
Text on the pet box
Pet bag(s)
My Best Friend (Attacking Pet - Helpers): make pets able to attack.


Better Questing Interface using Sad Diagrams (Some Suggestions)
Scroll Quests: Nightmare, Dungeon and Raid
For Information on Quests (EXP Amount)
Quests for 70-72 (a little more)
Lvl 70, 71 and 73 (Quests)
PvP Daily Quests (Ways to encourage people to play more pvp)
Character Selection and other important stuff (Concerning extra character slots and quest text fix)
New Tag for Quest Window
Quest types
Possession Beast...reset?!
Numaren Rewards: make numaren quests give better item rewards (bigger amount of xeons, etc).
Daily Quests (Beacause grinding is boring sometimes)
Quest Reset (Item Mall) (Suggestion): item mall to reset quests and repeteable quests.
Exceptional Quest Rewards (Quests that reward special xeons and job change/ reset)
More Quests! (For higher levels!)
SCroll Quests (More):ask for more scroll quests slots, atm we only have 5.
Dear Hastur.... (Scroll Quests.....): ask for more scroll quests slots, atm we only have 5.
Giont (old forum)
Cleffy's Suggestion 3/3/2010 (old forum): the quests are not properly spanned out for levels and time investment.
Remove quest compass and give more exp for quests (old forum)
Turba - Quests (old forum)
Ladder Quests (old forum)

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Posted 01 August 2010 - 11:28 AM

Very nice! You've been working hard Nady! :rolleyes:
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Posted 06 August 2010 - 09:30 AM

Part 2



Add item upgrade related Xeons to game
Imbalanced Economy
NPC equipment + Item Mal Xeon (adding variation and making money)
Reinforcement and Enchants (How to make easier to see how good is an item)
Blacksmith (old forum): blacksmith new options and improvements.


Enchanting Protection Xeon
Enforcment of Items (Preview)
Improve the Rubbish Enforcing/Enchanting Procedure
Make S1 gears easier to reinforce....
Auto Reinforcement Option
Reinforcing too dangerous to be profitable. (old forum)
The Reinforcment window (old forum)
The reinforcment system is a joke (old forum)


More Compound Options for Enchants
More User Friendly (Reinf, ench, and comp)
Compound interface (It sucks)
S2 Compound (New ideas to bring back this system)
Compounding Reinforcement Xeons (why good for players and Gravity) (old forum)


Reduce Item Reduction Cost (its too expensive!)


Level 85 Item System Preview (Suggestions)
Armor custom
manufakturing (soul juce suking launcher and manufakturing)
change stats of weapons and gears (make them usefull)
Crafted Items (Continuation of the thread with the same name in the old forum)
Crafting or Concoction (old forum)
Crafted Items (old forum)



Items of Legends
Equipment Balance
Make items stackable (item mall items, event items...)
Bound On Acquire Items
Bound Account Items
Items - Class requirement - recommended
Have NPC's sell Raid/Special Items... (for lant....)
new drops (megaphones)
Party Loot box cycle
Bind to Character When Obtained (For Normal and Event Items)
Gear Sets
More variety: why not have a greater variety in weapons and armor?
Theme Battle Items and Balance...(old forum)
Resistance Items From TB Screw Up Mages on Game...(old forum)
Add physical damage resistances to the retarded theme bg items...(old forum)
Item destruction dialog box (old forum)
Weapon System to make all loot useful. (old forum)
More variety in equipment stats (old forum)
Bring Back Gray item drops (old forum)
Bind to Account. (old forums): i would like to suggest all Bind to Character items Bind to Account instead.
Equipment Spectate Function. (old forum)


Weapon Name Change (Similar to the Character Name Change mall item)
Wand of Bright Oceans... (A little more creativity from the team?)
Weapons (Another wasted suggestion...)
Patch Notes 01-20-2011: a few suggesions (Launchers should also have magic damage)
Knuckles, giving it a usability
Elemental (Melee) Weapons
Melee Scythe
New Weapons (To make it more fair for all classes)
New Weapons (old forum)
Claws and Knuckles (old forum)
Throwing Daggers (old forum)
Fear My Purple Glitter Wand. (old forum)


Level 85 Armor Sets and Weapons Sneak Peak (Suggestions)
Armour Names and Icons
Fascination S2
Regarding armors: armors not restricted by class but by type, and add more variety of stats on the armors.
Gear Variety idea (Gear Situated to Playstyle)
Sets 70 and Bonus (Set 70): modify the amount of pieces required to get the full bonus, and other ideas to help players to complete their old S1 lvl 70 sets.
boot speed (do we really need it?)
New armors (old forum)
End game battlefields gear (old forum)


Remove Bind on equip for jewls
Reinforced Jewels - non-standard jewels
Right and Left Jewels
Why do Raid jewels suck so bad?
Special Jewel Sets (they can be decent..): a suggestion to re-balance the jewels.
Jewels Re-balance (old forum)


NEW SVS costume Collectibles! (Just a suggestion.)
Can we have more SVS Collectible Costumes please (PLayers.. provide screen shots of what transformations you want to see)
Transformations (old forum)
Ornaments/ Costumes (old forum): one slot for the costume and another for the ornaments, and also add a visual effect for the ornaments.
Where we should be able to equip certain TB items (old forum): 2 slots to equip TB ornaments and 1 to equip the svs ornament or the mall costume.


Simple need
A few Interface Suggestion (More Friendly)
Enchants Buffs, Xeons, Basic XeonsZeons (Not initiative at all)
eximus,rare,carus basic xeons drops
Property Magic Resistance UP (Armor/Ornament) (Why only the ones for weapons?)
New Xeon Enchants
Enchant - Resist up/down
Ion Mine Defense Xeons
More Xeon Enchantment Types from Raid boss
Wheres the 50% Magic Resist down?
Enchant Xeons (old forum): s1 and s2 xeons of the same type and bonus, should stack.
Resistence down xeon (old forum)
Fix for cont hp damage attak enchants. (old forum)
HP / MP Recovery Enchant --> Vampiric (old forum)
Remove crap Enchants from Table loot (old forum)
MP Recov? (old forum): fix the mp recovery enchant.
[lighting/fire/curse etc.] Power down ! [EQ skills] (old forum)
Enchant Rebalance (old forum)


Support Consumables (A few items that could be used to heal, buff and even damage others)
New Consumables
Ion Energy Shells vs Arrows
Mob buffs last longer.......(old forum)
Longer duration for cons (old forum)
Take Ion Energy off Roll OMG (old forum)
Ammunition Hunter/Rogue (old forum): ammo for hunters and rogues, add bombs and make ammo be able to be reinforced.
Compression Lant Coins? (old forum)



Make WP points trade-able in trade window....
Scamer erraser idea 100% workable for both sides
Exclude Drops
Buy and Sell for Mall Points
Sealled Mall Items and Prepaid Mall Items
Prompted Confirmation Upon Using Paid Items (A way to prevent further loss of skill managment items and such)
Quest Reset (Item Mall) (Suggestion): item mall to reset quests and repeteable quests.
Mass Move Mall Items (old forum)
Unbound the Mall Items (old forum)
Shortcuts please (old forum)

New Items

skill points +10 (permanent)
DNA Lucky Packs
Personal Vendor: a personal npc vendor that give the chances to look in the auctioner, recieve mails and sell items and buy hp/mp pots and bullets.
Possession Beast...reset?!
To (GM) & (Admin) (suggestion - Job Change): put the job change in the item mall.
Skill Reset Improvement (Idea of Improving the "Skill Reset")
Item Reinforcing tool: to reduce the lant cost of the reinforcing process.
Item mall...: we should get Portable Auction House and Portable Mailbox.
Hers a thought: item mall only for premium subscriptions a 100% success chance on reinforcement mall item, only for premium subscriptions, however change the reinforcement system to incorporate a countdown on the reinforcement so eventually they wear off.
Please add this to the item mall soon (I along with many others ( I am sure ) need SVS points): add this new temperion pack.
"Portable" Auction Hall & Transporter(Mailbox) (old forum)
enchant restoration xeon too expensive (old forum)
item mall suggestion item (old forum): permanant change to return skill that has 10 min cooldown.
Perma Job Change in Item Mall (old forum)


Hair Color
The issues with Name Changing (these should be resloved)
Nail paint (Important!)
Hair change and Face change
Character style change item (old forum)
Character Sex Change Item (old forum)
gender change option (old forum)
Armor color change item (old forum)
Face/Haircut changer (old forum)
color options for any gear....(old forum)
Character style change item (old forum)


New Costume: Doctor
Mix and Match Costumes 2 (Vanity Rules!!)
Christmas Outfit Samples (Outfit designs)
Princess needs her umbrella!
Costumes and Mixing
Turan Bathing Suit II recolor
Costume Preview
Costumes and Hp/Mp
All costumes should have the same hp/mp stats (why some non item mall ones have double the hp/mp)
Turan girl Costume suggestions compilation (\o/)
New Female Turan costume (Yes, another one.)
More models of Swimsuits #2
Costume suggestions (should we make some?)
Costume Idea: ideas for new costumes.
More models of Swimsuits

Transport/Pet (Mall Mounts/Pets)

Pet bag(s)
Invisible Pet in Battlegrounds
Pet suppose to be "bound to account"
Mall Pet Shape
Mall Mounts: should tell the speed bonus they give.
Pink Robot Unicorn Mount
3 days mount/ 7 days mount (in item mall)
implement 3 days mount and or 7 days mount in item mall (old forum)


Chance Maker (A Nuisance)
EXP Scrolls: make them work only when the player is logged.
Make Region Chat "More Accessable" (This is NOT a free region chat topic.)
[SUGGESTION] Item mall name change (old forum)


Magic Sticks Price (Mall) (It should be lower)
Put the xeon extractor permanently in item mall (old forum)

Event (Mall)

make enchant reset xeons stackable (too many from lucky packs)
Can we have more SVS Collectible Costumes please (PLayers.. provide screen shots of what transformations you want to see)
High Rank Xeons (old forum): add High Rank Defense Xeons.



Ioxenic Organism Yearbook (Bestiary)
Nightmare time (Make it more foreboding)
House (what the title say... ) personal and guild house.
Treasure Chest : an idea to make the open world more interesting.
Horror MMO? Not likely. (Let's try and change that please.)
Horror MMO?: add more blood.
Game Atmosphere
The Nightmare Begins (Ideas to add more horror content)
New Dungeons of same level (old forum)
Need more mist (old forum)
More horror - it's what makes the game stand out, after all (old forum)
Raid bosses and Dungeons (old forum)

NPCs and Towns

Why is there no pots NPC in Cohen still? (...while there are two of them at Plancy....)
Wooden Ramp in Alban
Nova Lux is such a nice town bla bla bla
Fixing the Mini-Game Reward (Some of this suggestions could also work as Battlefield Rewards)
Warp Machine in future maps (old forum): in the furure maps the warp machine shouldnt be in the middle of town like it is in South Hammerine.
wandering buff npc (old forum)
NPC Item Dealers/ Grocer/ Peddler (old forum)
Warp Gate - enhancement (old forum)


Monster Spawn Points (A dynamic way to have mobs enter the field)
More Info in Description (MOB and Character Sheet)
No more lant
More and different MOB drops...
Monster Info: some additional info
New Idea to make Nightmare Hour mean something again. (Trading Card System. + Rewards)
Give more exp to outside mobs (old forum)
Nightmare Monster Enhancement (hopefully for Rozen) (old forum)
[Suggestion]Less gridding, more fun (old forum)
Proper exp awards for challenge. (old forum)
New NM Monster (old forum)


Another solution for the Jugger problem
nightmare bosses
End the snooze fests (Alterations for Raid Bosses)
Getting Invaded
Natch Soul Guardians and Natch Spirit Guardians (Make them useful)
Rewarding instances and raids (Everyone gets a drop.)
new boss (insect zone an boss)
Overworld Boss - give it meaningful drop (old forum)


Rozen - isolation (old forum)
Side Island - Side area initiative. (old forum)


Treassure Dungeon and Jugger (A possible temporal solution for the camp problem)
A double solution for the JS problem (About bound to dungeon and the new xeons for the lvl 85 items)
Ruins of Lament: A New Door Was Found
agressive PD
first Dungeon Prison Mine at Turba...
Clocks: display a timer for the TD key.
portal for WS!
Treassure Dungeon (A few fixes and suggestions)
Endless Dungeon! (Somewhere, please :()
an exit to the DP
Instances: miss the low lvl dungeons.
PD special boss (a topic about the boss in premium dungeon)
increase the level of the mobs in dungeon RM (old forum)
Allience Runs in Regular Dungeon (old forum)
15 men dungeons (old forum)
Alban & Rozen Treasure Dungeons (old forum)
Make this go somewhere (old forum)
New TD drops (old forum)
Nightmare mobs and new maps for PD (old forum)
For the love of the gods..... (old forum): TD drops should auto-pick.


Raids, Armour and being bound (Suggestions to GM)
DC and LW Keys
Raids and Being Bound
RAIDS SUCK (The Encouragment of RSI by Gravity)
NM raids (fun)
Permanent double Raid drops
Roll command
Instance Difficulty Setting (weighted against drop rate)
Raid Times Info
More Xeon Enchantment Types from Raid boss
Implement New Raids: implement Black Tower to get lvl 55 gear and weapons.
Raids re-balance
Riads rebalanced? maybe?
Remove all raids that are being exploited (\o/)
Raids... (old forum): suggestions to rebalance and fix the raids.
Lucky Purse as drop from Raid Boss (old forum)

Races/ Classes/ Jobs


Class requirements and New Masteries
Skill Effects for AOEs
Help up the "hybrid" classes ? (a bit ?)
WTB Epic Skills (Lvl 80 skill suggestions)
WTS useless skills (various skills that need to change)
CHECK IT : Ideas for whole game
New DNA and skill changes review
Sniper Attacks
Attempt to Balance Range Extensions
Character Discription Corrections: a thread about give a better description of the races.
Beyond 30m Ranged Damage (old forum): balance for range extension buffs
Balance classes: Dominator and others, (old forum)
A few skill changes (old forum): Defenders, Hunters, Avengers and Defiler skill changes.

New Races/ Classes/ Jobs

A posible 3rd Job for the Tempests
A Suggestion (I Did not know were to post this)
3rd Job and his Names (Propositions)
Crossed Jobs as 3rd Jobs
2nd Profession without major game changes
3rd 2nd job
3rd Job -> Direction to take
Nacht Race
New Classes/ Jobs (Ideas for new jobs, maybe for a new posible faction)
3rd Jobs and 3rd Job skills (Ideas for lvl 80+ specializations)
new races (u know u want them =O)
The Umbriad Race (old forum): "A humanoid race having deceased in battle, only to conquer the shadows and escape from hell to once again walk the earth. They seek revenge as compensation for the pain they endure while rotting away for eternity."
Khun Race (old forum): " Khuns freed from the binds of Qualin find themselves in a world devoid of its former allies. The few remaining seek aide through the Fenrir Canine in order to rebuild their lost aerial kingdom and escape the dangers that has befallen the world. The Fenrir Canine agree to aide the survivors and start producing Khun Temperions."


Nerf radiant
...: Remove or nerf a lot prot or rad's party defense buffs, or give good party resistance buffs like 40% or so
Protector suggestions
Radiant Divine Patience (xD)
Remove Nonsensical Skills and Long CDs (Add yours to the list)
With the LR Nerf, can you please....
about Templars / Radiants. (and there usage foc 49 / 65)
Make Sleep Longer (ROLF)
Sleep is Weak
Increase hostility of taunting cry
Increase HP on Protectors
Calm: A Posible New Radiant Skill (Similar to the old Fata Morgana)
(Party Heal Radiants)
New Skill: Refresh
Raid Bossses + Tank stuff
Improve Protector Class
Lightning Restraint dmg on bosses
Have Hloy Bolt stack with Lightning Restraint.......
Temp Aoes appearance change.
PvE Balancing (More Fun For Rad)
Fixing Instant Moving (Instant Moving (Tempest) Vs Space Activation (Druid))
A solution for Radiants (Who said that Radiants must only heal?)
tempest aoe improvement
The Protector's need a MULTITARGET Skill
Restraint Rescission -> Make it PvE also
In the light of the new DNA: Radiant Skills and DNA
In the light of the new DNA: Templar/Tempest Skills and DNA
In the light of the new DNA: Templar/Tempest Skills and DNA
New animation for Charged Bolt to prevent confusion
Templar/ Tempests (Skill fixes)
Beam Slash range
Templar/Tempest skills sugestions. Read & Comment. (old forum)
Make Sleep a ground target AOE....(old forum)
Make Godly Mirror not so suck! (old forum)
Radiants (old forum): give Radiants more buffs.
a new buff for defenders.... to carry into commies and prots (old forum)
Radiants (old forum): suggestions to improve radiants.
Restraint Rescission - make it a PvE skill too (old forum)
Templar instant stun! (old forum)
Protector skills (old forum)


Dominator Suggestions + Interface
Dominator Pet Mode (Maybe an Aggression BUG also)
Doople Ganger (High Level)
Soul Hunter:Secondary heal (look at title)
Shadow Runner/Stealth (a skill change suggestion)
Missing skill effect (Attack of Curse, Blood Moon)
Rogue skill change (mb)
Defiler AOE Color
New Defiler Skill
improve Lithifying Terror skill (no one uses it since the huge nerf)
Nerfing Brutal Scud to match Clairvoyant's range
Rogue more evasion.
lithifying terror
A few skill changes (Dominators, Elementalists and Druids)
Party Tag for Summoned and Captured Monsters (The support rol of the Dominators)
Text colour on the pets
Drawing contest (Dominator summons)
New Defiler Skill
Dominator's Skill Changes
Dominator's Pet Functions
Dominator suggestion. (yea, yea, I know...waste of time.)
Small suggestion about Summoned Monsters (Soul Hunter and Dominator Pets)
New Dominator Skills (A few new skills)
Small idea for Vampiric Touch
dominator thoughts (ideas)
Dominator Pet System Suggestion (Just a suggestion)
lithifying terror
Animation changes (For rogues.)
Easy Improvement for Domis
DOMINATORS BIBLE FIX LIST ! (Some old and new stuf)
about sin's stuns
Defilers/Dominators: hp problems.
Fixing Dominators (they can be good just need to alter some things)
SR/Xbow (old forum): the xbow should be made stronger.
simple domi suggestion (old forum): summoned monsters should be able to crit and other ideas.
Dominator atack all button ! (old forum)
Defiler Rebalance Suggestion (old forum)
FWD this to Dev Team. (old forum): remove Poison Arrow from Rogue skill tree.
Dopplegangers (old forum): dopplegangers could have the same *name icon* than the player, so that others couldnt make a difference just by looking at the name.
The official Defiler rebalance suggestion thread (old forum)
I'm putting my Defi away. (old forum): general suggestions about defilers.
(Yet another) suggestion to improve pet handling UI (old forum)
Dominator: Skills Ideas (old forum)
Dominators: pet control and pet skills (old forum)
Defiler's new skill (old forum)
Assassins (old forum)
Illusion. (old forum): the illusions should change.
bring back counter attack for soul hunter (old forum)
Caster heal skills comparison (old forum)
Fix Dominators (old forum)
Terms of Service damage restored (old forum)


New terror suggestion (i know i know, i am just bored)
Bugle of Carnage WL buff
About Warrior Skills...
give to the warlord another stun!
Terrified Scream for warlord (suggestion on how to improve it)
In the light of the new DNA: Warriors/Warlords Skills and DNA
Do not box and widen shoulders on female bartuk (Simple aesthetics request)
S2 Warlords (old forum)
Mystics! (old forum) make Fire Fairy's Protection a target buff instead of a self buff.
Fire totem (old forum): extend the range from 15m to 20m.
New Warlord DNA ideas (old forum)
Minor details for Warriors (old forum)
TOTEM!~ (old forum): mana totem
Bring back flameshield (old forum)
close range skill- bear skin (olf forum)


Avengers after the latest "fix"
Make Elems Buffs be Party Buffs again at highlvl
Fixing Avengers
Rage of Bugs (rebalance)
Druid (Armors)
Avenger's Problems and Solutions
Buffing Doomguard
Nerfing Brutal Scud to match Clairvoyant's range
Druid's possession beast (Gameplay improve)
Inferno and Doomguard
A few skill changes (Dominators, Elementalists and Druids)
Ranger Ranged Range (looks too silly, but look out)
Party Tag for Summoned and Captured Monsters (The support rol of the Dominators)
Text colour on the pets
Fairy's Curse
Ion Accelerator and other Avenger skills
The new Light Avenger
Strengthen Druid (Reflects, Attack Speed, and Crit Buff.)
Magic Counter Attack -> Allow it for any weapons
Strengthen Revenge Telekenesis (Druid Reflect Skill)
In the light of the new DNA: Hunter/Avenger Skills and DNA
In the light of the new DNA: Hunter/Rangers Skills and DNA
I have an idea, and maybe could be applied to Druids (Partial Possession Beast: Contract)
Avenger (enough is enough)
Ranger OP - probably not add more consumables that give long range defense and more buffs that give long range defense to counter the long range attacks.
Suggestions to improve Traps
Pet system changes (How to make Avengers more balanced)
Cleffy's suggestion 2/11/2010 (old forum): ideas to balance hunter traps and make them a bit more strategic.
Druid. (old forum): how to fix them.
druids again (old forum)
Druid sets (again) (old forum)
Druids PvP - Contract With Vilovy Revamped (old forum)
Rage of Bugs (old forum)
Balancing required (old forum)


Continues PB In FOC 65
PB Transformation Pause
Give PB's permanent AM.
Remove PBs, just the laggy skins themselves
Special skills for Possessions
Carlos PB (He is too large)
Giont Sucks (:D everything)
Possession Beast Dance
Disable PBs in battlefields (A QQ thread.)
Possession Mount (Better explained than it was in the old forum)
Oversized PBs (old forum): the new pbs are too big and their size must be decreased.
Useless possesson for hunters (old forum)
Remove PB's from pvp (old forum)
possesion beasts (old forum): how to fix them.
Possession Mount (old forum)

Player Vs Player (PvP)


Heres a suggestion. (Its gonna get trolled but w/e.)
Debuff for leaving Battlefield early.
Battlegrounds glow recolor
Give battlefield reward when error/dc just before end (please)
Contribution points! Remove the limit!
BattleField clock display (BattleField clock display)
Clocks: the battlegrounds should display the local hour instead the pst one in the battleground screen.
think about Europe players too please happy hours, theme battle and server vs server hours.
What about SvS Manager?
Climb: add ways to climb to the places that people now reach only with the dash bug.
Add More Battlefield Brackets
Balance the battlefield's teams (Because we all love battlefields)
Player's Dismembering on PVP More Blood (More Gore More Fun)
Safe Zone - limited time on person: ideas to improve the safe zones.
Hot FIX for Battlefields
Put server time on battlefield window. (we dont all live there ^^)
Level/Job Balance inside Battlegrounds (old forum)
Battleground Rejoiners Penalty (old forum)
SvS and Battlground Contribution (old forum)
[Enhancement] When in Battleground, put all the purple dots (old forum)
Player's Dismembering on PVP (old forum)
Bounty Hunting (old forum)

New Battlefields

NEW BATTLEFIELD/Guild MODES (make new and interesting battles)
New Battle Type
City Battlefeild. (in street/in building)
2 ideas for Battlegrounds
New Battleground Design (Prot friendly)
New type of Battlefield PvP: Ion Mine II
New Gametype: Capture the Flag and new Rage System (Old School CTF!! Hell Yeah!)
Exp Gambling Battleground
- GLADIATORS - (PvP, Gambleing) (old forum): ideas for an arena.
Capture the Flag style for Battlefield (old forum)
1 vs 1 Battle Arena (old forum)
New Battleground (Blood Pool) (old forum)
Competition Map (old forum)
New Battleground (old forum): one team must scort an npc and the other must kill it.
1v1/2v2/3v3 pvp arena ! (old forum)
PB -> 2nd job (old forum)

Player Kill (PK)

Pk system
PK system suggestion
PK Immunity Tags (An optional item on a PK server)
PK System much required changes
PKer's: pk zones.
Community List Of Suggestions And Improvements (Hardcore): general suggestions about PK.
Get rid of the shield! (old forum)


[Suggestion] Tag Duel. (old forum)
Tag Duel. (old forum)

Guild vs Guild (GvG)

Guild war system suggestions (old forum)
Cross Server GvG (old forum)
FoC and IM new options - Guild vs Guild (old forum)
GvG free battle (old forum)
Guild vs. Guild suggestion (olf forum)

Field of Contentior (FoC)

Continues PB In FOC 65
Disable Party join on FOC option.
FOC/ION Joining Requirements (GMs should comment this thread pls :()
PVP Balancing (atleast for the FOCs)
FoC 65 bracket (old forum): change the lvls of the FoC brackets.

Ion Mine (IM)

FOC/ION Joining Requirements (GMs should comment this thread pls ;))
Ion Mine Defense Xeons
Bring Back Ion Armor sets (er thats abt it lol)

Theme Battle

Strongest TB (Make entering TB Sweeter)
we need strongest/union to have less people in it (because of the lag)
Strongest Theme - Get rid of these bumps!: get rid of the bumps on the platforms.
Rage System at TB (yes.): take it off.
Ultimate Gear (Need to be re-balanced)
Leaving Theme Battle: suggestions to prevent rejoiners.
Cleffy's Suggestion 3/19/2010 (old forum): PB tb battlefield reward armor changes.
Theme Battle Bag (old forum): make a special bag for the strongest special items.
TB division for level (old forum)
Theme Battle Changes (old forum)
Ultimate Gear (old forum)

Server Vs Server(SvS)

What about SvS Manager?
[Event] April Fools Day Celebration: Related Suggestions
SvS, when DC a solution to score (Solution to lost score.)
Random SvS map
New SvS map setup
Paths of Norns SvS map
Special SvS: SvS + Strongest gear.
SvS Map (Zombies)
SvS Suggestions (1.enable 'seeing' of the other teams chat 2. Do Ancient Ruins)
SVS should be run every 6 hours every day
Fix SvS (old forum)
SvS everyday (old forum)

Free Battles

Free Battle LvL correction
Arachnids Den (old forum): add it as a posible free battle map.

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#4 Nadesh


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Posted 13 August 2010 - 05:45 AM

Updated (08/13/2010)
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#5 Nadesh


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Posted 19 August 2010 - 03:33 PM

Updated (08/19/2010)
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#6 Nadesh


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Posted 26 August 2010 - 01:50 PM

Updated (08/26/2010)
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#7 Loyalty1


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Posted 02 September 2010 - 08:32 PM

Reported for sticky! :unsure:
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#8 Nadesh


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Posted 03 September 2010 - 04:09 AM

Lol, ty. Still need a lot of work, must finish to add lots of the old forum suggestions and update the last week ones here: and then improve the categories, some need more work, but other than that, i think that the list could help.

Btw, there is a way to put an anchor like in the html to go move faster inside the post? For example: make a short list of the titles and press over the title to go to the list.
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#9 RavePunk


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Posted 09 September 2010 - 11:16 AM

Great work done! Glad you included the "Character Sex/Gender Change" too, we really need one and if gravity's thinking about the profit they should add that item in Item mall which should cost LESS then Character name change :o. 1000 mall points for a damn character name change is too much, they can decrease it to 500 points so atleast everyone can buy it. No use of that item if no one buys it due to its high price :) ....

Gravity should really check this thread out for once for new ideas, suggestiong and such in order to improve the game >.>... and then it will be worth spending money in...

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#10 Nadesh


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Posted 09 September 2010 - 11:22 AM

Yes, i would like to see that mall item too. And there are lots of mall ideas in the list.

Atm the list need tons of work to make it easier to use, but i go little by little, at least until i finish to add the rest of the S2 suggestions from the old forum.
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#11 Nadesh


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Posted 15 October 2010 - 07:14 AM

I finish to past all the S2 suggestions from the old forum to the list. Now i will start to work in improve the categories: if someone have suggestions about how to improve the list, it is welcome.
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#12 Blediam


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Posted 18 November 2010 - 12:36 AM

i am not really very active on forums but i just check what you did on this post and i think it is a very good work.

grat job :p_devil:
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#13 Nadesh


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Posted 18 November 2010 - 03:15 AM

With so many events i didnt advance with the work to make it easier to use, i must rework the categories and all: but since ST wont be released i guess i will have time to do it.
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#14 Krzychu1990eg


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Posted 14 January 2011 - 03:50 AM

remove +1.0 attack speed from range extension and add it to fixed firing, becasue now ranger is unless, die for 2bolts same range what caster on ground
add stun immune, after 5secs~ of stun character will get for 2secs~ stun immune status
add leaving battle fields give character 10mins ban for joining battle fields, that way ppls can't leave losing team and join winning
add in possesion beasts should be add physical damage (like magic damage for casters) or can transfrom with attack speed buff
change FOC all leather sets should give dex insted of str and reinforce should give dex, crit, crit dmg insted of str, skill crit, skill crit dmg
change FOC all cloth sets should give int/mnd because int > mnd for all casters or just int

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#15 Nadesh


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Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:10 AM

Those are good ideas but you should make a new thread for those ideas, because i doubt they check here.
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#16 Krzychu1990eg


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Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:14 AM

oki ^^ and thx
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#17 Nadesh


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Posted 28 January 2011 - 02:57 PM

Mmm, a small problem, the post reach its limit :angry:
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#18 KaraSimsek76


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Posted 03 February 2011 - 04:14 PM

Great job man!
+1 <_<
Well, you can make a third part, maybe some GM is helpful and will change the order of posts if possible.
So you have more space each part.
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#19 Nadesh


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Posted 04 February 2011 - 06:51 AM

Yes, i still need to work a lot in the categories to make them more useful, was lazy because all the events we had but now i guess i will be able to spend time in it.
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#20 Nadesh


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Posted 02 May 2011 - 06:59 AM

Updated (04/07/2011): Soon will be totaly updated

Edited by Nadesh, 03 May 2011 - 10:39 AM.

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Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:26 PM

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#22 Leash


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Posted 11 August 2011 - 12:37 AM

hm wonder how many suggestions actually were implemented :smooch:
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#23 Nadesh


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Posted 11 August 2011 - 08:27 AM

I will update this thread soon.

Also, yes, is true, not that many suggestions from here were implemented, but some were, and i guess that is enough to keep suggesting.
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#24 IXDavidXI


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Posted 09 September 2011 - 08:14 PM

I want to make a suggestion to make the tamed pet of a hunter be permanent and deleteable if u want a new pet. so that its like the hunter has a partner to fight by his side since they removed the knuckle skills
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#25 OmniEquation


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Posted 09 September 2011 - 08:40 PM

Tl;dr but you should put a list of the suggestions that did get attention from the dev team. It'll be a short one :) .
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